Janitor Bud: Boy Meets World’s Gambling Janitor

Janitor Bud is the janitor at John Adams High School in Boy Meets World. Bud often irks his school’s principal, Mr. Feeny, by slacking off at work and publicly embarrassing first-and second-year students.

Despite Bud’s eccentricities, most of the student body reveres him. When Cory and Shawn accidentally get him fired by exposing his fraudulent time card in a student video report, they draw the ire of their fellow students.

Firing From John Adams High School

Janitor Bud gets fired from his janitor position because he was caught on camera leaving work early to attend the horse track.

To make matters worse, Bud was still being paid for an entire workday because he hired Joey The Rat Epstein to forge his time card.

Cory and Shawn discovered his scheme when they were assigned to create a student news report for Mr. Williams’ Media Arts class.

They secretly followed Joey The Rat around campus, hoping his reputation as a malcontent would lead them to an exclusive report.

Their plan worked, though it drew the ire of fellow students who hated them for getting Bud fired. Luckily, Mr. Feeny rehires Bud as his secretary so that he can retire with a full pension.

Bud’s Use of ‘The Janitor’s Curse”

In Season 3, Episode 7, Truth and Consequences, Janitor Bud places “the Janitor’s Curse” on Cory and Shawn by gesturing a seemingly improvised arm and hand motion directed their way. 

Bud states, “I know it was you two,” in reference to Cory and Shawn’s documentary exposing his fraudulent time card.

Janitor Bud’s Retirement

Janitor Bud leaves Boy Meets World after retiring with a full pension. Though he was previously fired from his janitorial position, Mr. Feeny rehired him as his personal secretary to preserve his retirement benefits.

After Season 3, Episode 7, Truth and Consequences, Janitor Bud is never seen again. Some people mistakenly believe he appears in Season 5, Episode 17: And Then There Was Shawn, but it’s actually a different janitor.

Boy Meets World Episodes Featuring Janitor Bud

Season 2, Episode 3: Notorious

Season 2, Episode 7: Wake Up, Little Cory

Season 3, Episode 5: Hometown Hero

Season 3, Episode 7: Truth and Consequences

Actor Playing Janitor Bud on Boy Meets World

Bob Larkin played Janitor Bud on Boy Meets World. Larkin’s career spans seven decades, appearing in films like Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, You, Me and Dupree and TV series like Knotts Landing and ER.

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