Ranking The Top 98 Melrose Place Characters

Who were the best Melrose Place characters? As one of the premier 90’s television series, fans and critics have strong opinions about it. Choosing the best and worst roles is challenging, particularly in a series where most personas are morally bankrupt. Nevertheless, Circa 98 undertook the task and created a list of the top 98 characters in Melrose Place. You can’t please everyone with a ranking, but you can give your opinions.

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1) Sydney Andrews

Sydney is the best Melrose Place character for several reasons. First, she is a deranged lunatic with a flair for the dramatic. Second, she is strangely likable despite her transgressions. Originally introduced to the series as Jane’s little sister, Sydney quickly makes herself a home in L.A. and proceeds to steal her sister’s husband, Micheal. Although Micheal openly hates her and even considers killing her, Sydney blackmails him into a short-lived marriage. After the divorce, Jane’s little sister dates several other main characters, including Jake Hanson and Kyle McBride (though the latter was more of an affiar). She goes onto marry Craig Field before her untimely death occurs immedietly after the wedding ceremony.

2) Michael Mancini

Michael Mancini starts as a med student and the property manager in the Melrose Place apartment complex with his wife, Jane. This arrangement changes when Michael becomes an official doctor and cheats on Jane with a colleague, Kimberly Shaw. Like Sydney, Michael is deranged (a theme consistent with many of the characters on Melrose Place), but makes up for it by being hilarious. Dr. Mancini is a liar, cheater, womanizer, hypocrite, and all-around scum-bag, yet remains oddly likable for the series’s duration. He’s married to four other characters throughout the series (Jane, Sydney, Kimberly, and Megan) and proposes to a fifth (Lexi).

3) Jake Hanson

Jake is essential to Melrose Place for a variety of reasons. Foremost is his connection to Beverly Hills 90210, the show from which the series spun off. Jake does construction work for Jackie Taylor while her daughter Kelly develops a crush on him. The initial Melrose Place episodes detail Kelly’s pursuit of Jake and his rejection (because of age concerns). With Kelly out of the picture, Jake makes a living for himself by buying a bike shop and eventually buying the local bar & restaurant, Shooters. Jake Hanson dates several of the show’s female characters, including Sandy, Jo, Amanda, Sydney, Jane, and Allison. Melrose Place’s beloved bad boy moves to Ojai in Season 5 and is never heard from again.

4) Billy Campbell

Billy is a recent college graduate looking for apartments in L.A. He hears through acquaintances that Allison’s roommate left suddenly and stiffed her with the rent. Equipped with inside information, he approaches Allison about the vacancy. Though initially resistant, she agrees to the roommate’s proposal, so long as he follows her strict guidelines. Billy evolves throughout the series from a wide-eyed screenwriter into a ruthless advertising executive. He eventually talks Allison into a romantic relationship, and ultimately to marriage, though she leaves him at the altar. He goes on to marry Samantha — Jane’s fashion assistant, whom he divorces shortly after. During Season 6, Billy moves to Rome with his new fiance Jennifer Mancini, though their relationship seems forced.

5) Allison Parker

Allison is arguably the show’s main character since she appears first in the pilot after her roomate stiffs her with the rent. Most of the initial season revolves around Allison’s life and career as a receptionist at D&D Advertising. Her new roommate, Billy, adds excitement to her otherwise stringent lifestyle. The lead character goes through many trials and tribulations throughout her five seasons (she moves to Atlanta before Season 6), including relationships with married men, the resurfacing of childhood trauma from her abusive father, and a battle with alcoholism. Although Allison serves to represent one of the few characters with morals and integrity, she too possesses questionable ethics, particularly as it relates to relationships.

6) Matt Fielding

Matt is an essential character in Melrose Place, who brings a sense of stability to his neighbors. An openly gay man, Matt dates several men throughout his five-plus seasons before moving to San Fransisco in Season 6 and dying in a car accident during Season 7. Matt first works at a halfway house serving underprivileged youth but later enters medical school at his late father’s request. Matt Fielding was close friends with Rhonda — who moves away after the first season but later becomes friendly with Michael, Jake, and most other neighbors. After Michael’s severe car accident, Matt illegaly alters his friend’s blood alcohol content in the hospital computer system, risking his career and freedom. Later in the series, he gains custody of his late brother’s daughter, Chelsea, which prompts his move to San Fransisco.

7) Jane Mancini-Andrews

Jane Andrews is Michael’s first wife and Sydney’s adopted sister. Jane never learns of her adoption until Season 5 — presumed to be the “favorite” child before the revelation. Sydney often criticized Jane for receiving all her parents’ attention and leaving her to become the forgotten daughter. Jane’s passion for fashion leads her into the clothing industry, first as an assistant, and later as a business owner and designer. She divorces Micheal after learning of his affair with Dr. Kimberly Shaw. The eldest Andrews child moves back to Chicago with her adopted parents during Season 5 — looking to start fresh after ruining her relationship with Jake Hanson. She returns for the final season, where she starts a relationship with Kyle McBride.

