Revisiting Adam Scott as Griff Hawkins in Boy Meets World

Most famous actors started their careers in lesser-known roles, largely forgotten by their core fanbase. In Adam Scott’s case, his first major role occurred as Griff Hawkins on the popular 90s sitcom Boy Meets World.

Griff’s Introduction to Boy Meets World

Griff is a Boy Meets World character who first appears in Season 2. Despite only appearing in 3 total episodes, Griff makes a memorable impression for his wit, audacity, and charm at John Adams High School.

Within the show’s storyline, Griffin “Griff” Hawkins transfers to John Adams High School from another school district. Principal George Feeny schedules an introductory meeting with Hawkins, whose reputation as a troublemaker proceeds him.

Griff’s brashness quickly becomes evident in his initial meeting. For instance, he hires a stand-in to take his classes, flirts with the school secretary, Miss Erica Gill, and sits in Principal Feeny’s office chair.

Later in the episode, Griff effectively replaces Harley Keiner, who was recently banished to a reform school. Keiner’s lackeys, Joey and Frankie, feel lost without Harley and seek new leadership. Initially, they targeted Eric Matthews, but he made his disinterest in the arrangement clear.

Toward the end of the episode, Eric convinces Griff to take on Joey and Frankie as lackeys. While Griff hesitates initially, an altercation with the John Adams High School football team reveals an opportunity for Frankie and Joey to showcase their attributes. So Griff decides to take them on.

Episodes Featuring Griff Hawkins

  • Season 2, Episode 20: Pop Quiz
  • Season 2, Episode 21: The Thrilla in the Phila
  • Season 3, Episode 4: He Said, She Said

Adam Scott’s Portrayal of Griff in Boy Meets World

Adam Scott plays Griff in Boy Meets World, appearing in four episodes. However, Scott portrays a different character in his first episode, Season 2, Episode 8, and Band on The Run. In this episode, Scott plays an unnamed band member who asks Cory and Shawn to watch his guitar at Chubbie’s.

Scott reappears 12 episodes later, this time as Griff Hawkins in Season 2, Episode 20, Pop Quiz. Scott also appears in the subsequent episode, Season 2, Episode 21, The Thrilla in The Phila, where he hosts an overnight wrestling match between Cory and Joey “The Rat” Epstein.

Finally, Scott returns for one episode in Season 3, He Said, She Said, before disappearing from the series for good. He chronicles his entire Boy Meets World experience on an episode of Pod Meets World.

Scott’s Illustrious Career After Boy Meets World

After Boy Meets World, Adam Scott appeared on several popular TV shows, including Parks and Recreation, Severance, Big Little Lies, and Party Down.

Check out some of Adam Scott’s most popular TV shows:

  • Big Little Lies
  • Burning Love
  • Ghosted
  • The Good Place
  • Loot
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Party Down
  • Party of Five
  • Severance
  • Tell Me You Love Me
  • Wasteland
  • Wet Hot American Summer

Griff’s Best Boy Meets World Moments

Despite appearing in only three episodes, Griff has some of the most memorable moments in Boy Meets World history. So it’s no surprise that Adam Scott, who portrayed Griff, went on to a successful career following his exit from the series.

1) Griff Hosts a Star-Studded Overnight Wrestling Match

Griff’s best moment comes in The Thrilla in the Phila, where he hosts an overnight wrestling match between Cory Matthews and Joey, The Rat. The two students compete for the lowest weight class spot on the John Adams High School wrestling team.

The brilliance of Griff’s event is not about Cory and Joey, though; it’s about his unbelievable celebrity connections. The event features Baywatch’s Yasmine Bleeth, legendary entertainer Robert Goulet, and WWF wrestler Vader.

Ultimately, Mr. Feeny shuts down the event and assigns detention to Griff, Frankie, Joey, and Cory. However, Griff somehow gets Robert Goulet to sing for them during detention.

2) Griff Schedules a Massage During Feeny’s History Class

As Mr. Feeny lectures his history class about Richard Nixon, a masseuse suddenly rolls her massage table into the classroom. When Feeny inquires about what she’s doing, Griff explains that it was the only time he could fit in his massage without cutting class.

Of course, Mr. Feeny does not tolerate such reckless behavior. Instead, he rolled the table out of his classroom before punishing Griff further.

3) Griff Has a Stand-Off With Harley Keiner

When Harly returns to John Adams High School during Season 3, he realizes that Joey and Frankie have found a new leader. So he promises to pound Griff in a showdown after school. But instead, Griff uses his wit to convince Harley that a fight would send him back to reform school.

Harley responds by ordering Frankie to pound Griff on his behalf. However, Frankie chooses to quit and go solo instead of following the order. Joey suddenly has an epiphany and follows suit, rendering Griff and Harley’s dispute inconsequential.

4) Griff Gets Into an Altercation With a Football Player

Tommy, one of the John Adams High School football players, confronts Griff at Chubbies about his girlfriend, Lorette. Initially, Tommy mistakes Eric for Griff but is corrected by Griff himself. 

Griff quips that it must be tough to live in a world where not everyone’s name is stitched on their jacket, referring to Tommy’s letterman jacket. Ultimately, Frankie Stecchino diffuses the confrontation by facing Tommy with his large and intimidating frame.

5) Griff Flirts With The School Secretary

Griff shows his charm by flirting with Miss Erica Gill, the school secretary. She immediately takes a liking to Mr. Hawkins. However, Mr. Feeny dismisses her, at which point Griff tells her that they will finish up later.

Adam Scott’s Lasting Impact on Boy Meets World

Scott’s emergence as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable actors has only increased the nostalgic folklore associated with Boy Meets World.

His fond memories of the show, as mentioned in his Pod Meets World appearance, cement his association with the series as a boon for the show’s legacy.

Ultimately, the Griff Hawkins character remains one of the most critically acclaimed in the series’s rich history.

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