Brenda Marsh’s Impact on Boy Meets World

Brenda Marsh is a 27-year-old co-worker of Amy Matthews who is best known for briefly dating the much younger Eric Matthews in Boy Meets World. Initially, Brenda mistook Eric for Jonathon Turner, whom her co-worker Amy tried to set her up with on a date.

After realizing her error, Brenda decides to date Eric anyway. Unfortunately, Eric’s immaturity proves incompatible with the more cultured Brenda, who finally meets Mr. Turner after her date with Eric flames out.

Introduction to Boy Meets World

Brenda first appears in Season 3, Episode 18: Life Lessons, when she arrives at The Matthews’ home to meet who she believes to be Jonathon Turner.

However, when Eric answers the door, Brenda mistakes him for Jon Turner, whom Amy Matthews attempted to set her up with. Amy called Brenda and Turner to cancel the date, but only Turner got the message.


Brenda loves fine dining and travel, especially to Europe. However, she finds Eric’s lack of traveling experience unappealing and moves to dump him when he reveals his novice traveling knowledge


Brenda appears in high-class business casual dressware in both of her scenes. She wears a red pantsuit in her initial scene with Eric and then a green pantsuit in the Chubbie’s scene. Clearly, her character was wealthy and cultured, which she reflected in her fashion choices.

Lisa Akey’s Portrayal of Brenda Marsh

Lisa Akey portrayed Brenda Marsh on Boy Meets World during the Season 4 episode, Life Lessons. Lisa also appeared in the TV Series The Sentinal and Diagnosis Murder, along with several feature films.

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