What Happened to Eli Williams in Boy Meets World?

Eli Williams only participated in one season of Boy Meets World (Season 3) but he made a great impression. In fact, Season 3 was one of the best Boy Meets World seasons because of his presence. Eli added great attributes to the show and presented a new dynamic for characters like Turner, Shawn, Cory, and Eric. Let’s take a look at what happened to Eli Williams in Season 3 of Boy Meets World:

How was Eli Williams Introduced in Boy Meets World?

Eli is first introduced in Season 3, Episode 1: My Best Friend’s Girl. He lives in the same apartment complex as Jonathon Turner (where Shawn stays). Eli is visiting at Turner’s place when Shawn and Cory start an argument over Topanga. Eli agrees with Cory that Shawn’s decision to ask out Topanga was a violation of the gentleman’s code. He cites an incident when Turner dated his ex-girlfriend even though Eli did not approve of the relationship.

Let’s look at what happens to Eli Williams for the rest of his stint on Boy Meets World:

He Becomes The Media Arts Teacher at John Adams High

Jonathon Turner tries to land Eli Williams a job at John Adams High School. Eli previously worked for a local news station as a producer, but was fired after running a story on “slumlords.” The station wanted to focus more on provocative yet trivial stories such as attractive women walking around the city. Turner convinces Eli to apply for the Media Arts teaching position which was set to be interviewed by principal George Feeny.

Things start off poorly when Eli mistakes Feeny for an egotistical employee and “snakes” his coffee from the machine. He threatens to tell Feeny that he has little mustache-men “power-tripping” all over the hallways. Once Turner points out that the man he insulted was Feeny himself, Eli appears noticeably anxious. Upon its completion, Mr. Williams calls the interview “a session from hell.” He is shocked to learn that Feeny is hiring him anyway and that his “fire and fury” reminds George of himself at a younger age.

He Inspires Cory Matthews’ Video Career

Cory Matthews would develop an interest in video reporting and editing thanks to Eli Williams and his classes. Cory’s affinity for video continues beyond Season 3 where its origin is firmly cemented. Video reports on Janitor Bud and Shawn’s brother Eddie spark a true passion for Cory. They also land him in some hot water. For instance, his report on Janitor Bud skipping off to the horse track before work ends prompts Mr. Feeny to fire him. Since everyone loves Janitor Bud, Cory gets a significant amount of criticism for it. Eli explains that criticism is part of the news business but also apologizes. He says they’re “just kids” and that’s where he messed up in letting the report run on the student TV station.

He Inspires Eric Matthews’ Weatherman Career

Eli Williams helps Eric get an internship at KACL. The job is for John Adams High School students like Eric who are looking to improve their resume for college. The internship is supposed to entail basic tasks like getting coffee for the employees. Things change however when the station’s meteorologist can’t get to work. A massive blizzard prevents them from flying in a replacement. Eric is called upon to do the weather report himself at which point he finds a true passion for it. Eric’s ego grows so big that he drops out of high school. Eli asks him to reconsider but it becomes moot when the station manager fires Eric because he’s no longer a student. Feeny eventually lets Eric back into the school.

More Facts About Eli Williams

Where Did Eli Williams Live on Boy Meets World?

Eli lives in the same apartment complex with Mr. Turner. He often visits Turner’s place to shoot the breeze and have a couple of beers. Because Shawn lives with Turner, Eli is able to interact with him and Cory away from school. Turner encourages him to have these kinds of personal relationships with students. Nobody knows why Eli moved away after Season 3.

Who Does Eli Williams Date on Boy Meets World?

There’s no proof that Eli dated anyone on Boy Meets World but it is insinuated that he and Turner both lived ‘the single life.” Turner refers to Eli’s college relationship with a foreign exchange student who spoke very little English. Mr. Williams often rags on Turner about his dating life including the incident in which his old flame visits from Connecticut.

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