What Happened to Mr. Turner in Boy Meets World?

Mr. Turner became somewhat of a cult-like figure among Boy Meets World characters. First introduced in Season 2, he contrasts fellow teacher George Feeny, the show’s overarching adult influence. Unlike Mr. Feeny, Turner was young and cool, particularly in the eyes of his students. He forms his most substantial relationship with Shawn Hunter, whom he invites to live with him at Season 2’s conclusion. Let’s take a closer look at what happens to Jonathon Turner in Boy Meets World.

He Becomes an English Teacher at John Adams High

Mr. Turner joins John Adams High School faculty in Season 2 as Cory, Shawn, and Topanga enter 7th grade. The young teacher becomes popular with students, especially Cory, when he saves him from getting beat down by Harly Kiner. Mr. Feeny grows somewhat jealous of the younger, more popular teacher, but the two still become close friends.

He Moves Into a Bachelor’s Pad in Philadelphia

Jonathon Turner moves into a lovely apartment in Philadelphia, which looks like Eric, Rachel, and Jack’s apartment in Seasons 5-7 (spoiler alert: it’s the same set). Turner’s friend Eli Wiliams lives in the same complex. Cory and Shawn imagine what it would be like to live in that apartment after they visit to drop off “book reports.” Ironically, Shawn would move in shortly after.

He Dates Kat Tompkins

Mr. Turner dates one of his fellow teachers, Kat Tompkins, during Season 2. Although he like Kat, he refuses to commit to a long-term relationship which prompts her to deliver an ultimatum. Ultimately, Turner finds a different type of commitment when Shawn shows up on his doorstep after Chet dropped him off at some fleabag motel.

He Fosters Shawn Hunter

After Chet starts chasing Virna around the country, Shawn is left without a home. Finally, Turner provides Shawn with a roof and a bed when his student grows tired of living by the Matthews standards. However, since Shawn prefers to live on his terms, things don’t go great, and Turner wants to set specific ground rules. Eventually, Chet returns home, and Shawn moves back to the trailer park.

He Helps Eli Williams Become a Teacher

Turner’s best friend Eli worked as a news programmer but found himself transitioning to a new career as a teacher. Jonathon gets his buddy an interview with George Feeny to become the new Media Arts teacher. Although the interview goes terribly in Eli’s mind, Feeny hires him anyway, allowing the two friends to become colleagues.

He Gets Into a Motorcycle Accident

The last we ever see of Turner is in a hospital bed after suffering a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, it comes at the wrong time for Shawn Hunter, who had recently joined a cult called The Center. Luckily, Cory and Topanga convince Shawn that the cult is terrible for him, and he decides to leave and pray for Mr. Turner. Although Turner squeezes Shawn’s hand on camera, we never find out whether or not he survived.

More Facts About Jonathon Turner

Who Does Mr. Turner Date on Boy Meets World?

In addition to Kat Tompkins, Mr. Turner dates several other women during Boy Meets World. He briefly dates his high school sweetheart, who shows up from Connecticut, and Amy Matthews’ co-worker Brenda Marsh (who dumped Eric). Mr. Turner dated around as several of his exes show up to his apartment on New Year’s Eve, much to Eli’s amusement.

Does Mr. Turner Die on Boy Meets World?

Mr. Turner does not die on Boy Meets World, though we never find out what happened after his motorcycle accident. He disappears from the show after Season 4, and Cory and Shawn only reference him one more time throughout the series, in the Graduation episode. They insinuate that he’s on another side of the school with other lost characters like Minkus (though it’s intended to be a joke rather than a plot point.) Mr. Turner does reappear on the spinoff Girl Meets World.

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