Are David and Kelly Related in Beverly Hills 90210?

David Kelly Related 90210 (Blog Cover)

As fictional characters on the TV series Beverly Hills 90210, David Silver and Kelly Taylor are step-siblings but share no blood relation. However, they become part of the same family when David’s birth father, Mel, starts dating Kelly’s birth mother, Jackie, resulting in the birth of Erin. As a result, David and Kelly are related … Read more

What Happened to Colin Robbins in Beverly Hills 90210?

Collin Robbins (Beverly Hills 90210) (Blog Cover)

Colin Robbins endured a whirlwind of life-changing events during his Beverly Hills 90210 tenure, from moving to Los Angeles as an emerging artist to attempting to flee the country after his untimely arrest. While Colin’s snow-white habit ruined his relationship with Kelly and cost him his freedom, he felt it made him a better artist. … Read more

What Happened to David Silver in Season 4 of Beverly Hills 90210?

David Silver Season 4

Season 4 was an interesting year for David Silver. He entered California University with his friends, moved into an off-campus beach apartment, and got hooked on meth. David also returned to his true passion; music. After getting a break in the music business, David cheats on Donna with his A&R, Arial, ending their relationship. The … Read more

Ranking The Top 98 Beverly Hills 90210 Characters (of All Time)

Beverly Hills 90210 Characters (Graphic)

Many have debated the best Beverly Hills 90210 characters. Circa 98 has decided to take this issue seriously by compiling a list of the top 98 characters in Beverly Hills 90210. We’ve ranked the characters from #1 to #98. It’s only human nature that some will disagree with the rankings. Others will say, “hey, circa … Read more