What Happened to Colin Robbins in Beverly Hills 90210?

Colin Robbins endured a whirlwind of life-changing events during his Beverly Hills 90210 tenure, from moving to Los Angeles as an emerging artist to attempting to flee the country after his untimely arrest.

While Colin’s snow-white habit ruined his relationship with Kelly and cost him his freedom, he felt it made him a better artist.

Aside from his legal troubles, Colin makes his mark on 90210 folklore by introducing Kelly Taylor to cocaine and injecting a new edge into a previously wholesome main cast.

Colin’s most memorable moments during Season 6 include his mural painting at the Peach Pit After Dark, titled Kelly’s New York, and his decision to ditch his own gallery opening.

Who is Colin Robbins?

Colin Robbins is one of the most infamous Beverly Hills 90210 characters known primarily as Kelly Taylor’s coke-snorting artist boyfriend in Season 6.

Colin moves to L.A. with Kelly after meeting her in New York, where she does modeling work. 

Colin, already known as an artist in New York City, meets Kelly, who spent her summer break between Seasons 5 and 6 modeling in the Big Apple — something the show alluded to in the previous season.

The emerging artist accompanies Kelly back to Los Angeles in the Season 6 premiere, where he plans to continue his art career.

How is Colin Robbins introduced in Beverly Hills 90210?

Viewers first see Colin aboard a commercial flight to L.A. in the Season 6 premiere. Colin asks Kelly, who is on the same flight, to join the mile-high club in front of other passengers. 

Since this is Colin’s first-ever appearance, viewers are unaware that he and Kelly had previously started a relationship in New York, where Kelly spent the summer modeling.

As a result, the other passengers find Colin’s proposition forward and stunning, as did, presumably, many of the viewers. Of course, when Kelly starts laughing shortly after his request, viewers realize that the couple staged the encounter to shock other passengers.

Colin Robbins Friends on 90210

As a drug addict, starving artist, and occasional recluse, Colin has very few friends on Beverly Hills 90210. However, his one true friend is Valerie, whom he’d met when they both lived in New York State. 

Besides Kelly and Valerie, Colin distances himself from the other main characters. By the end of Season 6, much of the main cast grows to despise Colin, particularly David and Brandon, who resent him for introducing Kelly Taylor to narcotics.

Below are some of Colin Robbins’ best friends on 90210.

Valerie Malone

Colin first met Valerie at an airport when she was traveling for a field trip, years before either character appeared on-screen. Valerie recalls being socially awkward and having braces that made her self-conscious around the attractive artist. 

Aside from her obvious attraction to Colin, Valerie’s primary motivation for befriending him was to infuriate her arch-nemesis, Kelly Taylor.

While many of her interactions with Colin are disingenuous, she legitimately tries to help him after his arrest. Unfortunately, Colin attempts to flee the country before serving his prison sentence.


Friend is a strong word for Gloria, who acts as Colin’s sugar momma at the beginning of Season 6. Essentially, Gloria pays for Colin’s loft in exchange for sexual favors from the charming artist.

Once Kelly learns of Gloria, she harshly confronts Colin about the arrangement, leading her boyfriend to terminate his relationship with his mature lover.

Of course, Gloria also acts as Colin’s art dealer and the frontwoman for his initial Los Angeles gallery opening. Unfortunately, Gloria panics after her artist ditches his own gallery opening in an attempt to win back Kelly, who referred to the artist as a whore, after learning of the arrangement.

Danny Five

Danny becomes Colin’s local cocaine plug after a lower-level dealer named Paulie can no longer provide the amount of cocaine that Colin requires. As Colin’s addiction grows more substantial, the artist makes contact with Danny, a higher-level drug dealer in the area.

As with most of Colin’s acquaintances, Danny is a sketchy character. Aside from Danny’s drug-dealing exploits, his house also serves as a drug emporium for convicted felons and drug addicts. One of those felons attempts to rape Kelly Taylor after she purchases drugs.

Ultimately, Colin’s relationship with Danny Five lands him an arrest for the possession of narcotics and ultimately ruins his life.

Best Colin Robbins Moments in Beverly Hills 90210

1) Colin Unveils Kelly’s New York

Colin unveils his mural, titled Kelly’s New York, at the Peach Pit After Dark. Although Colin expected the unveiling to be bittersweet, as Kelly had appeared to break up with him earlier in the episode, he is pleasantly surprised to see that his girlfriend shows up after all.

2) Colin Escalates a Snowball Fight

In one of his few full-cast interactions, Colin escalates a snowball fight during The Tournament of Roses benefit event that featured a snowy area for local kids. The imported snow allowed children to enjoy winter activities in the West Coast climate.

Steve Sanders initiates the snowball fight by pelting Colin with a snowball as he brings hot chocolate to Kelly. Because Colin had just snorted cocaine moments ago, he drops the hot chocolate and picks up a snowball to return fire. The artist’s actions escalate into a big snowball fight involving Brandon, David, and others.

Though the fight was good-natured for its participants, it prompts Kelly’s first suspicion of Colin’s drug use, thanks primarily to Valerie alluding to his unconventional behavior.

3) Colin Shows up At a Ball With Valerie

The Rose Court held a black-tie ball for the contestants, including Donna, Kelly, Clare, and others, who each chose their dates accordingly. Though Kelly hoped to bring Colin, he had to finish his mural for the Peach Pit After Dark. 

When Colin finishes up earlier than expected, he convinces Valerie to show up with him at the event, much to Kelly’s disgust.

Kelly, who brought her step-brother David to the affair, had just finished an impressive dance when she saw her boyfriend and arch-enemy.

Kelly immediately confronts Valerie, who plays innocent about the situation. Eventually, Colin convinces Kelly that the whole thing was a misunderstanding and that he merely attempted to surprise her by showing up at the event.

4) Colin Helps Steve and Clare Hide Corny The Condor

Colin assists Steve and Clare in hiding California University’s Condor statue (Corny The Condor), which is coveted for theft by a rival university, SCU.

Since Colin is an assistant professor at CU, he agrees to let Steve stash the Condor in his loft’s refrigerator.

Because Colin is an edgy starving artist and coke-head, his participation in this novelty act conflicts with his character’s typical persona.

However, his college spirit would quickly dissipate, and his character soon spirals out of control after visiting New York for Thanksgiving.

5) Colin Paints Masterpieces While High on Cocaine

When renowned art collector Sterling Penn visits Colin’s loft to evaluate his paintings, the chic art guru selects a few of Colin’s paintings to purchase for $10,000, citing the new concepts and designs in Colin’s latest works.

At this moment, Colin concludes that he can only make great paintings while high, as the collector’s selections were invariably those that he painted in a cocaine-induced stupor.

Of course, his decision to continue unhinged narcotic usage contributes to the artist’s ultimate demise, the end of his relationship, and the loss of his freedom.

Who Played Colin Robbins on Beverly Hills 90210?

Jason Wiles portrays Colin Robbins in Season 6 of Beverly Hills 90210 before exiting the series. Wiles would go on to appear in other television series, including 131 episodes of Third Watch from 1999 through 2005. Wiles is still active in acting, as he recently appeared in the film Your Lucky Day.

By most speculative accounts, Wiles regrets appearing on Beverly Hills 90210 as it may have damaged his career. A Chicago Tribune article from 1999 quotes Wiles as saying:

I only wanted to do seven episodes. They signed me for three years — 70 episodes. My character was not well liked on the show. I played Colin Robbins, the crazy dope artist.

Jason Wiles

The article later refers to Beverly Hills 90210 as unchallenging and paints a largely negative picture of its influence over Wiles’s career trajectory.

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