What Happened to Eve Cleary in Melrose Place?

Eve Cleary emerges from prison to join Upstairs as the house singer. However, viewers soon learn of Eve’s long-standing friendship with Amanda, her accomplice in a murder that took place decades prior.

We learn that Eve allegedly murdered her abusive boyfriend by pushing him off the bleachers, a revelation Amanda confided to Matt Fielding some years ago. After Matt’s death, his mother gives Amanda a journal that contains her account of the murder.

After marriage and divorce from Peter Burns, Eve begins to remember a different account of the alleged incident. As she recalls, Amanda Woodward committed the murder, prompting Eve to lash out in rage and Amanda to fake her death and flee the country.

Eve becomes one of the most pivotal Melrose Place characters despite only appearing in the final season.

Who is Eve Cleary?

Eve Cleary is an old friend of Amanda Woodward who appears in Season 7 of Melrose Place after completing a prison sentence for a murder conviction. Eve performs music at Kyle’s club Upstairs and briefly marries Dr. Burns.

How is Eve Introduced on Melrose Place?

We first see Eve when she auditions at Kyle’s club Upstairs. Initially, Kyle believes Eve’s style is better suited for other L.A. clubs, but Amanda convinces him to hire her anyway.

Who Does Eve Date on Melrose Place?

Eve dates Peter Burns before marrying him in her hometown. At the time of their marriage, Peter remains unaware of his fiance’s convicted felony or her relationship with Amanda. However, Peter learns from Kyle, who grows suspicious of Amanda’s behavior in connection to Eve.

Eve’s marriage to Peter proves short-lived when the doctor divorces her after getting back with his ex-wife, Amanda. Peter breaks the news to Eve at a diner, which seems entirely out of touch, considering his immense wealth and status as chief of staff at Wilshire Memorial.

Who are Eve’s Friends in Melrose Place?

Eve moves into the Melrose Place complex to be closer to her best friend, Amanda. However, she grows close with Peter, whom she briefly marries, and Kyle, Amanda’s husband at the time. Of course, Kyle is also her boss at Upstairs and even offers her part ownership in the club.

Amanda Woodward

Eve is supposedly Amanda’s oldest friend, though the storyline seems odd in retrospect. Amanda is undoubtedly the type to keep a secret but not the kind to go out of her way for someone like Eve. In either case, Eve and Amanda have a falling out, resulting in the end of the series.

Peter Burns

Eve goes on high-school-style dates with Peter, like miniature golf, to show how she’s out of touch because of her long-term prison sentence. Peter initially finds her strange but talks himself into marrying her. Unfortunately, the marriage doesn’t last since Peter loves Amanda.

Kyle McBride

Though Kyle and Eve find themselves in several heated arguments, Kyle remains loyal to Eve throughout Season 7. For example, Kyle beats an abusive Christmas tree salesperson within an inch of his life for harassing Eve. Kyle also offers Eve half of his club and then all of it.

Why Did Eve Go To Prison?

Eve was convicted of killing her boyfriend after pushing him off the bleachers. Both Eve and her accomplice Amanda Woodward argued self-defense, but only Amanda could get off free because her family had wealth and influence. Eve was poor and ended up in prison.

What Kind of Music Did Eve Perform?

Eve performed 90’s era pop-rock with some folk influence. She was a singer but always performed with a live band to provide the music. Her presence at Upstairs made little sense, considering it was a Jazz Club that featured the likes of Joe Sample and other established Jazz artists.

Who Played Eve on Melrose Place?

Rena Sofer played Eve on Melrose Place, appearing in every Season 7 episode. Sofer also appears in iconic television series like Another World, Seinfeld, General Hospital, 24, NCIS, Friends, and The Bold & The Beautiful.

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