The Centre: A Guide to Boy Meets World’s Infamous Cult

Shawn Hunter infamously joins a cult known as The Centre during Season 4, Episode 21 of Boy Meets World, Cult Fiction. The Centre is the name of both the organization and facility owned and operated by Philip Mack, known most commonly as Mr. Mack

What is The Centre in Boy Meets World?

The Centre is a spiritual enlightenment facility run by Philip Mack, aka Mr. Mack. Several of The Centre’s Life Members live permanently at the facility. However, Mr. Feeny and other community leaders view The Centre as a cult and attempt to shut down its operation.

Who Runs The Centre?

Phillip Mack, commonly referred to as Mr. Mack, runs The Centre. Phillip is considered a controversial figure and widely disdained by community leaders, especially George Feeny.

The Centre Membership Levels

The Centre offers several membership levels, although most of the members are Life Members, which means they live at the facility. However, general members are free to spend time in the facility.

Life Members

The Centre offers a Life Membership option which allows people to live permanently at the facility. Life members sleep, bathe, and eat inside the facility.

General Members

General members can hang out at The Centre, play arcade games and socialize with other members, much like a recreation center.

Celebrity Members

Mr. Mack references the celebrity room, reserved exclusively for celebrity members. These people don’t live at The Centre full-time but receive special treatment when in attendance. 

Centre Members

Although The Centre has several dozen members, we only learn three names. Alicia greets Eric when he drops by with Cory, while Sherri recruits Shawn after a lecture from Jonathon Turner. Of course, Shawn is the third known member who serves as the storyline’s focus.


Alicia is a Life Member who greets Eric with a hug, sparking his disingenuous interest in membership.


Sherri is a Life Member and Shawn Hunter’s sponsor for Life Membership. She overhears Mr. Turner criticizing Shawn’s life decisions, inspiring her to recruit him into The Centre.

Shawn Hunter

Shawn briefly becomes a Life Member before denouncing the cult and breaking ties with Mr. Mack. 

The Centre Recreational Activities

The Centre has several entertainment options, including arcade games and foosball. The facility also contains several couches where members can sit down and socialize with their friends and fellow cult worshipers.

World Series Baseball (Arcade Game)

Viewers will notice the 1984 arcade game World Series Baseball in The Centre. You can even see someone playing the game while Shawn talks to Sherri about the facility.

After Burner (Arcade Game)

The 1987 arcade game After Burner is near The Centre’s entrance and visible each time a character enters the facility. As a result, viewers can see several cult members playing the game.

Gottlieb Rainbow (Pinball Machine)

You can see the 1956 manufactured Gottlieb pinball machine directly to the right of the World Series arcade game. It’s hard to tell whether people are using the device or just standing nearby.

Foosball Table

Viewers can see several members playing foosball on what looks to be a high-quality foosball table. 

Vending Machine

A vending machine with a sign that says candy is visible within The Centre. We never see any members get anything out of it, but we presume they use it to grab snacks.

The Centre Signs

Several signs appear throughout the facility, most of which are hanging on the walls. Even one sign hangs above the phone booth at the facility’s entrance. A complete list of signs is listed below.

  • Knowledge
  • Serenity
  • Strength
  • Wisdom
  • Fulfillment

Several additional posters say The Centre or Centre, and one says All Night. Also, one poster is hard to read but appears to be a poem titled Making Contact.

More FAQs About The Centre

Is The Centre a Cult?

During the Season 4 episode Cult Fiction, The Centre avoids official designation as a cult. Their facility is not shut down despite several attempts from community leaders. Although The Centre certainly displays cult-like tendencies, it stops short of encouraging violence.

Does The Centre Promote Illegal Activities?

The Centre does not promote illegal activities, at least to the viewers’ knowledge. Mr. Mack never references violence, sexual innuendo, or drug paraphernalia. Instead, Phillip Mack consistently encourages spiritual enlightenment.

Why Does Shawn Leave The Centre?

Shawn leaves The Centre after Jonathon Turner’s motorcycle accident tests his faith. Cory forces Shawn to confront Turner’s potential demise, at which point Shawn bows in prayer for God to spare his friend and mentor.

We can assume Mr. Turner pulled through as he squeezes Shawn’s hand to indicate his consciousness. However, after the episode. Turner is never seen or referenced again, aside from one fourth wall joke in Season 5, Episode 24, Graduation.

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