8) Amanda Woodward

Amanda’s series’ introduction comes through D&D Advertising, where she works as Allison’s superior. When the co-workers become friendly outside of work, Amanda targets Billy as her lover, to Allison’s dismay. To make matters worse, she reveals her pregnancy to everyone. Although she loses the child in a miscarriage, Allison quickly learns of her conniving and vindictive behavior. Allison and Billy are shocked when Amanda buys the apartment complex from the landlord and can now boss everyone. Amanda dates most of the series’ male characters, including Billy, Jake, Micheal, Peter, Craig, and Kyle. Most of them grow to despise her. Peter becomes the one exception as they marry one another (for a second time) in the series finale.

9) Rhonda Blair

Though written out after Season 1, Rhonda was one of the series’ essential characters. She’d be higher on the list if not for her limited number of episodes. Rhonda’s introduction comes as a primary character and tenant in the Melrose Place apartment complex. She works as an aerobics instructor, teaching a class called Cardio Funk. Sandy is her roommate, but Matt is her best friend, and Rhonda relies on him for dates after misadventures with heterosexual men. Everything changes when she meets her future husband, Terrance Haggard, and moves away after the initial season.

10) Sandy Harling

Sandy appears as a primary character in the first season before landing an acting gig in New York. Though she doesn’t even last to the Season 1 finale, her presence is everlasting. While living in Melrose Place, the aspiring actress rooms with Rhonda and works as a bartender at Shooters while trying to land movie roles. Beverly Hills 90210 character Steve Sanders asks her out in one of the first episodes, to which she laughingly declines. She has an on-again, off-again relationship with Jake Hanson before moving to New York for good. 

11) Kimberly Shaw

Once referred to as the witch of Wilshire Memorial, Dr. Kimberly Shaw makes her presence felt throughout her tenure in Melrose Place. She appears in the first five seasons of the show before dying tragically from brain cancer complications. Dr. Shaw was Michael’s first mistress and later his wife. She suffered severe head injuries in a car accident after Micheal drove drunk with her as the passenger. After being presumed dead in the wreck, she shocks Michael by showing up at his beach house 13 episodes later. Her head scar became a significant talking point in the series. After the accident, mental health problems plagued Kimberly to the end of her detonating an explosive at the Melrose Place apartment complex.

12) Kyle McBride

Kyle moves from Boston to Melrose Place with his first wife, Taylor, during Season 5. Unbeknownst to him, his wife is chasing her late sister’s ex-husband: Peter Burns. As a Gulf War marine and successful restaurant chef, Kyle earns success in the L.A. area. After divorcing Taylor, he opens a Jazz Club called Upstairs with his business partner and eventual wife: Amanda Woodward. He battles alcoholism and depression after learning of his infertility (which was a lab mistake and, therefore, not accurate). Kyle divorces Amanda near the series’ conclusion and begins a relationship with Jane.

13) Peter Burns

Dr. Peter Burns is a deranged high-brow doctor with zero moral fiber. Peter wears many hats throughout his four seasons in Melrose Place. He starts as the chief of staff at Wilshire Memorial Hospital before engaging in a scheme to take over D&D advertising with Amanda Woodward. When the deal crumbles, Burns tries to kill Amanda. Just one season later, he marries her. They divorced shortly after, but his love is everlasting. The couple’s unrelenting connection becomes apparent in the series finale when they remarry overseas after staging their deaths.

14) Jo Reynolds

Jo Reynolds is a photographer from New York. She moves to Melrose Place after leaving her abusive husband in NYC. With a stand-offish East Coast demeanor, most neighbors find her rude, initially, but warm up to her as the series progresses. Jake Hanson is the one exception as the pair form a couple shortly after she moves into the complex. The duo eventually split over money problems (Jo put up money for Jake’s bike shop), and Jo inexplicably leaves the country after Season 4. In addition, Jo is the primary transitional character for the Models Inc. spinoff series.

15) Lexi Sterling

Lexi Sterling is a sexy and sassy woman who travels to California for alimony from her ex-husband, Coop. She meets Peter Burns on her visit and ends up falling in love with him. However, things change when she’s arrested for tax evasion and forced to remarry Coop for 10 million dollars stipulated from her father’s will. As the series progresses, Lexi grows more confident and funnier. She buys the apartment complex from Amanda during the final season.

16) Taylor McBride

Taylor moves to Melrose Place after seeing Peter Burns picture in a Boston newspaper. She’d been secretly crushing on Dr. Burns since he married her late sister Beth. After Beth passed away several years prior, Taylor lost touch with Peter. Despite her marriage to Kyle McBride, she makes it her goal to find Peter and lure him into a relationship. She fails when Peter learns of her crazy scheme and Kyle files for divorce. Taylor’s plot to get Kyle back included getting pregnant with Micahel Mancini to guilt her ex-husband into thinking he was the father. Her plan fails when Kyle passes his paternity test. After agreeing to let Micahel and Jane raise the baby, she leaves Los Angeles suddenly with her newborn.

17) Eve Cleary

Eve is a talented singer and Amanda’s best friend from high school. The performer moves to Melrose Place after prison, where she headlines at Kyle’s club Upstairs. Initially, the friends pretend they don’t know each other until Kyle grows suspicious. Eve reveals that she and Amanda conspired to murder her abusive boyfriend during high school (though we later learn it is Amanda who killed him). Eve marries Peter Burns, but they divorce within a year. She grows jealous of Amanda, who, as she begins to remember, framed her for murder.

