David and Kelly’s Best Sibling Moments in 90210

As fictional characters on the TV series Beverly Hills 90210, David Silver and Kelly Taylor are step-siblings but share no blood relation.

However, they become part of the same family when David’s birth father, Mel, starts dating Kelly’s birth mother, Jackie, resulting in the birth of Erin. As a result, David and Kelly are related to Erin but not to each other.

Mel and Jackie eventually get married in the Season 2 finale, but the marriage quickly dissolves because of Mel’s repeated infidelity. However, despite the divorce, David and Kelly stay eternally connected because of Erin.

Let’s check out some instances where they behave like genuine siblings:

1) Kelly Helps David Get Off Drugs

During Season 4, David gets addicted to meth after using it to stay up for his overnight radio show. Kelly is the first to suspect drug usage in her stepbrother, as his behavior mirrors that of Kelly’s mother in her formative years.

Kelly tries to stop him and eventually encourages Donna to leave the apartment with her until he gets clean.

Later in Season 4, David starts holding drugs for one of his dealers. Kelly enlists her then-boyfriend Dylan to get David out of the mess (though Dylan owed him one from David’s pep talk after his father’s death).

Dylan helps David flush the pills down the toilet moments before police bust into the beach apartment with a search warrant. After the ordeal, Kelly supports David’s sobriety as a sister and roommate.

2) David Threatens Colin Robins

The tables turn in Season 6 when Kelly gets addicted to cocaine thanks to her artist boyfriend, Colin Robins. David confronts Colin at his loft and threatens to put his fist up Colin’s nose if he continues dragging Kelly down with cocaine.

Naturally, Colin is upset by the confrontation, though it never actually turns physical.

3) David Dances With Kelly at The Rose Ball

Earlier in Season 6, David accompanies Kelly to the Rose Ball because Colin wants to finish painting his mural at The Peach Pit After Dark. Kelly asks David to go with her in his place, and they enjoy a night of great dancing.

But, unfortunately, their joy is cut short when Valerie decides to drag Colin down to the ball as a “surprise” for Kelly, knowing that she’s trolling her. Kelly is expectedly livid and tells Valerie and Colin off.

4) David Doubles With Kelly, Greg, and Tara

In another brotherly favor from Season 6, David agrees to double date with Kelly and her new doctor friend, Greg, for a bowling night. However, Kelly needs someone for Tara, her roommate from the drug rehab facility.

Unbeknownst to Kelly, Tara attempts to sabotage her date with Greg. David reluctantly agrees to go with Tara, and his hesitance is proven valid after learning of Tara’s psychotic behavior in the following episodes (though not toward him).

David had fun at the bowling night and even encouraged the others to stay longer. However, Tara privately lies to Greg about Kelly’s recent behaviors, prompting Greg to abruptly end the date.

5) Kelly Warns David About Valerie

Kelly becomes protective of David when learning of his relationship with Valerie. Of course, Kelly detests Valarie, so her trepidation about David’s involvement is rooted somewhat in her feud.

However, Kelly seems genuinely concerned for David, though he bluntly dismisses her warnings.

Of course, Kelly is proven correct, as Valerie plays him multiple times, including using him as a bargaining chip in a negotiation with Ginger.

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