Why Brooke Langton Left Melrose Place

According to The Morning Call, Brooke Langton left Melrose Place because the show’s producers chose not to renew her contract for the 1998-1999 season.

Brooke Langton’s Background on Melrose Place

Brooke Langton portrayed Samantha Reiley on Melrose Place from 1996-1998, spanning parts of Seasons 4, 5, 6, and 7. Her character starts as an aspiring artist and an assistant manager at Jane Andrews’s clothing boutique.

Samantha Reiley later marries one of the show’s original characters, Billy Campbell. However, they divorced not long after exchanging their vows. Sam cheats on Billy with Jeff Baylor, a minor league baseball player.

Sam’s estranged and fugitive father is also responsible for the death of Sydney Andrews, Jane’s sister and one of Melrose Place’s most popular characters.

Brooke Langton’s Career After Melrose Place

Langton immediately secured a role on the TV series The Net, based on Sandra Bullock’s movie of the same name. The show lasted one season before its cancellation. 

However, Langton quickly moved on to filming The Replacements, starring herself, Keanu Reeves, and Gene Hackman.

Brooke Langton’s Later Work

Langton continued to work regularly, appearing as a guest star in TV series like Weeds, Monk, Bones, and Friday Night Lights. She also appeared in additional feature films like The Replacements and My Little Hollywood.

Purported Retirement from Acting

Brooke Langton’s last IMDB credit is in 2019 for The Passage, so she has apparently moved on from acting.

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