Harley Keiner’s Surprise Replacement in Boy Meets World

Harley Keiner Boy Meets World (Blog Cover) Showing Post Title and Picture of Leather Jacket

Danny McNulty, the original Harley Keiner, was replaced by Kenny Johnston for a single episode after the actor suffered a mental health incident during the episode’s table read. McNulty hinted in 2015 that the incident stemmed from his bipolar condition. McNulty confirms this story in his Pod Meets World podcast appearance while providing more details … Read more

A Closer Look at Shawn Hunter’s (Almost) Adoption on Boy Meets World

Does Shawn Hunter Get Adopted (Blog Cover)

Casual fans of Boy Meets World sometimes mistakenly recall a storyline in which Shawn Hunter gets adopted. However, Shawn Hunter does not get adopted in Boy Meets World. Alan and Amy Matthews offer to adopt him, but Shawn rejects. Below, Circa98 dives deeper into Shawn’s adoption and guardian storylines: Alan Matthews Offers to Adopt Shawn in Season … Read more

Why Boy Meets World Had Two Morgan Matthews

Morgan Matthews Boy Meets World

Morgan Matthews appears in all seven seasons of Boy Meets World, including 113 of the 158 total episodes. However, as Cory and Eric’s younger sister, Morgan’s role is minimal, especially after Season 1. When the original actress, Lily Nicksay, left the show after Season 2, Morgan was recast as Lindsay Ridgeway from Seasons 3-7. Storylines rarely involve … Read more

Jedediah Lawrence: Topanga’s Hippie Dad in Boy Meets World

Jedediah Lawrence Boy Meets World

Jedediah Lawrence is a memorable Boy Meets World character appearing in Seasons 2,3,6 and 7 of the iconic 90s sitcom. Throughout the series, the former hippie builds a guitar for Bruce Springsteen, divorces his wife Rhiannon, and moves into a bachelor pad. In his early appearances, Jed comes across as a hippie and refers to himself as … Read more

Boy Meets World Couples: Ranking The Best 10 (And The Worst)

Boy Meets World Couples (Graphic)

Boy Meets World featured several famous couples over its seven seasons from 1993 to 2000. Circa 98 ranks the best Boy Meets World couples and the worst. 1) Shawn and Angela Many would agree that Shawn and Angela’s relationship was authentic and intriguing for viewers. Their relationship contrasted the more famous Cory and Topanga couple … Read more