Devon Collins: Boy Meets World’s Guidance Counselor

Devon Collins appears as a John Adams High School guidance counselor in Boy Meets World during Season 3, Episode 4, He Said, She Said. The episode represents her first day on the job and, ultimately, her last.

As a new member of the school’s faculty, Collins relates to the students more intimately than a typical faculty member. The new counselor explains to Shawn that she took a gap year before college to travel.

Though her intentions are pure, her honesty prompts Shawn to develop a “travel bug” based on her experiences. Shawn decides to flee Philadelphia, drop out of high school, and travel to Paris.

Of course, in Shawn’s case, he foolishly buys a bus ticket to Paris, TX, rather than a plane ticket to France. After Mr. Turner convinces Shawn to return home, Devon Collins confronts Shawn about his misinterpretation.

Although the storyline resolves with Ms. Collins and her students on good terms, she never reappears on Boy Meets World.

Ms. Collins’s Interaction With Cory Matthews

As Mr. Turner tracks down Shawn at the bus station, Cory stays in Ms. Collins’s office to discuss his feelings and inner conflicts regarding the ordeal with Shawn Hunter.

However, Cory goes overboard by treating the guidance counselor like a talk therapist, revealing his clown dreams and deep-rooted insecurities.

While the scene is humorous, Ms. Collins explains to Cory that she’s not that type of counselor. Soon, Shawn and Turner return to the school, resolving the storyline.

List of Episodes Featuring Devon Collins

Season 3, Episode 4: He Said, She Said

Actress Portraying Devon Collins on Boy Meets World

Amy Leland portrays Devon Collins in Boy Meets World. Leland’s¬†other notable credits¬†include Beverly Hills 90210, Smart Guy, and the 2013 X-Men movie, where she serves as the voice of the Cerebro device.

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