What Happened to Chet Hunter in Boy Meets World?

Chet Hunter endures several trials and tribulations throughout his Boy Meets World appearances, primarily self-inflicted ones that reflect negatively on his character and ability to raise children adequately.

Appearing in Seasons 2-7, Chet causes his son Shawn great emotional distress and childhood trauma. Meanwhile, Chet’s marriage to Virna Hunter crumbles at every point, as does his ability to hold a job.

While Chet’s flaws are apparent, it’s worth noting that Chet’s intentions are primarily good. He encourages Shawn to move in with his half-brother Jack to create the brotherly bond that was impossible during childhood.

Chet dies from a heart attack in Season 6, shortly after visiting his sons Shawn and Jack at Penbrook University. Rachel feels partially responsible for his death, having served him cake shortly before his collapse.

Despite his death, Chet posthumously reappears on-screen several times.

When Does Chet Hunter First Appear on Boy Meets World?

Although Chet is referenced during Season 1, he first appears in Season 2, Episode 21: Career Day. Chet walks into Mr. Turner’s classroom after Alan Matthews and Jedidiah Lawrence present for the class’s annual career day. 

For his career presentation, Chet claims he is an idea man and that he came up with the idea for CNN and the microwave oven. But, of course, he’s a liar, and Shawn is disgusted by his grandiose embellishments.

Later in the episode, Shawn reveals to Shawn that his mother, Virna took off with their trailer. He asks Alan Matthews to look after his son, Shawn, while he goes on the road to chase Virna.

Ultimately, Mr. Turner offers Shawn a chance to live at his apartment rather than with the strict Matthews family.

Chet Hunter’s Family Members

Shawn Hunter

Shawn is Chet’s third child and youngest son (whom we know of) and closest to Chet. Unlike Shawn’s half-brothers, Eddie and Jack, Shawn spends most of his childhood with Chet.

Jack Hunter

By his own admission, Jack is confirmed to be one of Chet’s biological sons, though he only briefly lived with Chet before his mother divorced him and moved away from the trailer park.

As a result, Jack did not have much of a relationship with his birth father, Chet Hunter.

Eddie Hunter

Eddie is likely Chet’s first-born son, though his age is never confirmed. However, we can confidently assume that Eddie is Chet’s son since he shares the same last name and reveals himself as Shawn Hunter’s brother. 

Eddie never appears on-screen with Chet, and his whereabouts are never revealed after his single episode appearance. Still, Eddie’s residence at Chet’s trailer park makes it seem likely that he had some relationship with Chet.

Virna Hunter

Virna Hunter is Chet’s ex-wife who served as Shawn’s primary caretaker during his formative years. Growing up, Shawn assumes that Virna is his birth mother, though she later reveals to him in a letter that she is not.

Mike Hunter

Mike is Chet’s brother and neighbor in the trailer park. Mike owns a bike shop and fixes Mr. Turner’s Harley Davidson during Season 2. Mike also films a video letter to Chet as he’s out on the road chasing his wife, Virna.

However, when Shawn tries to move in with Mike later in Season 3, he finds that Mike’s trailer is gone, and he never reappears in the series.

Gertrude Hunter

Chet’s presumed mother, Gertrude, also agrees to appear in the video letter but only when accompanied by her lawyer, who reads her statement, which includes the language “to my alleged son Chet.”

The statement implies an open child-support case involving Gertrude and Chet.

Where Does Chet Hunter Live in Boy Meets World?

Chet lives in a trailer park in seasons 1 and 2 before living on the road for most of Season 3. Chet returns to the trailer park for seasons 4 and 5 before passing away in Season 6.

Chet primarily lives with his son Shawn but is joined by his wife Virna for part of Season 4. His brother, Mike Hunter, also lives in the trailer park and runs an auto repair shop in the same area.

The Hunter’s trailer is in the same park as The Stechinnos, including Frankie, Herman, and Vader. Unfortunately, their neighboring trailer is owned by “The Unters,” which causes confusion when The Matthews visit for Thanksgiving.

Chet Hunter’s Death

Chet Hunter dies in Season 6, Episode 13: We’ll Have a Good Time Then. Chet suffers a heart attack after eating a piece of cake baked by Rachel.

Another contributing factor, Chet was also stressed because of Shawn’s constant badgering about his inability to be a real father. While Chet initially regains consciousness in the hospital, he later suffers another heart attack and passes away.

At the time of his death, Chet was visiting Penbrook University to visit his sons, Shawn and Jack, who both attend college.

While Jack was excited to see his father, Shawn was less enthused and regularly badgered Chet about when he was leaving town again. Shawn’s worst instincts are proven true when Chet appears to accept a job in Las Vegas as a blackjack dealer.

Chet even asks Alan Matthews to look after his sons when he moves to Las Vegas. While Alan promises to do so, he tells Chet they need their real father.

Alan’s words prompt a reconsideration for Chet, who implies to Shawn that he will stick around instead of moving to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, Chet dies shortly after his change of heart.

Despite his on-screen demise, Chet continues appearing posthumously in the series as an apparition, including in the Season 6 episode, Road Trip.

Later, Shawn visits Chet’s grave in Season 7, and Chet reappears in the series finale in The Matthews’ kitchen. Chet also appears in Girl Meets World.

List of Episodes Featuring Chet Hunter

  • Season 2, Episode 22: Career Day
  • Season 2, Episode 23: Home
  • Season 3, Episode 20: I Never Sang for My Legal Guardian
  • Season 4, Episode 4: Fishing for Virna
  • Season 4, Episode 6: Janitor Dad
  • Season 4, Episode 10: Turkey Day
  • Season 5, Episode 1: Brothers
  • Season 5, Episode 2: Boy Meets Real World
  • Season 6, Episode 13: We’ll Have a Good Time Then
  • Season 6, Episode 15: Road Trip
  • Season 7, Episode 12: Family Trees
  • Season 7, Episode 23: Brave New World: Part 2

Who Plays Chet Hunter in Boy Meets World?

Blake Clark portrays Chet Hunter in Boy Meets World.

Clark is an accomplished character actor and comedian who has appeared in many television series and films, including The Jamie Foxx Show, Water Boy, M*A*S*H, Home Improvement, Mr. Deeds, Toy Story 3 and 4, and many more.

The actor discusses his career and character on Pod Meets World.

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