What Happened to Harley Keiner in Boy Meets World?

Harley Keiner appears in 9 Boy Meets World episodes spanning Seasons 2 and 3, several of which he is an integral part of the plot. Harley’s reputation precedes him as the bully and kingpin of John Adams High School and several years older than the other seniors. 

Within the series’ plot, Harley is held back from graduation several times because he fails to attend class, and frequently causes mayhem throughout the school. As a result, students are terrified of Harley, especially first-and-second-year students.

Keiner is also expelled at least once from John Adams High School and exits the series for good during Season 3.

Who is Harley Keiner?

Harvey Keiner, aka Harley, is a Boy Meets World character in Seasons 2 and 3 of the series. Harley is the kingpin of John Adams High and the gang leader that includes Frankie “The Enforcer” Stechinno and Joey “The Rat” Epstein.

Keiner’s look resembles The Fonz from Happy Days and reflects 70’s era fashion and demeanor. While Harley regularly harasses students and disobeys faculty, he also showcases a softer side that endears him to viewers.

How is Harley First Introduced in Boy Meets World?

We first meet Harley in the Season 2 Premiere: Back 2 School. Cory Matthews hatches a plan to befriend Harley on his first day of high school to avoid the standard ridicule associated with incoming 7th graders. 

Unfortunately, Cory accidentally causes Harley to receive detention for loitering in the hallways. As a result, Harley promises to beat up Cory after school, or as he now calls him, “Johnny Baboon.”

Harley Keiner Family Members

Harvey Keiner has one sister that appears on the show during Season 2. Her name is Theresa Keiner, but she goes by T.K. 

Theresa Keiner (T.K)

Theresa Keiner, aka T.K., is Harley’s younger sister who appears in one episode, Sister Theresa, during Season 2. Theresa takes a liking to Cory after he demonstrates politeness toward her in the hallways. 

However, after she tries to come on to Cory at the drive-in theatre, Harley realizes that his sister is considered promiscuous at John Adams. We also learn that Harley is her only actual parental figure.

Harley Keiner Friends

Harley’s best friends are his lackeys, Frankie Stecchino and Joey Epstein. Frankie serves as the enforcer when Harley runs into a potential physical altercation. Conversely, Joey is a slick talker who instigates altercations with insults.

Frankie Stecchino

Frankie Stecchino is essentially Harley’s bodyguard and is known as “The Enforcer.” He follows Harley around the John Adams High School hallways and performs whatever actions Harley demands.

Joey Epstein

Joey Epstein is the slick talker of Harley’s gang and often perturbs Harley. Harley threatens to dismiss Joey from the gang on several occasions. However, Harley also uses him to run errands.


Gloria is Harley’s girlfriend, whom Frankie steals during Season 2. Like Harley, Gloria wears retro clothing and possesses a demeanor reminiscent of Grease-era movie tropes.

Cory Matthews

Cory and Harley form an unlikely friendship that ebbs and flows throughout Season 2. Harley often refers to Cory as “Johnny Baboon” and encourages him to date his sister, Theresa.

Shawn Hunter

Shawn briefly joins Harley’s gang during Season 2, but Cory and Mr. Turner convince him to leave. Harley sets Shawn’s gang initiation by asking him to take a baseball bat to Mr. Turner’s motorcycle. Ultimately, Shawn opts against destroying the bike.

Who Plays Harley Keiner on Boy Meets World?

Danny McNulty plays Harley Keiner in 8 of the character’s nine episodes. However, a different actor, Kenny Johnston, plays Harley in one episode, Wrong Side of The Tracks, in Season 2. 

Why Did They Replace Harley on Boy Meets World?

The reasoning for replacing McNulty for a single episode was unclear since he reappears as Harley in Season 3. However, McNulty hinted in 2015 that the reason stemmed from his bipolar condition, which caused breakdowns during the table read for Season 2’s Wrong Side of The Tracks.

McNulty explains the incident in more detail in his Pod Meets World podcast appearance. You can support McNulty directly by purchasing a Harley T-shirt from the Pod Meets World merch website.

Why Did Harley Leave Boy Meets World?

Harley initially leaves Boy Meets World after getting expelled and sent to reform school. However, Harley briefly returns to John Adams High School during Season 3. Upon his arrival, he realizes that Frankie and Joey have found another leader, Griff Hawkins.

Harley asks Frankie to pound Griff into the ground, at which point Frankie and Joey decide to quit the gang and be their own people. Harley and Griff go their separate ways, and neither ever reappears on Boy Meets World.

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