Chet Hunter’s Untimely Death in Boy Meets World

Chet Hunter dies in Season 6, Episode 13: We’ll Have a Good Time Then. Chet suffers a heart attack after eating a piece of cake baked by Rachel.

Another contributing factor was that Chet was also stressed because of Shawn’s constant badgering about his inability to be a real father.

While Chet initially regains consciousness in the hospital, he later suffers another heart attack and passes away.

At the time of his death, Chet was visiting Pennbrook University to visit his sons, Shawn and Jack, who both attend college.

While Jack was excited to see his father, Shawn was less enthused and regularly badgered Chet about when he was leaving town again. Shawn’s worst instincts are proven true when Chet appears to accept a job as a blackjack dealer in Las Vegas.

Chet even asks Alan Matthews to look after his sons when he moves to Las Vegas. While Alan promises to do so, he tells Chet they need their real father.

Alan’s words prompt Chet to reconsider, and he implies to Shawn that he will stick around instead of moving to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, Chet dies shortly after his change of heart.

Chet’s Posthumous Return

Despite his on-screen demise, Chet continues appearing posthumously in the series as an apparition, including in the Season 6 episode, Road Trip.

Later, Shawn visits Chet’s grave in Season 7, and Chet reappears in the series finale in The Matthews’ kitchen. Chet also appears in Girl Meets World.

List of Episodes Featuring Chet Hunter

  • Season 2, Episode 22: Career Day
  • Season 2, Episode 23: Home
  • Season 3, Episode 20: I Never Sang for My Legal Guardian
  • Season 4, Episode 4: Fishing for Virna
  • Season 4, Episode 6: Janitor Dad
  • Season 4, Episode 10: Turkey Day
  • Season 5, Episode 1: Brothers
  • Season 5, Episode 2: Boy Meets Real World
  • Season 6, Episode 13: We’ll Have a Good Time Then
  • Season 6, Episode 15: Road Trip
  • Season 7, Episode 12: Family Trees
  • Season 7, Episode 23: Brave New World: Part 2

Portrayal of Chet Hunter in Boy Meets World

Blake Clark portrays Chet Hunter in Boy Meets World.

Clark is an accomplished character actor and comedian who has appeared in many television series and films, including The Jamie Foxx Show, Water Boy, M*A*S*H, Home Improvement, Mr. Deeds, Toy Story 3 and 4, and many more.

The actor discusses his career and character on Pod Meets World.

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