A Jason Marsden Retrospective (Eric’s Best Friend) in BMW

Jason Marsden was Eric Matthews’ best friend in Boy Meets World during Seasons 1 and 2 and a frequent visitor of The Matthews home, where he regularly flirts with Amy Matthews.

During the early seasons, Eric often found himself in precarious positions, such as trying to learn how to ice skate to impress a girl or getting roped into a modeling agency scam.

Though Jason was sometimes the culprit of these predicaments, he often rectified them.

Despite appearing regularly in the first two seasons, Jason disappears without a trace after Season 2, aside from a single reference to his person in Season 3, where he is noted as Rebecca Alexa’s cousin.

Who is Jason Marsden?

Jason Marsden is a Boy Meets World character played by an actor of the same name. In the Boy Meets World universe, Jason Marsden is Eric Matthews’ best friend who appears in Seasons 1 and 2.

When is Jason First Introduced on Boy Meets World?

Jason first appears in Season 1, Episode 16, Model Family, where he encourages Eric to lie about his modeling experience to impress an attractive agent.

Unfortunately, the agency turns out to be a scam that misleads models into appearing for circus-like mall activities.

Noteworthy Storylines Involving Jason Marsden

Jason Convinces Eric to Lie About His Driver’s License

In the Season 1 episode, It’s a Wonderful Night, Jason and Eric go on a double date with two women despite Eric failing his driver’s test earlier.

Jason convinces Eric to lie about the driver’s test to hold the date with the two women. Unfortunately, their car gets impounded, and Eric cannot retrieve it without his license.

Tracy and her friend laughingly dump the pair and decide to go out with another student.

Jason Convinces Eric to Cheat on His Test

Jason lives up to his reputation as a bad influence during Season 2, Episode 18: By Hook or By Crook.

When a tutor offers Eric the answers to the test in exchange for dating him, he initially rejects her offer.

However, after Jason scolds him for refusing the answers, Eric reconsiders.

Ultimately, Eric’s guilt prompts him to stop cheating, no thanks to his best bud, Jason.

Jason Fueds with Desiree and Then Dates Her Anyway

Jason briefly dates Desiree Beaumont after convincing Eric to dump her in a strange turn of events. While Desiree dated Eric, she often mocked and emasculated Jason while forcing Eric to attend to her at all times.

Desiree’s story arc spans two episodes: Season 2, Episode 3: Notorious, and Season 2, Episode 4: Me and Mr. Joad.

Despite her frequent humiliation of Jason, he cannot resist the opportunity to date her once Eric moves on.

Desiree is probably the most attractive woman in all of John Adams High School, so Jason decides dating her is worth his self-deprecation.

Jason Helps Eric Learn How to Skate in His Sleep

Jason helps Eric land a date with Valarie in Season 2, Episode 19: Wrong Side of the Tracks by lying on his behalf.

At the beginning of the episode, Valarie explains that she spends all her free time at the skating rink, prompting Jason to reveal (falsely) that Eric is also a skater.

Initially, Eric is furious with Jason and explains that he’s never ice-skated before in his life. Jason solves the problem by giving him a Learn to Skate in Your Sleep cassette tape.

Hilariously, the cassette is actually a dubbed weight-loss tape re-recorded by Jason himself.

Although the cassette works in helping Eric learn how to skate, he becomes afraid of food simultaneously.

Jason takes advantage by offering Eric a hot dog at the end of his skating date with Valarie.

When Eric starts acting weird, Valarie dumps him and dates Jason.

Eric References Jason as Rebecca Alexa’s Cousin

Jason is the cousin of Rebecca Alexa, the supermodel who dumps Eric on New Year’s Eve during Season 3, Episode 10: Train of Fools.

Although Jason does not appear in the episode, Eric references him as Rebecca’s cousin and the person who set them up for New Year’s.

Why Did Jason Marsden Leave Boy Meets World?

The storyline never explains Jason’s sudden absence, though Eric references him once more in Season 3 as Rebecca Alexa’s cousin (which we noted above).

We can assume that Jason moved away from the school district, as we never again see him in John Adams High School.

Jason Marsden (the actor) alludes to his character’s disappearance on the Pod Meets World podcast, citing perceived scheduling conflicts as a reason why he didn’t return for more episodes.

However, he disagreed with that perception from the BMW producers, insisting he was available to do more episodes.

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