Is NHL Rock The Rink for PS1 a Good Game?

NHL Rock the Rink (PS1)

Though NHL Rock the Rink for PlayStation is not exactly good, the game is quite entertaining in short spurts. As a long-time player of sports video games, Circa 98 contends that while Rock the Rink falls short in several areas, it’s a worthwhile addition to your collection of retro games. Why NHL Rock the Rink … Read more

Was Virtua Cop for Sega Saturn a Good Game?

Sega Saturn Console

Virtua Cop for Sega Saturn was a good game. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, and the visual experience is impressive for the era. Its purchase comes with a plastic gun accessory for an arcade-style experience. The graphics resemble arcade games, which is to say they are superior when compared to other Sega Saturn releases. Circa 98 … Read more

Top 5 Best Sega Saturn Sports Games (w/Breakdowns)

Sega Saturn Sports Games (Blog Cover Graphic Showing Post Title and Saturn Controller)

If you had Sega Saturn, you know that finding quality sports games was not as simple as it was on other consoles like PlayStation and Dreamcast. However, there are some hidden gems in the Sega Saturn sports library. In fact, the late Mac Miller once rapped, “playing Sega Saturn; I ball like Jamal Mashburn.” Today … Read more

Was NBA Live 98 For Sega Saturn a Good Game?

NBA Live 98 Sega Saturn (Blog Cover)

NBA Live 98 for Sega Saturn is about what you would expect it to be. In 2023, the game only appeals to an intersection of retro gaming and NBA fanatics. While sports games are not always playable (even for the die-hard), this game is. You can actually shoot, pass and dribble with some consistency, which … Read more