What Happened to Eve Cleary in Melrose Place?

Eve Cleary Melrose Place

Eve Cleary emerges from prison to join Upstairs as the house singer. However, viewers soon learn of Eve’s long-standing friendship with Amanda, her accomplice in a murder that took place decades prior. We learn that Eve allegedly murdered her abusive boyfriend by pushing him off the bleachers, a revelation Amanda confided to Matt Fielding some years ago. … Read more

What Happened to Billy Campbell in Melrose Place?

Billy Campbell Melrose Place

Billy appears in the first six seasons of Melrose Place before moving to Rome during Season 7. Perhaps no other Melrose Place character went through a greater transformation over their tenure as Billy started as a wide-eyed screenwriter and ended as a miserable advertising executive. When is Billy First Introduced in Melrose Place? Billy first appears in … Read more

What Happened to Rhonda Blair in Melrose Place?

Rhonda Blair Melrose Place

Who is Rhonda Blair? Rhonda is one of the original Melrose Place characters who lives in the apartment complex with her roommate Sandy Harling. Rhonda works as an aerobics instructor, teaching classes like Cardio Funk. She moves away from Melrose Place after Season One with her newlywed husband, Terrance Haggard. How is Rhonda First Introduced on … Read more

Ranking Melrose Place Seasons (1-7)

Melrose Place Seasons

You’ve probably asked yourself, what’s the best season of Melrose Place? For those unaware, Melrose Place aired for seven seasons from 1992 through 1999. Fans and critics argue about which season was the best and which was the worst. At Circa 98, we like to put things in context and deliver a fair ranking. So … Read more

What Happened to Kyle McBride in Season 7 of Melrose Place?

Kyle McBride Season 7

Kyle McBride endured a range of emotions throughout Melrose Place Season 7. Though he was not one of the original Melrose Place characters, Kyle had established himself as one of the essential roles after Jake, Billy, and Matt’s departures. During the series’ final season, Kyle kills Rory, reunites with his brother Ryan, divorces Amanda, and … Read more

Ranking The Top 98 Melrose Place Characters

Melrose Place Characters (Graphic)

Who were the best Melrose Place characters? As one of the premier 90’s television series, fans and critics have strong opinions about these characters and their proper rankings. Choosing the top roles is challenging, particularly in a series where most personas are morally bankrupt. Still, being a great character on Melrose Place often transcended morals … Read more