Looking Back at “The” Veronica Watson in Boy Meets World

Veronica Watson is a Boy Meets World character who appears during Season 3, Episode 2: The Double Lie. She is considered one of John Adams High School’s most popular students, prompting Shawn Hunter to ask her for a date.

Shawn and Cory hold her in such high regard that they reference her as “the” Veronica Watson to demonstrate her status and popularity.

Relationship With Shawn Hunter

Veronica agrees to a date with Shawn for Saturday night after dumping her former boyfriend, Dennis. After setting the date, Shawn learns that his supposed to stay at Cory’s house on the same night because Mr. Turner is leaving town for a wedding.

Shawn initially pleads with Mr. Turner not to make him stay at The Matthews’ house, but his efforts prove unsuccessful. Cory tries to reassure Shawn by promising to take care of his parents while he enjoys his date with Veronica.

Later in the episode, Cory anonymously cancels his parents’ dinner reservations in an attempt to keep them out later. Unfortunately, the plan backfired when Amy and Alan returned home earlier than expected.

After internally embarrassing Shawn, Alan drives her home, with Shawn joining her in the backseat of his car. Later in the episode, Shawn sneaks out to pick up Veronica (again) and bring her to what he believes is Turner’s empty apartment.

Shockingly, Shawn and Veronica open the door to find Mr. Turner and a female companion, Kris, making out on his couch. As it turns out, Turner’s story about going to a wedding was a cover to get Shawn out of his apartment that night.

The ordeal creates a conflict between Shawn and Mr. Turner as they both discover that each has blatantly lied to the other. Kris agrees to drive Veronica home while Shawn and Turner hash out their differences.

If that weren’t enough, Shawn sneaks Veronica into the apartment on a second occasion, and she hides behind the couch until Mr. Turner notices her.

Portrayal of Veronica Watson on Boy Meets World

Erin J. Dean played Veronica Watson on Boy Meets World. Aside from Veronica, she is best known as Robbie Stevenson in The Journey of Allen Strange. According to IMDB, she retired around 1999-2000 to attend college.

Dean’s other credits include Against The Grain, Lolita, and Lover’s Lane.

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