18) Craig Field

Craig is a classic example of nepotism as the heir to D&D advertising. In his early 20s, Craig’s father brings him into D&D Advertising to learn the ropes before taking over. That day came sooner than expected when his father dies suddenly. Craig initially pursues Amanda Woodward, but the two become enemies once Amanda finenesses control of the agency. Craig finally finds happiness by marrying Sydney and launching his exclusive agency. Unfortunately, Sydney dies tragically on their wedding day, and Craig decides to take his own life if the following season.

19) Jennifer Mancini

Michael’s younger sister first appears in Season 6, confusing viewers since Michael never mentioned her previously. As it turned out, Jennifer attended college in Boston, where she’d had an affair with Kyle McBride. When she learns of his new whereabouts, she harshly confronts him. Despite the confrontation, Kyle hires her as a bartender at Upstairs. She later marries Billy, whom she moves with to Rome.

20) Megan Lewis-McBride

Megan is a prostitute hired to lure Micheal into marriage during Kimberly’s last days. Kimberly Shaw pays Megan to take Michael so she can hide her illness and die without pity. Megan goes on to marry Micheal but divorces him soon after. She ends up in a relationship with Coop despite Michael’s attempts to win her back. After breaking it off with Coop, she marries Kyle’s brother Ryan and lives happily ever after.

21) Samantha Reilly

Jane Mancini hires Sam as her boutique assistant, where she works with both Mancini sisters. After rejecting Craig’s advances, she relents to Billy Campbells’ and eventually marries him. Like most married characters in Melrose Place, Samantha cheats on her spouse within six months of their vows. In Sam’s case, she falls for a minor league baseball player Jeff Taylor. Aside from her transgressions, she is also partially responsible for Sydney’s death since her car struck the newlywed.

22) Ryan McBride

Ryan is Kyle’s younger brother, who moves to Los Angeles during the final season. The younger McBride rents an apartment at Melrose Place, where he meets his future wife, Megan. Ryan hides his previous life from everyone, including his brother, until it comes to the surface from Lexi. Lexi learns of his young daughter in New York and an ex-wife who died tragically in a car accident. After the revelation, Ryan regains custody of his daughter, whom he raises with Megan.

23) Brett Cooper

Brett Cooper first moves to Melrose Place for vengeance. “Coop,” as he’s known, served as Kimberly’s doctor in Cleveland and eventually fell in love with her. His passion went unrequited because of Kimberly’s devotion to Michael, whom Coop now holds in contempt. He pursues Michael’s third wife, Meagen, and sabotages his medical device venture. Coop moves away during Season 6 after Lexi tries to blackmail him into marriage.

24) Brooke Armstrong

Starting as an intern at D&D Advertising, Brooke Armstrong schemes her way into a full-time position and a marriage. Brooke marries Billy during Season 5 but later dies in a drowning accident at Melrose Place. Billy had been on the verge of divorcing her, which promoted her erratic behavior. Because she’d attempted suicide just days earlier, the intention behind her tragic death was unclear.

25) Keith Gray

Keith is an aspiring marine biologist who meets Allison while handing out fliers for his upcoming lecture about ocean pollution. He initially seems like Allison’s dream guy but later reveals he’s married. After significant back and forth, Keith divorces his wife and commits to Allison. He even asks Allison to move with him to Seattle for a new job opportunity. Allison agrees but reneges after only a couple of weeks. Once back in L.A., Keith becomes jealous of Allison and Billy and attempts to stage a robbery to make himself look like a hero. He becomes deranged, homicidal, and ultimately suicidal.

26) Reed Carter

Reed is best known as the father of Jo’s child. Jo kills him in self-defense after he kidnaps her on a boat. Their relationship dates back to high school but manifests once again after a class reunion. Despite his criminal record, Jo naively believes his stated innocence. Reed is responsible for sparking Jake’s interest in charters by offering him a 50-50 cut on one of his ventures. After his death, Reed’s parents go crazy and try to steal Jo’s baby and raise it as their own.

27) Terrance Haggard

Terrance meets Rhonda at a fruit stand after an argument over strawberries. Rhonda helped Matt stock up for his halfway house but mistakenly took strawberries belonging to Terrance. After the debate, Terrance apologizes and asks her for a date. She agrees reluctantly, but the two hit it off. Despite some significant differences between the couple, they end up married. We never hear from either of them after Season one.

28) Chelsea Fielding

Chelsea is Matt’s niece and lives with him once her father dies. In his last will, Matt’s brother granted him custody, much to Chelsea’s mother’s dismay, who initially fights the court’s terms. A subsequent hearing rewards custody to Chealsea’s mother, but she reneges at the last minute. Chelsea moves with Matt to San Fransisco and is never heard from again, even after Matt’s death in Season 7.

