9 Times Boy Meets World Surprised Us with Continuity

Boy Meets World Continuity (Blog Cover)

Boy Meets World surprised viewers with continuity several times throughout the series, challenging its reputation as a show laden with continuity errors. Boy Meets World Continuity Examples Despite its ongoing status as a timeless 90s sitcom, Boy Meets World is often criticized for continuity errors, such as replacing Topanga’s parents with new actors and retroactively embellishing Cory … Read more

Janitor Bud: Boy Meets World’s Gambling Janitor

Janitor Bud Boy Meets World (Blog Cover)

Janitor Bud is the janitor at John Adams High School in Boy Meets World. Bud often irks his school’s principal, Mr. Feeny, by slacking off at work and publicly embarrassing first-and second-year students. Despite Bud’s eccentricities, most of the student body reveres him. When Cory and Shawn accidentally get him fired by exposing his fraudulent … Read more

Why Alex Désert Left Boy Meets World

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Alex Désert, who played Eli Williams in Season 3 of Boy Meets World, left the series after the network chose not to renew his contract for Season 4. Désert’s primary on-screen co-star, Anthony Tyler Quinn, who played Mr. Turner, would remain on the series for Season 4, albeit in a significantly reduced role. The show’s … Read more

Theresa Keiner (TK): Harley’s Sister from Boy Meets World

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Theresa Keiner is a Boy Meets World character and the younger sister of Harley Keiner. She appears in Season 2, Episode 10: Sister Theresa, where she dates the show’s principal character, Cory Matthews. Theresa, also known as “TK,” dates Cory Matthews during her lone appearance, indulging her newfound love interest with excessive gestures like sending flowers … Read more