What Happened to Jack Hunter in Boy Meets World?

Jack Hunter first appears in Boy Meets World Season 5 and continues until the series finale in Season 7. As Shawn Hunter’s half-brother, Jack introduces a new dynamic to the best Boy Meets World character. Shawn knew of Jack previously but lost touch with him when Jack moved in with his mother and step-father. However, Shawn never truly lets go of his resentment towards Jack for experiencing a better childhood with more money and family support. 

Aside from Shawn, Jack also forms close relationships with Eric and Rachel, both of whom serve as his roommates at particular points. With Rachel, Jack dates her for parts of Season 6 but breaks it off in Season 7. The eldest Hunter child is a pretty boy of sorts as he frequently works out at the gym and spends considerable money on designer clothes. Let’s take a look at what happened to Jack in Boy Meets World.

He Enrolls in Penbrook

Jack’s first introduction is after enrolling in Penbrook, where he plans to attend his first semester. Jack scores a lovely apartment off-campus and seeks out roommates at Chubbies. At the local hangout, he first runs into Eric and then his long-lost half-brother, Shawn. Of course, Shawn is disturbed to see his brother, as Shawn assumed their estrangement was intentional on Jack’s part.

He Reunites with Shawn and Chet

After Shawn runs into Jack at Chubbies, he neglects to tell his father about the experience. Later, Jack shows up at the trailer park, much to Chet’s surprise. Despite Shawn’s protests, Chet encourages Shawn to room with Jack, who promises to cover the rent for his younger brother. Chet ultimately donates a toaster to the new apartment, and Shawn accepts his new family member.

He Rooms With Eric and Shawn

After Alan and Amy force Eric to leave their home, Eric decides to room with Jack. Since Shawn will serve as the other roommate, the three friends live together off-campus. But, of course, Shawn remains in high school while Jack and Eric attend their first college semester. Since Shawn lives in the apartment, Cory frequently visits to hang out with his best friend and brother.

He Dates Rachel

When Rachel first moves into the apartment (to replace Shawn), Jack and Eric attempt to win her over. In some ways, Jack and Eric look at their respective courtships as a competition. Ultimately, Jack wins out and starts dating Rachel in the second half of Season 6. Of course, the stimulus for their relationship is Chet’s sudden death, which allows Jack to confide in Rachel, who takes pity. However, their relationship doesn’t last too long, and they break up in the Season 7 premiere and are just friends afterward. 

He Joins The Peace Corps

In a strange turn of events, Jack decides to join the Peace Corps (or Peace Core, as they pronounce it) with Rachel. Jack’s previous plan was to work for his father’s company and inherit a lifetime of high-paying positions. However, Jack grows inspired by Shawn’s move to New York and Rachel’s humanitarian aspirations. Shawn cites one of Chet’s infamous quotes, “money doesn’t make you rich; life makes you rich.” The decision is very off-brand for Jack, who had never once shown an interest in volunteering or philanthropy.

More About Jack in Boy Meets World

Where Does Jack Live in Boy Meets World?

Jack lives at the off-campus apartment until Rachel kicks him out so that Topanga and Angela can move in. Then, he briefly lives with Eric in the dorm rooms before moving back into the apartment after Topanga marries Cory. Angela and Shawn briefly live in the apartment together but decide it’s too soon to live together. As a result, Jack, Eric, and Shawn reunite as roommates in the same apartment.

Who Does Jack Date in Boy Meets World?

Jack dates Rachel along with many others, presumably. We know for sure he goes on a date with Wendy from 3B, who also makes out with Shawn while Cory films his student video project. However, his relationship with Rachel lasts less than one season, and he pursues no other serious relationships. 

Who Are Jack’s Best Friends in Boy Meets World?

Jack’s best friends are Eric and his brother Shawn though he finds Eric increasingly deranged as the series progresses. Similarly, Shawn lacks common interests with his older brother, who focuses primarily on going to the gym and making money. Still, it is apparent that Jack is popular and has an active social life.

Are Jack and Shawn Brothers?

Jack and Shawn are half-brothers as they share the same father but have different mothers. The two became estranged when Jack moved away as a child with his mother and step-father and lost touch with Shawn and Chet. In addition, Shawn sent Jack numerous letters over the years, though Jack never responded. Jack Hunter insists he never received the letters.

Is Jack Shawn’s Only Sibling?

Shawn references two other siblings besides Jack throughout the series. In Season One, Shawn references his older sister while convincing Cory to straighten his hair. In Season 3, Shawn runs into another supposed half-brother, Eddie, who beats up Cory for filming his computer theft. However, Shawn never mentions either sibling again.

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