29) Bruce Teller

Bruce is a top executive and general partner at D&D Advertising. In contrast to most other ad executives, he treats his employees with respect. Unfortunately for Bruce, colleagues fail to reciprocate his humanity. He commits suicide after Amanda legally by unethically obtains his company shares. 

30) Louis Visconti

Louis works as the resident psychologist at Wilshire Memorial. He often analyzes Peter’s mental health, which is mostly lacking. The Dr. is similar to many of his male colleagues in pursuing female co-workers for romantic relationships. He is perhaps most infamous for revealing Peter’s secret (about staging Amanda’s abduction) to Lexi. He also provides a cabin key to Peter, who uses it to fake his death with Amanda.

31) Sarah Owens

Sarah Owens is a young model who works closely with Jo for photoshoots. Things change when Amanda Woodward learns of her talent agency; Models Inc. Amanda tries to end the business relationship, but Jo refuses. The young model moves to L.A., Iowa, where her abusive boyfriend resides. Sarah goes on to appear in the Melrose Place spinoff: Models Inc.

32) Alycia Barnett

Alycia serves as Bobby Parezi’s lawyer throughout much of Season 4. After an affair with Peter Burns, Alycia murders her client Bobby by throwing him out of a high-rise office window. Though she had not initially intended to kill him, Bobby charged at her, at which point she dodged and shoved him to his death. Alycia dies in a car accident soon after.

33) Jeffrey Lindley

Jeffrey is one of Matt’s most serious boyfriends and tests positive for HIV. As an active duty Marine, Jeffrey hides his sexual orientation from his employer. Matt often challenges his boyfriend about the don’t ask, don’t tell policy of the military. Even so, Jeffrey is proud to be a Marine. The Marines eventually discharge Jeffrey after he ends his relationship with Matt.

34) Palmer Woodward

Palmer is Amanda Woodward’s father and one of the biggest con men on the planet. Jake discovers his shadiness after joining his auto repair shop venture. It turned out Palmer was marking up reproduced vintage cars as originals. After fleeing the country, Palmer returns in an attempt to murder his witness Jake Hanson. Things fail to go as planned when Palmer’s accomplice blows up a boat while he’s aboard.

35) Lucy Cabot

Lucy is an executive at D&D Advertising during the early Seasons and a work superior to Amanda Woodward and Allison Parker. Ms. Cabot leaves D&D during the middle seasons after getting engaged. Lucy is integral to Allison’s ascendance at the advertising firm and serves as a mentor while Allison advances her career.

36) Jess Hanson

Jake’s brother Jess is a low-life towny who blames Jake for his depressing life. He took care of their drunken mother after Jake split for the coast. When their mother passes, Jake visits his hometown to get things in order. Jess is insulted by his visit since it was he who took care of her. The brothers patch things up temporarily until Jess decides to visit Melrose. He starts working at Shooters (Jake’s bar) but shows himself to be a schemer and traitor. Jess targets Jake’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jo, and tries to steal Jake’s money. Jake ends up killing him in self-defense after a violent struggle.

37) Richard Hart

Richard is a clothing designer who goes into business with Jane after his wife dies suddenly in Kimberly’s bombing. The two form a romantic relationship until Jane leaves him for Jake. Richard rapes Jane when they are away on business. Jane and Sydney murder Richard (or so they thought) and bury him in the woods. We later learn Richard survived and tries to enact revenge on the sisters. Jane and Sydney escape danger and notify security, who shoots Richard to death at a nearby diner.

38) Celia Morales

Celia is Billy’s co-worker and fellow writer at the magazine. As a New Yorker, Celia’s personality is often bold and callous. It comes through, mainly when she stays at Billy and Allison’s apartment for a while. Allison is put-off by the perceived aggressiveness though Billy mostly enjoys it.

39) Brittany Maddocks

Brittany is best known for killing Amanda Woodward’s father, Palmer, by blowing up his boat. Ironically, it was Palmer who hired her as a co-conspirator to trick Jake into his demise. She intended to kill Jake, but he escaped from the ship before its explosion. 

40) Nikki Petrova

Nikki is Katya’s daughter, who stays with Matt while her mother visits Russia. The initial plan was for her mother to return to the U.S, where they’d remain close with Matt. However, visa concerns encourage Katya to stay in Russia when she commands Matt to put her on a plane back home. She cries her eyes out before boarding the flight, which saddens Matt.

41) Meredith Parker

Meredith is Allison’s sister and co-victim in their father’s molestation. Though the sisters were not close as adolescents, they reconnect to grieve their childhood traumas. Meredith was aware of her abuse much earlier than Allison, who had repressed the memories for most of her adult life. Meredith prefers to keep the charges private while Allison pursues justice. The ordeal brings them closer together as sisters.

42) Bobby Parezi

As a member of the Parezi crime family, Bobby was mob-affiliated by blood. Unlike his brother Jack, Bobby believed in morals and class. Though Amanda once married his brother Jack, he falls for his sibling’s ex-lover. Unfortunately, Alycia (his lawyer) murders him by launching him out of a high-rise window after plotting with Peter to ruin his relationship.

