What Happened to Dr. Sorrell in Boy Meets World?

Dr. Sorrell Boy Meets World

Who is Dr. Sorrell? Dr. Sorrell was a science teacher at John Adams High School before George Feeny unceremoniously fired him. Though he quit before Feeny could officially terminate him, his transgressions include accepting bribes from students, attending inappropriate class trips to the casino, and forging student-athletes grades. As one of the more arrogant Boy … Read more

What Happened to Jack Hunter in Boy Meets World?

Jack Hunter Boy Meets World

Throughout his three Boy Meets World Seasons, Jack Hunter immerses himself in multiple storylines, including his reunion with his estranged brother Shawn, his relationship with Rachel, and his father Chet’s death. Who is Jack Hunter? Jack Hunter is a Boy Meets World character who first appears during Season 5. However, his relationship with the show predates his … Read more

Why Did Topanga’s Parents Divorce in Boy Meets World?

Topanga's Parents Divorce

Topanga’s parents get divorced due to irreconcilable differences, including Jedediah’s affair with a woman named Marie. It’s unclear whether an experience occurred before or after the Lawrences’ infamous argument in the Matthews’ living room. However, the couple could no longer function in public without arguing profusely, much to the embarrassment of their daughter and son-and-law-to-be. … Read more

Ranking Every Boy Meets World Episode

Boy Meets World Episodes

What are the best Boy Meets World episodes? How about the worst? Circa 98 rates every boy meets world episode from #1 to #158. Fans and critics may disagree with the rankings, but they’ll have the opportunity to explore each show and revisit their opinions and feelings. 1) If You Can’t Be With the One … Read more