The Ridiculous Storyline of Topanga’s Parents’ Divorce

Topanga's Parents Divorce

Topanga’s parents’ divorce is one of the most absurd storylines in Boy Meets World history. Topanga’s father, Jedediah Lawrence, was prominently featured in Season 2 and portrayed as a hippie musician who built guitars for a living. While her mother, Rhiannon, had never appeared on screen before Season 6, she was referenced as having a … Read more

6 Times Cory and Topanga Get Together in Boy Meets World

When Do Cory and Topanga Get Together

Cory and Topanga get together six separate times throughout Boy Meets World’s seven seasons. However, because of the show’s continuity issues, on-screen references to their relationship rarely match what transpired in previous episodes. Below, Circa 98 examines the six definitive times Cory and Topanga get together. Season 1, Episode 4: Cory’s Alternative Friends Most fans … Read more

Kyle McBride: Revisiting Season 7 of Melrose Place

Kyle McBride Season 7

Kyle McBride endured a range of emotions throughout Melrose Place Season 7. Though he was not one of the original Melrose Place characters, Kyle had established himself as one of the essential roles after Jake, Billy, and Matt’s departures. During the series’ final season, Kyle kills Rory, reunites with his brother Ryan, divorces Amanda, and … Read more

Ranking The Top 98 Melrose Place Characters

Melrose Place Characters (Graphic)

Who were the best Melrose Place characters? As one of the premier 90’s television series, fans and critics have strong opinions about these characters and their proper rankings. Choosing the top roles is challenging, particularly in a series where most personas are morally bankrupt. Still, being a great character on Melrose Place often transcended morals … Read more