What Happened to Jedediah Lawrence in Boy Meets World?

Jedediah Lawrence Boy Meets World

Jedediah Lawrence is a memorable Boy Meets World character appearing in Seasons 2,3,6, and 7 of the iconic 90s sitcom. Throughout the series, the former hippie builds a guitar for Bruce Springsteen, divorces his wife Rhiannon, and moves into a bachelor pad. Though the character is infamous for multiple reasons, he is best known as Topanga Lawrence’s … Read more

Boy Meets World Couples: Ranking The Best 10 (And The Worst)

Boy Meets World Couples (Graphic)

Boy Meets World featured several famous couples over its seven seasons from 1993 to 2000. Circa 98 ranks the best Boy Meets World couples and the worst. 1) Shawn and Angela Many would agree that Shawn and Angela’s relationship was authentic and intriguing for viewers. Their relationship contrasted the more famous Cory and Topanga couple … Read more

What Happened to Mr. Mack in Boy Meets World?

Mr. Mack Boy Meets World

In the Season 4 episode, Cult Fiction, Mr. Mack lures Shawn Hunter to his cult, The Centre, for misguided youth. Then, after accompanying Shawn to the hospital following Mr. Turner’s bike accident, Mack gets into a nearly physical confrontation with Alan Matthews. However, Mr. Mack leaves the hospital alone when Shawn finally rebukes him. Who is … Read more

Chubbie’s Famous: A Guide to Boy Meets World’s Restaurant

Chubbie's Boy Meets World

What is Chubbie’s? Chubbie’s Famous is a local restaurant hangout in Boy Meets World’s TV series. The restaurant first appears in Season 2 and quickly becomes the most common spot for social gatherings among the series’ main characters. Chubbie’s Menu Turkey Chubbie (with everything): The only order first-timers are allowed at Chubbie’s, regardless of what you … Read more

What Happened to Jason Marsden in Boy Meets World?

Jason Marsden Boy Meets World

Jason Marsden served as Eric Matthews’ best friend in Boy Meets World during Seasons 1 and 2. Unfortunately, due to Eric’s chronic self-destruction, Jason was often tasked with cleaning up his messes.   Additionally, Jason joined Eric in the good-natured ribbing of Cory and his friends. However, unlike Eric and Cory’s other friends, Jason relentlessly flirted … Read more