Juvenile – Solja Rags (Recording Process, Features & More)

Juvenile Solja Rags (Blog Cover)

Juvenile released Solja Rags, his Cash Money Records debut album, on May 13, 1997. Though its sales would pale compared to his subsequent 400 Degreez album, it sold 200,000 units independently, an impressive number considering the lack of commercial funding. After Cash Money Records’ famous Universal deal, they would re-release the album in 1999. When … Read more

Did Brian Austin Green Make a Hip Hop Album?

Brian Austin Green Rap Album (Blog Post Cover)

If you’ve watched Kid 90 on Hulu, you probably heard Brian Austin Green reference his hip hop album, One Stop Carnival. Yes, it’s true; Brian Austin Green recorded a hip hop album in 1996 under the label Yab Yum Records (owned by Tracy Edmonds, the spouse of Babyface).  Why Did Brian Austin Green Make a Hip-Hop Album? … Read more

Juvenile – 400 Degreez (Features, Recording Process & More)

Juvenile - 400 Degreez Vinyl on Turntable

400 Degreez was Juvenile’s 3rd solo album but the first to enter hip hop’s mainstream and ultimately change the genre’s trajectory. Having previously released Being Myself on Warlock Records in 1995 and later Solja Rags on Cash Money Records in 1997, Juvenile released 400 Degreez, his 2nd album under Cash Money, on November 3rd, 1998. … Read more