What Happened to Morgan Matthews in Boy Meets World?

Morgan Matthews appears in all seven seasons of Boy Meets World, including 113 of the 158 total episodes. However, as Cory and Eric’s younger sister, Morgan’s role is minimal, especially after Season 1.

When the original actress, Lily Nicksay, leaves the show after Season 2, Morgan is recast as Lindsay Ridgeway from Seasons 3-7. Storylines rarely involve the new Morgan, aside from a few intermittent plots aimed to impact other characters.

In addition to changing actors, the Morgan character goes conspicuously absent several times throughout the series, so much show that the show makes fun of itself by having the character say, “I was in my room for a real long time”

What Happened to the Original Morgan on Boy Meets World?

Lily Nicksay, who played Morgan in Seasons 1-2 of Boy Meets World, leaves the show before Season 3. According to the Pod Meets World podcast, Lily Nicksay did not enjoy acting or being on the Boy Meets World set.

In fairness, Lily Nicksay was extremely young and not equipped to handle the professional demands of a popular sitcom. She was also highly popular among fans of the series, who were unaware of her off-screen challenges.

Who Replaced Lily Nicksay as Morgan in Boy Meets World?

Lindsay Ridgeway replaces Lily Nicksay as Morgan Matthews starting in Season 3, Episode 14: A Kiss is More Than a Kiss. During her first on-screen appearance, the new Morgan makes light of her conspicuous absence from previous episodes.

However, the new Morgan does not acknowledge that she is a different person entirely. Lindsay Ridgeway would go on to play Morgan Matthews for the remainder of the Boy Meets World series.

Who Played Morgan in Boy Meets World?

  • Lily Nicksay (now Lily Gibson): 36 Episodes (Seasons 1-2)
  • Lindsay Ridgeway: 75 Episodes (Seasons 3-7)

Morgan’s Best Boy Meets World Moments

Though storylines rarely revolved around Morgan, she still made her presence known several times throughout the Boy Meets World series.

Check out Morgan Matthews’ best Boy Meets World moments below:

1) Morgan Mocks Cory in Her Power Wheels Car

In Season 4, Episode 14: Wheels, Morgan drives by Cory in her Power Wheels car while mocking him. Cory gets upset and pushes her vehicle down the walkway. This funny moment often appeared in the promos for the Disney reruns.

2) Morgan Microwaves Her Doll

In Season 1, Episode 4: Cory’s Alternative Friends, Morgan puts her doll in the microwave. She first asks her Mom if it would be a mistake to keep her doll warm in the microwave.

When Amy replies that it would be, Morgan admits that she already made that mistake. The mishap represents one of several “Morgan Moments” in Season 1.

3) Morgan Sings Wind Beneath My Wings

Morgan enters a talent show during Season 6, Episode 5: Better Than Average Cory. She sings Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings. Of course, the episode’s storyline primarily revolves around Cory’s realization that he’s just average.

4) Morgan Dates Herman Stecchino

In Season 4, Episode 10: Turkey Day, Morgan briefly dates Herman Stecchino, the brother of Frankie The Enforcer. Like Frankie, Herman is a poet and a romantic who lives at the trailer park.

5) Morgan Tries to Replace Eric

After Eric leaves for Pennbrook University in Season 5, Episode 2: Boy Meets Real World, Morgan hires a look-alike to act as her older brother. But, of course, her parents explain that replacing Eric is not possible.

Did Morgan Matthews Appear on Girl Meets World?

Lindsay Ridgeway reprises the role of Morgan Matthews in the Girl Meets World finale, Girl Meets Goodbye (S3E21).

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