Chubbie’s Famous: A Guide to Boy Meets World’s Restaurant

Chubbie's Boy Meets World

What is Chubbie’s? Chubbie’s Famous is a local restaurant hangout that appears in seasons 2 through 5 of Boy Meets World. The restaurant first appears in S2E5, The Uninvited, and quickly becomes the most common social hangout for the series’ main characters. Chubbie’s Menu Chubbie’s Staff Who Owns Chubbie’s in Boy Meets World? A guy named … Read more

Herman Stecchino: Frankie’s Brother in Boy Meets World

Herman Stecchino Boy Meets World

Herman Stecchino is Frankie’s younger brother and Vader’s son, who appears in three episodes during Season 4 of Boy Meets World. Herman, like his brother, is poetic and philosophical, demonstrating a high intellectual maturity for his age.  Herman’s Introduction to Boy Meets World In Season 4, Episode 4: Fishing for Virna, Herman first appears at … Read more

Pennbrook University: A Guide To Boy Meets World’s College

Guide to Pennbrook University

Pennbrook University is a fictional college from the TV series Boy Meets World. Several of the show’s main characters attend the Philadelphia-based University, including Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Angela, Eric, Jack, and Rachel.  In addition to several of the show’s personas attending the college as students, George Feeny serves as a professor at the University starting … Read more

Kat Tompkins: Boy Meets World’s Social Studies Teacher

Kat Tompkins Boy Meets World

Katherine Tompkins, a.k.a Kat, is one of the most memorable Boy Meets World characters from Season 2, where she emerges as a social studies teacher at John Adams High School and Jonathon Turner’s girlfriend. Kat Tompkins dated her colleague Jonathon Turner for most of Season 2 before ending the relationship in Season 2, Episode 23: Home. After … Read more

Eddie Hunter: Shawn’s Forgotten Half-Brother from Season 3

Blog Cover for Eddie Hunter of Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World has its share of overlooked characters, but none is perhaps more worthy of discussion than Eddie Hunter. As Shawn’s less-heralded half-brother, Eddie represents a forgotten class of Boy Meets World characters. Viewers see Eddie in Season 3, Episode 17, The Pink Flamingo Kid, at Shawn’s old trailer park when Cory and Shawn … Read more