What Happened to Dr. Sorrell in Boy Meets World?

Dr. Sorrell Boy Meets World

Who is Dr. Sorrell? Dr. Sorrell was a science teacher at John Adams High School before George Feeny unceremoniously fired him. Though he quit before Feeny could officially terminate him, his transgressions include accepting bribes from students, attending inappropriate class trips to the casino, and forging student-athletes grades. As one of the more arrogant Boy … Read more

What Happened to Jack Hunter in Boy Meets World?

Jack Hunter Boy Meets World

Jack Hunter joins Boy Meets World in Season 5 when he attends Pennbrook University and reunites with his half-brother Shawn. Jack later dates Rachel McGuire before joining her in the Peace Corps after graduation. Who is Jack Hunter? Jack Hunter is a Boy Meets World character who first appears in Season 5, Episode 1: Brothers. However, Jack’s … Read more

What Happened to Mr. Turner in Boy Meets World?

Mr. Turner Boy Meets World (Blog Cover)

Mr. Turner disappears from Boy Meets World after Season 4, Episode 21, Cult Fiction, in which he suffers significant injuries from a serious motorcycle accident. Viewers last see Mr. Turner in a hospital bed, where he lies motionless. While it’s fairly evident that Mr. Turner doesn’t die in the episode, he never again appears in … Read more

Why Did Topanga’s Parents Divorce in Boy Meets World?

Topanga's Parents Divorce

Topanga’s parents get divorced because Jedediah cheats on Rhiannon with a woman named Marie. Other factors also contribute to the couple’s separation, including frequent arguments and contrasting worldviews. Breaking Down Topanga’s Parents’ Divorce in Boy Meets World Topanga’s parents’ divorce is one of the most absurd storylines in Boy Meets World history. Topanga’s father, Jedediah … Read more

When Do Cory and Topanga Get Together?

When Do Cory and Topanga Get Together

Cory and Topanga get together six separate times throughout Boy Meets World’s seven seasons. However, because of the show’s continuity issues, on-screen references to their relationship rarely match what transpired in previous episodes. Below, Circa 98 examines the six definitive times Cory and Topanga get together. Season 1, Episode 4: Cory’s Alternative Friends Most fans … Read more