43) Sarah McBride

Sarah is Ryan’s daughter from a previous marriage. Her mother died in an explosive car wreck where Ryan chose her life over her mother’s. Ryan hid her existence from close friends and even his brother, Kyle. Once he proposes to Megan, he visits his daughter at a Catholic School and a convent for children in New York. Sarah stays there with her aunt, who won the custody battle after the accident. After Ryan and Megan complete their marriage, Sarah comes to L.A. to live with them. Her aunt gets jealous and tries to kidnap her, resulting in another car wreck.

44) David Patterson

David is Jake’s son, whom Jake conceived with David’s mother, Colleen. Though David doesn’t know who his father is, initially, he finds out later from his mom. When David’s stepfather leaves the family, Jake steps in to raise David. They live in Ojai, where Jake decides to open a bar and restaurant.

45) Constance Fielding

Constance is Matt Fielding’s mother and Chealsea’s grandmother. In early seasons she seems more accepting of Matt’s “lifestyle” than his father but proves to be homophobic in later seasons. Mrs. Fielding discourages Matt from adopting his niece Chelsea because of his sexual orientation and opinions on how that would impact a teenager. After Matt’s untimely death, she gives Amanda a journal with secrets from many of the Melrose Place residents. Matt was a person many people talked to in confidence because of his loyalty.

46) Kelly Taylor

Kelly is best known for Beverly Hills 90210 but served as the primary transitional character for Jake Hanson. After Jake performs construction work for Jackie (Kelly’s mother), Kelly grows fond of him. As a high school student, Jake’s age and bad boy reputation appeal to her senses. Kelly does everything possible to lure Jake into a relationship, but he ultimately rejects her for his sanity.

47) Chris Marchette

Chris Marchette is one of Jane’s first design partners. He both invests in her designs and pursues her romantically. After proposing to Jane, Chris shows his true colors by pressuring Sydney. Despite rejecting his advances, Chris kidnaps Sydney and takes her to Las Vegas. Jake and Jane get wind of the scheme and end it, at which point Chris leaves the show.

48) Stanley Levin

Dr. Levin is one of the original chiefs of staff at Wilshere Memorial Hospital. The Dr. is ready to name his replacement when Michael learns of his infidelities with a well-known prostitute. Since Michael has access to the woman through Sydney’s connections, he brings her to a get-together at the Levin household and introduces her to Levin’s wife. The subtle thread forces Dr. Levin to name Michael Chief of Staff.

49) Nick Reardon

Nick served in the Gulf War with Kyle McBride, and the pair remained close ever since. While both suffered from PTSD, Nick’s case was worse. Furthermore, Nick was a more violent and temperamental person who regularly threatened violence against civilians. He ultimately kills his girlfriend (who’s pretending to be Kyle’s ex-lover) as part of a vendetta inspired by Taylor McBride and Nick.

50) Carter Gallavan

Carter is a young millionaire who develops computer games and programs renowned by the public. He hates the limelight but enjoys the fruits of his labor. Carter bids on one of Sam’s paintings, which introduces him to Sydney, serving as Sam’s art dealer. Sydney and Carter have a brief relationship before Carter realizes she doesn’t care about him.

51) Lauren Ethridge

Lauren is the madame of a prostitution ring in Holywood. She recruits Sydney as a prostitute before going to prison. After serving her sentence, Lauren comes back to punish Sydney, who had attempted to replace her as madame. 

52) Dan Hathaway

Dan runs a drug rehab center in California. Matt enters rehab after his drug addiction spirals. Initially, Dr. Hathaway seems like a great person. He shows a romantic interest in Matt but insists the two can’t date while Matt is a patient. Once Matt recovers, they date for several episodes. We soon learn that Dan Hathaway is a controlling, abusive, and violent partner who punches Matt in the face more than once. Matt eventually breaks it off.

53) Connie Rexroth

Connie is Sam’s best friend from college and the maid of honor at Billy and Sam’s wedding. Billy quickly learns that Connie wants to sabotage the wedding. Her motivation is love for Sam. And not just love as friends, but romantic love. Connie is gay but never told Sam until after the wedding. After confessing to Sam, she moves back to New York.

54) Mario

Mario is Kyle’s right-hand man at Kyle’s Restaurant. Both Kyle and Taylor rely on Mario to run the restaurant on multiple occasions. The #2 chef witnesses Amanda punch Taylor and reveals the incident to his friend Kyle.

55) Nurse Amy

Nurse Amy is one of the most consistent nurses at Wilshire Memorial Hospital. She appears throughout multiple seasons as a funny and sarcastic employee. Nurse Amy even joins Michael at his new uninsured clinic across the city before it closes.

56) Rory Blake

At first glance, Rory Blake might look a lot like Mr. Turner from Boy Meets World. A friend of Lexi’s, he takes a liking to Amanda and plans to scam her out of millions before killing her. They elope in the Dominican Republic, where Rory reserves an island where he can poison Amanda. Kyle comes to the rescue and kills Rory before bringing Amanda back to the mainland.

57) Hayley Armstrong

Brooke’s father, Hayley, is a successful businessman with a strange past. His first wife died years prior, and he preserves a shrine of her memory in his mansion. Hayley takes a liking to Alison when they work together on his advertising account. He later marries her before quickly divorcing her and committing suicide.

