What Happened to Desiree Beaumont in Boy Meets World?

Desiree Emmaline Hollinger Beaumont appeared in two Boy Meets World episodes during Season 2. She first appears in Season 2, Episode 3, Notorious, when she bumps into Eric Matthews in the John Adams High School hallways.

As a result of the collision, Desiree’s new shoes are covered with a red soft drink, at which point she remarks that she’d just recently purchased them in New York. She goes on to explain that her family just moved from Georgia to Philadelphia.

Despite protests from Jason Marsden, who Eric just recently warned to stop him from getting involved with anyone new, Eric cannot resist his attraction to Desiree, who intoxicates him with her exterior beauty and senior status.

After a purported month of dating (which conveniently spans only two episodes), Eric dumps Desiree because of her high-maintenance demands. In her final scene, Desiree is seen dating Jason, but she is never mentioned again after that episode.

Who is Desiree Beaumont?

Desiree Beaumont is Eric Matthews’s demanding girlfriend in two Season 2 episodes of Boy Meets World. She moved to Philadelphia from Georgia, where she attends John Adams High School for her senior year.

When Does Desiree First Appear on Boy Meets World?

Desiree first appears in Season 2, Episode 3, Notorious, when she bumps into Eric in the John Adams High School hallways. Desiree explains that her family had just moved from Atlanta, Georgia, and that she’s utterly, utterly lost in the new school.

Which Episodes are Desiree in on Boy Meets World?

  • Season 2, Episode 3, Notorious
  • Season 2, Episode 4, Me and Mr. Joad

Who Does Desiree Date in Boy Meets World?

Desiree dates Eric Matthews and Jason Marsden over her two Boy Meets World episode appearances during Season 2. Like many of Eric’s other girlfriends, Desiree moves on to Jason after her relationship with Eric ends.

Eric Matthews

Desiree finds Eric attractive after bumping into him in the hallways. Since she’s new to the school, she loves the idea of Eric helping her acclimate. 

Soon, however, she starts forcing Eric to run her errands and call her pet names like Georgia Peach and Puddin’. She also refers to Eric as her Yankee Doodle and Puff Pastry.

Ultimately, Desiree proves to be an overbearing partner, and Eric finally ends the relationship.

Jason Marsden

After temporarily ending his friendship with Eric because of Desiree’s behavior (including insults hurled toward Jason), Marsden does what almost any guy would do in this situation: date Desiree himself. 

Once Eric dumps Desiree for her high-maintenance tendencies, Jason trades his pride for a chance to date her.

Why Does Desiree Leave Boy Meets World?

Desiree is seen dating Jason in the final scene of Season 2, Episode 4, Me and Mr. Joad though Jason admits that he’s “only in it for the breakup kiss.” After the episode, Desiree is never seen or mentioned again in the series.

As a senior, Desiree would have graduated from John Adams High School at the end of Season 2, so we can assume she moved away to a college after the season.

Who Played Desiree on Boy Meets World?

Sydney Bennett played Desiree in Boy Meets World. Bennett also appeared on other 90s sitcoms like Mad About You and Moesha. Her last listed credit occurs in 2013 for a TV series called Bunheads.

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