Was NBA Live 98 For Sega Saturn a Good Game?

NBA Live 98 for Sega Saturn is about what you would expect it to be. In 2020, the game only appeals to an intersection of retro gaming and NBA fanatics. While sports games are not always playable (even for the die-hard) this game is. You can actually shoot, pass and dribble with some consistency, which is more than can be said about other basketball games of this era. The graphics on the Saturn version are slightly inferior to those on Playstation. Still, the rarity of the game makes it even more of a collector’s item for Saturn.

NBA Live 98 in Context

The main competitor for Sega Saturn basketball was NBA Action. There was NBA Action 98 with Kobe Bryant as the cover athlete. Both games are playable for NBA junkies but NBA Action 98 is considered to be the superior game. The best scenario for an NBA fan is to own both games in their original case. These are big-time retro games for NBA heads who value the Inside Stuff and SLAM era of magazines. Sega Saturn heads who are not the biggest sports fans may also enjoy this rare gem because of its relative scarcity when compared to other sports games of the late 90’s.

NBA Live 98 Gameplay (Revisted in 2019)

The gameplay is a bit clunky and the players don’t move all that smoothly. With that being said, the ability to shoot pass, and dribble with relative ease makes the game playable. Make sure you put the settings on simulation rather than arcade if you don’t want your 2 guard taken out by an opposing player imitating a 90’s NFL safety. You can also adjust the quarter length to get more realistic stats over the course of a game or season. Don’t look for Micheal Jordan because he’s not in the game. There is a player on the Bulls named Roster Player who takes up his spot.

Who Was The NBA Live 98 Cover Athlete?

Tim Hardaway was the Live 98 cover athlete for all consoles. NBA Live 98 for Saturn is a collectible and sports fans might like to know who appears on their piece of memorabilia. Hardaway was playing for the Miami Heat at the time and formed a devastating 1-2 punch with Center Alonzo Mourning. His presence on the front cover contrasted NBA Action 98 which featured Kobe Bryant as their cover athlete.

Where To Purchase Your Copy?

You might find Live 98 at a retro gaming store in your city. Look up retro gaming stores on Google and see what the Maps section comes up with. For more convenience, you can purchase NBA Live 98 for Saturn by clicking the link below:


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