58) Hillary Michaels

Hillary is Amanda Woodward’s mother and Models Inc. owner, a talent agency for young and attractive models. She goes on to lead her spinoff series of the same name. (Models Inc.) which aired for one season. Her relationship with her daughter Amanda is porous because of unresolved traumas.

59) Harry Dean

Harry is a slimebag personal injury lawyer who schemes with clients to extort money from other people. Initially, he represents a woman who exaggerated her injures at Sydney’s boutique. Later, he devises Sydney’s plan to sue D&D Advertising by staging Sydney’s fall from the office stairs. Sydney drops the suit once she engages Craig — a top executive at D&D. 

60) Martin Abbott

Martin is Rikki’s husband and a cult leader who lures Sydney to his campground. He corrupts her mind with cult-like ideals and encourages her to murder Jake and her sister Jane. Martin typifies cult leaders of the ’90s with polygamist tendencies and an affinity for younger women. He charms them with his looks and wit only to destroy the fabric of their being. Sydney ultimately sees through his evil and returns home to L.A.

61) Marion Shaw

Marion is Kimberly Shaw’s mother and one of Michael’s fiercest critics. Marion lives in Cleveland, where she cares for Kimberly after the car accident. Mrs. Shaw returns to L.A. when Kimberly falls ill and watches her die. In Season 6, she returns to L.A. once again and this time to kill Michael. She almost succeeds by sneaking into the operating room, but Megan stops her before she can go through with it.

62) Katya Petrova

Dr. Katya works with Matt and Michael at Wilshire Memorial. After authorities fail to renew her visa, she convinces Matt to marry her so she can stay in the United States. Matt agrees but learns that a fake marriage has consequences. Katya eventually moves back to her homeland, where her daughter follows.

63) Shelly Hanson

Shelly is Jake’s brother’s ex-wife though it doesn’t stop her from pursuing Jake after Jess’s death. While she seems nice initially, her ulterior motives become clear. Jo senses them early while noticing her behavior around Jake. Once Jake understands what’s happening, he breaks it off.

64) Paul Graham

Paul joins Micheal and Matt at Wilshire Memorial during Season 3. As a small-town doctor, Paul is shocked to learn of Matt’s open homosexuality. As it turns out, Paul is also gay but married to a woman. When Paul pursues Matt, things get weird. Matt demands he tell his wife of the affair, but Paul ends up killing her instead. Worse yet, he frames Matt for the murder. Paul dies after a shootout with police but confesses to his framing before losing consciousness.

65) Matt Fielding Sr.

Matt’s father is a conservative man who largely disapproves of Matt’s “lifestyle.” Despite his qualms, he maintains a civil relationship with his son. He dies of a heart attack during Season 4.

66) Nancy Donner

Nancy hires Billy Campbell for his first official writing position at an L.A. based magazine. Billy is thrilled with the new job until he learns that Nancy only wants to promote him in exchange for sex. The two eventually agree to remain professional, and Billy keeps his regular position. Things take a turn for the worst when Billy collects confidential business information for Amanda, and Nancy fires him on the spot.

67) Steve McMillan

Steve runs a multi-million dollar computer company and seeks D&D Advertising to represent his marketing campaign. He works closely with Allison, who he grows obsessed with after many conversations. Despite her relationship with Billy, Allison plays along with Steve’s advances. Finally, Billy asks her to choose, and she dumps Steve. Steve briefly dates Jo Reynolds as a placeholder for Allison. It doesn’t work out.

68) Dave Erickson

Dave joins the hospital staff during Season 4, where he takes a liking to Matt Fielding. Both are gay, but Matt rejects Dave’s advances. The legendary character Matt was already dating another man whom Dave disapproved of for a variety of reasons. We no longer hear from Dave after the fourth Season.

69) Katherine Andrews

Katherine is Jane and Sydney’s mother. We learn later that she adopted Jane and Sydney is her only birth child. The Andrews’ initially believed they couldn’t have children, which is why they chose to adopt. Katherine is considered a loving and caring mother to both of her daughters.

70) Terry Parsons

Terry was an NFL player who met Allison in rehab. Like Allison, Terry was a recovering alcoholic but had an additional problem of sexual compulsion. The pair develop a relationship as each helps the other stay sober and sexually responsible (for a while). Allison leaves him when she finds him in bed with a fan. Allison later relapses on alcohol.

71) Colleen Patterson

Collen is the mother of Jake’s child, David. Jake first learns of his child years after his birth when Collen visits L.A. on business during Season 1.  Jake attempts to form a relationship with his son, but Collen discourages his efforts. Her husband (at the time) had embraced David as his own, and Colleen felt David should look at him as his father. She returns in Season 5 after her husband leaves her and her now adolescent son. Jake decides to step in and raise David along with Coleen in Ojai.

72) Jeff Baylor

Jeff is a hot-shot minor league baseball player who agrees to an ad spot for one of Amanda Woodward Advertising’s top clients. Billy initially refers to him as “Tiger Woods of the minor leagues,” which is inexplicable for numerous reasons. First, if Baylor were a true prodigy, he wouldn’t be stuck playing AAA baseball while the Major League affiliate fielded inferior players. Outside of service time manipulation (which delves too far into professional baseball nuance), there is absolutely no sensical reason why Baylor would play AAA baseball. Aside from his nonsensical athletic profile, he lures Billy’s wife, Samantha, into an affair and later marries her.

