What Happened to Trini Martin in Boy Meets World?

Trini appears in two Boy Meets World episodes, both in Season 3, before exiting the series without explanation. During her Boy Meets World tenure, Trini is portrayed as Topanga’s eclectic and socially awkward best friend.

How is Trini Introduced on Boy Meets World?

Trini is introduced in Season 3, Episode 1: My Best Friend’s Girl, when she is seen sitting in the front row of Mr Turner’s classroom. She first speaks later in the episode when she meets Cory Matthews at Chubbie’s.

Boy Meets World Episodes Featuring Trini

Season 3, Episode 1: My Best Friend’s Girl

Season 3, Episode 9: The Last Temptation of Cory

Trini’s Best Boy Meets World Moments

1) Trini Plots With Shawn to Make Cory Jealous

In Season 3, Episode 1: My Best Friend’s Girl, Trini helps Shawn Hunter execute a ruse to make Cory jealous. The ultimate goal is to get Cory and Topanga together, which proves successful by the end of the episode.

Shawn asks Topanga out for Friday night and convinces Trini to solicit an invite from Cory. Trini succeeds and shows up at the same school-sponsored movie event as Shawn and Topanga.

When Cory sees Shawn consuming Tic Tacs, he tries to kiss Trini in order to keep pace. However, Trini blows a gum bubble to prevent their lips from touching, and Shawn never actually tries to kiss Topanga.

When the movie is abruptly cut short by Mr. Feeny, Cory passionately confronts Topanga about his feelings. They both share their genuine emotions and agree to be a couple before sharing a kiss. Shawn and Trini then emerge to reveal their plot.

2) Trini Asks Cory to Be her Partner for a Class Project

When Topanga stays home sick in Season 3, Episode 9: The Last Temptation of Cory, Trini asks Cory to be her partner for Mr. Feeny’s class project. Normally, Trini would partner with Topanga, but her best friend is not in class that day.

Similarly, Shawn would normally ask Cory, but Mr. Feeny insists they split up in this instance. As a result, Trini targets Cory to be her partner, who wants no part of working with Topanga’s eccentric best friend.

Cory is given an out when Missy Robinson asks him to be her partner. Missy targets Cory in a flirtatious manner because of what Shawn calls “the scent,” which is an increased attraction to men that are in a committed relationship.

Despite his reservations, Cory decides that working with Missy Robinson is a better option than getting stuck with Trini. Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny agrees to serve as Trini’s partner for the project but warns her never to call him again.

3) Trini Brings Topanga Her Classwork

In the same episode (Season 3, Episode 9: The Last Temptation of Cory), Trini brings Topanga her classwork at home which was the standard operating procedure when a student stayed home sick during the 90s.

Earlier in the episode, Trini taps Cory on the shoulder as he has lunch with his new partner, Missy Robinson. Trini asks Cory if he’d like to come with her to Topanga’s after school, prompting Cory to take offense to her non-existent implication.

Later, Cory arrives at Topanga’s house after Trini had already arrived, much to his dismay. Trini offers to leave so the couple can be alone and jokes that she’ll only stay “another hour” right before exiting. 

4) Trini Visits Cory When He Gets Sick

In the final scene of Season 3, Episode 9: The Last Temptation of Cory, and Trini’s final Boy Meets World scene, she visits Cory at home after he catches Topanga’s illness.

Topanga had previously promised to send Cory something that will “have him on his feet,” which turns out to be Trini. As soon as Trini walks through Cory’s front door, he says that he feels better in an apparent effort to make her leave.

Trini Boy Meets World FAQs

Who Plays Trini on Boy Meets World?

The late Brittany Murphy plays Trini on Boy Meets World. Murphy is best known for her roles in movies like Clueless, Just Married, and 8 Mile. Murphy also appeared in several TV series, including Sister, Sister, and Party of Five.

Why Did Trini Leave Boy Meets World?

Nobody knows for sure why Trini left Boy Meets World, though we can speculate that she moved away from Philadelphia. Topanga never mentions her outside of the two Season 3 episodes, despite referring to Trini as her best friend.

Where Did Trini Live on Boy Meets World?

We never learn where Trini lives on Boy Meets World, though it’s apparently within walking distance to Topanga and Cory’s houses. As a result, she visits both of them when they get sick and can’t attend school.

Who Does Trini Date on Boy Meets World?

Trini dates Cory as part of Shawn Hunter’s ruse. Aside from pretending to date, Cory, there are no additional references to Trini’s dating life.

We learn that Trini rarely gets invited to parties for being socially awkward. She describes herself as an outcast and proclaims that nobody “gets” her.

Who are Trini’s Best Friends on Boy Meets World?

Trini only has one genuine friend, which is Topanga. She tells Cory that sometimes she calls Topanga at 3 AM and doesn’t say a word, but that Topanga still knows it’s Trini on the line.

So while Cory and Shawn might be considered acquaintances to Trini, it would be reaching to call them her friends.

What is Trini’s Last Name?

Martin is Trini’s last name, as we learn when Mr. Feeny, who typically refers to students as Mr. and Ms., tells Cory that Ms. Martin still has no partner for the class project.

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