When Do Cory and Topanga Get Together?

When Do Cory and Topanga Get Together

Cory and Topanga get together five separate times throughout Boy Meets World’s seven seasons. Because of continuity issues with the writers, references to their relationship are highly inaccurate throughout the series. Circa 98 examines the five absolute times Cory and Topanga get together. Season 1, Episode 4: Cory’s Alternative Friends Cory is assigned to work … Read more

Ranking Boy Meets World Seasons (1-7)

Best Boy Meets World Seasons Graphic

Boy Meets World aired 7 seasons which spanned from 1993-2000. Which season was the best? What about the worst? We thought it would be best to put things into context and provide explanations. Circa 98 examines the best Boy Meets World Seasons ranked 1 to 7. 1) Season 3 With most television series, there comes … Read more

What Happened to Angela Moore in Boy Meets World?

Angela Moore Season 5

First appearing in Season 5, Angela emerges as one of the most popular Boy Meets World characters. Throughout her three seasons, Angela graduates from John Adams High School attends Penbrook University, and develops an intense relationship with Shawn Hunter. Who is Anglea Moore? Angela Moore is a popular Boy Meets World character who enters the series during Season … Read more

Ranking The Top 98 Boy Meets World Characters (With Descriptions)

Boy Meets World Characters Graphic

Selecting the best Boy Meets World characters is no easy task. After all, Boy Meets World remains one of the most legendary television series of all time. Fans are passionate, and therefore strong opinions exist on which characters are the greatest. Circa98 ranks the top 98 characters below: 1) Shawn Hunter Shawn Hunter is the … Read more