Ranking The 10 Best New York Undercover Characters

New York Undercover Characters (Blog Cover)

Ranking the best New York Undercover characters is not a simple exercise. New York Undercover was one of the most unique cop shows of the 90s in that it represented New York City’s urban culture from the perspective of undercover officers. Airing from 1994-1999, New York Undercover provided a non-white perspective historically ignored by primetime … Read more

Why Michael DeLorenzo Left New York Undercover

Michael DeLorenzo New York Undercover (Blog Cover)

Michael DeLorenzo left New York Undercover after Season 3 when his character, Detective Eddie Torres, was killed in a car explosion. While no one involved with the series has publicly confirmed the reason for Micheal DeLorenzo leaving New York Undercover, DeLorenzo’s holdout from filming before Season 3 may have contributed to his character’s demise.  However, the holdout … Read more

Revisiting Bobby Bonilla’s Appearance in New York Undercover

Bobby Bonilla New York Undercover (Blog Cover)

Former Major League Baseball player Bobby Bonilla appeared in an episode of the television series New York Undercover on November 10th, 1994. While many athletes play themselves in TV appearances, Bonilla played a fictional character, Ronnie Holland, who helps undercover cops bust a neighborhood drug dealer by wearing a wire. What Episode of New York Undercover … Read more