What Happened to Eddie Hunter in Boy Meets World?

Boy Meets World has its share of overlooked characters, but none is perhaps more worthy of discussion than Eddie Hunter. As Shawn’s less-heralded half-brother, Eddie represents a forgotten class of Boy Meets World characters.

Viewers see Eddie in Season 3, Episode 17, The Pink Flamingo Kid, at Shawn’s old trailer park when Cory and Shawn visit to film a video birthday letter for Chet. Eddie asks Shawn why he can’t be in the video, but Shawn blows him off.

While reviewing the film, Shawn and Cory notice Eddie in the film’s background with a stolen laptop. Initially, Cory wants to enter the video into a student news contest, but Shawn destroys the tape. Cory later returns to film Eddie in the act.

Unfortunately, Eddie notices Cory filming him from behind a bush and threatens to assault him and destroy the tape. However, Shawn shows up to protect his friend Cory. Eddie questions how Shawn can sell out his own brother for a friend.

Who is Eddie Hunter?

Eddie Hunter is Shawn’s half-brother and Chet’s first-born son, who appears in Season 3, Episode 17, The Pink Flamingo Kid. Eddie lives in the same trailer park that Shawn lived in before moving in with Mr. Turner.

How is Eddie Hunter Introduced on Boy Meets World?

Eddie first appears when Cory and Shawn visit the trailer park to film a video letter for Chet Hunter’s birthday. Shawn gathers some of his relatives, such as Uncle Mike, to appear in the video but neglects to ask his estranged half-brother.

After Cory wraps up filming, Eddie shows up with three goons, including an 11-year-old. He inquires why Shawn left him out of the video. Cory suggests adding Eddie to the video, but Shawn has no interest in including his half-brother.

Who Are Eddie Hunter’s Family on Boy Meets World?

Shawn Hunter

Eddie and Shawn both admit to being half-brothers during the episode and share the same last name, indicating that they are both the sons of Chet Hunter. It’s also clear that Eddie is older than Shawn, which would make him Chet’s first-born son.

Chet Hunter

Although it is never explicitly confirmed, Eddie is likely Chet’s son, seeing that he lives in the same trailer park and shares the same last name. Chet never mentions Eddie throughout the series and does not appear in Eddie’s only episode.

Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter is Eddie’s half-brother because they share the same father. We learn in Season 5 that Jack is Chet’s son and Shawn’s half-brother, which would make all three of them brothers. However, the characters never reference each other.

Eddie Hunter Boy Meets World FAQs

Does Eddie Hunter Get Arrested on Boy Meets World?

We don’t find out whether or not Eddie gets arrested for stealing computers. However, we know that Cory preserved the tape of Eddie transferring the laptops to his trailer and plans to enter Mr. Williams’s student news contest.

Are Eddie and Shawn Hunter Blood-Relatives?

Shawn and Eddie are half-brothers by blood. It’s logical to assume that Chet is Eddie’s father, which would make him Shawn’s half-brother. While we later learn that Virna is not Shawn’s birth mother, it doesn’t impact his relation to Eddie.

Is Eddie Related to Jack Hunter?

Eddie is Jack’s half-brother since they share the same father. However, neither Jack nor Eddie ever mentions one another throughout the series. Although Jack Hunter reappears in the spinoff, Girl Meets World, Eddie is never seen or mentioned.

Where Does Eddie Hunter Live on Boy Meets World?

Eddie Hunter lives in the trailer park near Uncle Mike. Shawn and Chet previously lived in the same trailer park and returned to it late in Season 3. Despite their return, Eddie never reappears on-screen in the series.

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