73) Terry O’Brien

Terry is Ryan’s former sister and law and Sarah’s legal guardian. She initially hates Ryan but later develops a crush on him. Her most infamous moment comes when she kidnaps Sarah before crashing into a telephone pole. Luckily, no one is seriously injured.

74) Christine Denton

Christine served in the Gulf War with Kyle and Nick. She is Kyle’s most profound and most real love but was presumed dead in the Gulf. Nick and Taylor trick Kyle into believing she’s still alive by having one of Nick’s girlfriends pose as Christine. Their goal is to break up Kyle’s engagement to Amanda.

75) Ricky G.

Ricky is a New York-based band manager and drug dealer. He meets Kyle at a club in New York while Mr. McBride is “scouting bands.” The primary reason Kyle’s in New York is to get away from Amanda drink alcohol. Ricky hits it off with Kyle and sells him pills and other drugs. He even agrees to let his band headline at Kyle’s Upstairs club in Los Angeles. 

76) Susan Madsen 

Susan is one of Allison’s oldest friends and her college roommate. She decides to move out to L.A. and work as a chef. Things seem fine until Billy and Susan begin dating. Allison is horrified by their relationship and starts drinking excessively. Billy ultimately dumps Susan when she starts sabotaging Allison’s rehab.

77) Jack Parezi

Jack is Amanda’s first husband and a mob-affiliated business associate. Unlike his brother Bobby, Jack is an abusive and violent man. When Jack visits L.A. to threaten Amanda, she evades him as he falls off the balcony. Much like his brother’s death, Jack charged at a woman who sidestepped him to his death. In this case, however, Amanda did intend to kill him. Though Jack doesn’t die from the injuries, he expires later in the hospital.

78) Dominick O’Malley

Dominick is most famous for taking Jo away from Melrose Place. He works as a pediatrician and child abuse expert at Wilshere Memorial before landing a job in Bosnia. Jo decides, inexplicably, to go with him despite having met him shortly prior. Additionally, Jo mostly hates him and rejects his advances for most of their brief relationship. Dr. O’Malley even insults Jo for being an overconcerned citizen, traumatized by her own child’s abandonment. Still, Jo moves out of the country with him.

79) Audrey Williams

Audrey is a young nurse at Wilshire Memorial who conspires with Micheal to win settlement money for a staged sexual harassment claim. Her role was to file a sexual harassment claim against Michael and then later admit she lied. Because the hospital acted swiftly by firing Dr. Mancini, Michael could then file a countersuit for damages to his reputation and career. Everything works great until Audrey decides she wants a more significant cut. She then films Michael in bed with her and sends the tape to Jane.

80) Eric Baines

Eric is Amanda Woodward’s former boss in New York. After the fall of D&D Advertising, Amanda agrees to work for Eric once again. She reneges after becoming involved with Kyle McBride back in L.A. Eric gets jealous and flies to L.A. He tries to ruin Kyles businesses and refuses to let up until Amanda sleeps with him. She refuses, and Kyle beats him up.

81) Mrs. Parker

Allison’s mother never reveals her first name, but she does show that she’s a monster. After allowing her husband to molest their daughters as children, she disowns them when they press charges on their father. Allison had suppressed memories for most of her life but passed them through her consciousness after therapy and reoccurring dreams.

82) Robert Wilson

Robert Wilson serves as Jane’s divorce lawyer after her first divorce from Micheal. He wins significant money and decides to pursue a relationship with his client, Jane. Everything seems great until Micheal and Sydney hire a prostitute to lure him into infidelity during a business trip. The woman records everything and sends the tape to Jane with no return address. After seeing the videotape, Jane kicks him out of her apartment and ends the relationship.

83) Rikki Abbott

Rikki works as a waitress at a run-down diner where she meets Sydney. The two hit it off and become roommates. Rikki seems familiar initially but Sydney soon learns she’s in a cult. Rikki trashes Shooters in a Manson-Esque tirade and lures Sydney to a cult fellowship to meet her husband, Martin. As a polygamist, Martin has multiple wives and attempts to convince Sydney to be his newest. 

84) Chas Russell

Chas dates Amanda’s mother, Hillary, the catalyst for Melrose Place spinoff, Models Inc. Despite their relationship, Chas comes onto Amanda, mainly after hiring him to work at D&D Advertising. Hillary is nieve to his motives for their involvement since Chas is much younger. Still, Hillary remains in denial until overhearing Chas disgrace her in front of Amanda.

85 Denise Fielding

Denise is Matt’s sister in law who tries to regain custody of her daughter Chelsea. Matt’s niece, who lives with him after her father dies, is torn between her mother and uncle. Matt’s late brother requested Chealsea live with him rather than her mother. The courts plan to reward Chealsea to Denise until Chelsea reveals that a strange man came onto her in the hotel. Denise has a drug problem and is generally too irresponsible to raise a child.

