Why Brooke Langton Left Melrose Place

Brooke Langton Melrose Place (Blog Cover)

According to The Morning Call, Brooke Langton left Melrose Place because the show’s producers chose not to renew her contract for the 1998-1999 season. Brooke Langton’s Background on Melrose Place Brooke Langton portrayed Samantha Reiley on Melrose Place from 1996-1998, spanning parts of Seasons 4, 5, 6, and 7. Her character starts as an aspiring artist … Read more

Remembering Eve Cleary’s Run on Melrose Place

Eve Cleary Melrose Place

Eve Cleary enters the Melrose Place storyline in Season 7 as a musician and old friend of Amanda Woodward. Viewers soon learn about Eve previously completing a prison sentence for a murder conviction. Eve performs music at Kyle’s club Upstairs and briefly marries Dr. Burns before a deeper storyline emerges. She becomes one of the most pivotal … Read more

Revisiting Billy Campbell’s Melrose Place Journey

Billy Campbell Melrose Place

Billy Campbell appears in the first six seasons of Melrose Place before moving to Rome during Season 7. Perhaps no other Melrose Place character underwent a greater transformation over their tenure as Billy started as a wide-eyed screenwriter and ended up as a miserable advertising executive. Billy’s Introduction to Melrose Place Billy first appears in the pilot … Read more

An Ode to Rhonda Blair in Melrose Place

Rhonda Blair Melrose Place

Rhonda is one of the original Melrose Place characters, and her sudden exit from the series after just one season remains one of the most curious decisions in television history. Her on-screen roommate, Sandy Harling, didn’t even make it to the end of the first season as the show’s decision-makers apparently called an audible regarding … Read more

Kyle McBride: Revisiting Season 7 of Melrose Place

Kyle McBride Season 7

Kyle McBride endured a range of emotions throughout Melrose Place Season 7. Though he was not one of the original Melrose Place characters, Kyle had established himself as one of the essential roles after Jake, Billy, and Matt’s departures. During the series’ final season, Kyle kills Rory, reunites with his brother Ryan, divorces Amanda, and … Read more