Does Shawn Hunter Get Adopted in Boy Meets World?

Shawn Hunter does not get adopted in Boy Meets World despite Alan and Amy Matthews’s offering. Shawn rejects The Matthews’ offer after showing up to Alan’s birthday party intoxicated.

After Alan makes a formal proposal to adopt Shawn, he abruptly leaves the Matthews’ home to visit his father, Chet Hunter‘s grave.

Shawn’s volatile behavior stems from recently learning that Virna Hunter was not his biological mother. Since Shawn’s father, Chet, had recently passed, Shawn now considered himself an orphan.

Alan and Amy attempt to remedy his identity crisis by offering to adopt him, but he rejects them.

What Episode Does Shawn Hunter Get Adopted?

Alan and Amy Matthews offer to adopt Shawn Hunter in Season 7, Episode 12: Family Trees. However, Shawn rejects their offer and instead chooses to visit his father’s grave, who’d passed away in the previous season.

Did The Matthews Adopt Shawn Hunter?

The Matthews’ offer to adopt Shawn Hunter, but he rejects them. Alan first extends the offer after Shawn shows up drunk at his birthday party, upset about recently learning that Virna Hunter was not his biological mother.

Since Chet, his father, had recently passed away, Shawn refers to himself as an orphan.

Did Mr. Turner Adopt Shawn Hunter?

Despite providing Shawn with a home for most of Season 3, Mr. Turner never adopts Shawn. In addition, Turner never officially files to become Shawn’s legal guardian despite speaking with a lawyer about the process.

Chet Hunter returns to Philadelphia toward the end of Season 3, at which point Shawn moves out of Turner’s place for good.

Did Uncle Mike Adopt Shawn Hunter?

Uncle Mike Hunter did not adopt his nephew, Shawn, despite Shawn intending to live with him later in Season 3. However, when Shawn went to visit him after some time away from the trailer park, Uncle Mike’s trailer was gone.

In the same episode, a cop finds Shawn sleeping outside and brings him into the police station, where he ran into his father, Chet, who was finally returning home.

Who was Shawn Hunter’s Legal Guardian?

Throughout the Boy Meets World series, Chet and Virna Hunter are Shawn’s only legal guardians. Chet is Shawn’s biological father, and Virna is his stepmother.

Shawn lived with The Matthews and Mr. Turner at different points in the series, but they never filed for legal guardianship.

In Season 3, Episode 20, I Never Sang for My Legal Guardian, Shawn Hunter gets upset after learning that Mr. Turner had failed to file for legal guardianship.

Mr. Turner claims that he never got around to filing the papers, which makes Shawn feel like his life is not as important to the English teacher as it should be.

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