86) Arthur Field

Arthur owns a majority share of D&D Advertising and often threatens his top executive Amanda Woodward. He brings his son Craig to the agency in an attempt to undermine Amanda’s stronghold. He fails to anticipate his son turning on him because of a family secret. Arthur had killed Craig’s grandfather years prior, and Craig never forgot about it. Arthur dies before Craig can go to the authorities.

87) Sherry Doucette

Sherry is Jane’s biological mother. Jane tracks her down after learning about her adoption. Sherry performed as an actress in L.A. but had battled alcoholism and other mental health issues since. She gave Jane up for adoption after sleeping with a producer for an acting gig. Though Jane tries to establish a connection with her birth mother, Sydney and Jane’s mother remain skeptical of the arrangement. They lose touch after Jane decides to move back home with her adopted parents to Chicago.

88) Carrie Fellows

Carrie briefly moves in with Rhonda after Sandy moves to New York. Rhonda grows annoyed with her neurotic behaviors and obsessive compulsions. Carrie is both a neat freak and a stickler for detail, which helps her job (personal organizer) but hinders her personal life. Things become more heated when Carrie pursues Rhonda’s fiance, Terrance.

89) Calvin Hobbs

Calvin Hobbs is one of many Chief of Staffs at the Wilshere Memorial Merry Go Round. He orders each doctor to a psychiatric session, much to the dismay of Kimberly Shaw. Executives soon fire Dr. Hobbs when his homophobia and bigotry become public knowledge.

90) David Silver

Most viewers know David Silver as one of the essential Beverly Hills 90210 characters, but his appearance on Melrose Place represented the Spelling universe’s fluidity. Though David only appears on three episodes (all during season one), he is memorable for discouraging Jake from dating Kelly (along with Steve and Donna).

91) Donna Martin

Yes, Donna Martin appears on two episodes of Melrose Place. As Kelly Taylor’s best friend, it’s logical why she’d show up. However, like David and Steve, she discourages her friend from dating Jake. The trio feels that Jake’s reputation as a bad boy and his age are significant deterrents to a healthy relationship.

92) Steve Sanders

Like David, Steve appears on three episodes during Season one. His most memorable moment came when he invited Sandy to a high school party. Though Sandy never appears on the sister show, Beverly Hills 90210, the idea of her agreeing to date him was comical. Sandy rejects his advances, but Steve’s ego remained intact. 

93) John Rawlings

Rawlings served as an LAPD detective, albeit a corrupt and vindictive one. As a gay man, he took exception to gay-bashing and similar hate crimes to the point of assaulting any suspect accused of it. He took a particular interest in Matt Fielding’s assault case because of the nature of the crime. However, the detective’s violent streak expanded beyond known bashers as Rawlings had a history of beating up unarmed Latino men. Jo captures one of his tirades on camera, at which point John Rawlings goes ballistic and tries to kill her. Luckily Jo wrestles his gun away and forces him to submit.

94) Zack Phillips

Zack is a record company executive and primarily responsible for Allison’s alcohol problems. He urged Allison to blow off work and important meetings in favor of partying. He even contributes to her drug-induced appearance at Jo’s custody hearing. Allison breaks off the relationship after realizing his terrible influence.

95) Alex Bastian

Alex Bastian is a renowned clothing designer who targets Jane romantically. Jane and Alex have been friends since college and slept together the night before Jane’s first wedding to Michael. When Amanda targets Alex as a client, she sends Jane to close the deal. Alex comes on to Jane repeatedly as Michael reconciles the chasm between himself and Jane.

96) John Parker

John is a sick human being who molests his two daughters, Allison and Meridith. Allison represses the torture for most of her adult life until dreams and therapy bring memories back to the surface. When she confronts her father, John threatens to kill her. He returns home where his sheriff and judge buddies protect him from the law. Allison gets some closure after forcing him to admit to his crimes at a neighborhood barbeque.

97) Tony Marlin

Tony is a big-shot business owner whom Amanda targets as a client for her ad agency. As an older, wealthy man, Tony prefers to exchange business for sexual favors. He sets his sights on Eve, whom Amanda encourages to sleep with Tony despite her marriage to Peter. Eve rejects his advances, which allows Lexi to step in and take over the account. Tony takes several performance-enhancing sex pills before sleeping with Lexi. He dies during intercourse. Lexi and Michael decide to transport his dead body back to his office instead of calling the authorities. Michael puts his corpse in a shopping cart and wheels him out to the car. They set him in his office chair, where he’s later found dead.

98) Jim Reilly

Jim is Samantha’s convict father, who seems stuck in the 50’s. He dresses like Elvis and talks with a non-regional accent. Worse yet, he kills our #1 ranked character after hijacking his daughter’s car and struggling with her over the steering wheel. In fairness to Jim, the manslaughter was unintentional and took his life as well. His presence at Melrose starts after he escapes from prison and shows up on Sam and Billy’s doorstep. Sam initially believes he’s out on good behavior, but Billy suspects something amiss. The FBI gets involved and arrests Samantha for aiding and abetting. The nightmare ends on Sydney’s wedding day though it costs multiple lives.

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