Was Virtua Cop for Sega Saturn a Good Game?

Virtua Cop for Sega Saturn was a good game. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and the visual experience is impressive for the era. Its purchase comes with a plastic gun accessory for an arcade-style experience. The graphics resemble arcade games, which is to say they are superior when compared to other Sega Saturn releases. Circa 98 examines it in detail.

Virtua Cop Graphics

Virtua Cop featured real-time polygonal graphics (similar to Time Crisis). It stylistically contrasted other Saturn games, which typically used 2D sprites with static backgrounds. Superior technology produced a more realistic gaming experience. For example, villains shot in the leg would trigger a different animation than those in the torso. It was also the first Sega Saturn game to allow players to shoot through glass. 

Virtua Cop Gameplay

The first person shooter allowed users to play the role of police officers. Players could utilize either a light gun or a joypad to shoot criminals who came across their screens. The cops start with a six bullet chamber and pre-determined hit points. Players lose a point when enemies shoot them or if they accidentally injure a civilian. Players can earn bonus points by disarming enemies without killing them (known as justice shots).

Virtua Cop Legacy

Because of its use of the light shooter, Virtua Cop revolutionized game development within its niche. It inspired titles like Time Crisis and The House of The Dead. The Virtua Cop series would expand with two additional releases (Virtua Cop 2 and Virtua Cop 3) and a bundled version: Virtua Cop Elite Edition for the Playstation 2.

What Was The Reception to Virtual Cop?

By most accounts, Virtua Cop is one of the top 100 games of the 90s. While released for both Saturn and PC, the Sega version is generally accepted as superior. Reviews for the game were overwhelmingly positive, with multiple credible publications awarding it high praise. Community feedback on the game is similarly upbeat and confirms its standing as a must-have for Saturn enthusiasts.

Where To Buy Virtual Cop for Sega Saturn

The retro gaming seller DK Oldies lists the game as out of stock. However, fans can still purchase the game on eBay. Prices range from $5-$30 dollars (depending on condition) because of its status as a retro video game. Unfortunately, those prices apply to the game itself, rather than the bundle, including the light gun. Gamers looking to buy the complete bundle are going to spend at least $150. On auction websites like eBay, gamers may buy the light gun separately from the game.

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