Boy Meets World Couples: Ranking The Best 10 (And The Worst)

Boy Meets World featured several famous couples over its seven seasons from 1993 to 2000. Circa 98 ranks the best Boy Meets World couples and the worst.

1) Shawn and Angela

Many would agree that Shawn and Angela’s relationship was authentic and intriguing for viewers. Their relationship contrasted the more famous Cory and Topanga couple but inspired more relatability among onlookers. 

Since both characters had more depth than their Cory and Topanga counterparts, their relationship felt more intense, painful, and attractive. However, it’s also telling that unlike Cory and Topanga, Shawn and Angela don’t live happily ever after, further entrenching the realistic aspects of the pairing.

2) Cory and Topanga

Despite their unrealistic relationship, Cory and Topanga still serve as an ideal for the show’s ethical landscape. However, many viewers were turned off by the writers’ propensity to embellish the couple’s history and backstory, notably when the storylines directly contradicted earlier episodes.

Despite the absurd aspects of this relationship, it remains one of the most iconic in 90s television history. As the show’s main character, Cory’s life goal is to marry Topanga, whom he ultimately ties the knot with in Season 7. In addition, the pair provide timely humor and entertainment for all seven seasons.

Editor’s Note: Some critics, including Danielle Fishel and Will Friedle, retroactively consider this relationship unhealthy. For example, some argue that Cory consistently operates under the premise that Topanga must be with him and takes her for granted as a result.

3) Cory and Lauren

Cory and Lauren’s relationship lasted only two episodes, but it was more intense than his relationship with Topanga. In many respects, Cory and Lauren were meant for each other. Cory’s mishap at the ski lodge left him talking all night with Lauren, who worked as a concierge.

When Lauren visits Philadelphia to pursue Cory further, he decides to go out with her to test his feelings for Topanga. Ultimately, he chooses his first love, Topanga, but she dumps him for having to consider another woman. Eventually, Cory and Topanga reunite.

4) Alan and Amy

Alan and Amy Matthews are a great model for their children and a relatively realistic depiction of a married couple in love. They fight regularly, and Alan finds himself in the doghouse on several occasions. 

However, they always make up and share a mutual commitment to their children. In contrast to Topanga’s parents, who divorced, Alan and Amy still carry themselves with mutual respect. 

5) Jack and Rachel

Jack and Rachel introduce a new couple to the Boy Meets World universe, though their relationship only lasts for less than a season. The concept of Jack winning Rachel over his roommate Eric drew criticisms from some viewers, as they felt it exploited Rachel.

Although Jack and Rachel are both attractive, it becomes clear that they’re better as friends. In some ways, they are polar opposites but share in the misery of having to tolerate Eric’s increasingly unstable behavior in the later seasons.

6) Jonathon and Kat

During the series, Jonathon Turner’s most serious relationship is with Kat Tompkins, his John Adams High School colleague. The pair formed an outstanding couple and complemented each other in various ways.

Ultimately, Turner is unwilling to commit long-term, especially after Shawn decides to move into his apartment. Finally, Kat decides that she is wasting her time waiting on Turner to commit.

7) Jonathon and Susan

Mr. Turner briefly dates Dana Pruitt’s mother, Susan, after she stops by his apartment to pick up her daughter. The pair starts flirting with each other in front of Shawn and Dana, who find the situation horrifying.

Although they formed an outstanding couple, Turner and Susan break up for Shawn and Dana’s sake. Had the pair stayed together, they would have been higher on the list of best Boy Meets World couples.

8) Shawn and Dana

Shawn’s second-best relationship is with Dana Pruitt, who shares some but not all of Angela’s qualities. Shawn’s intense feelings for Dana were the first of his life, as all of his previous relationships had been emotionless. Ultimately, however, he stops seeing her abruptly in Season 3.

Dana initially rejects Shawn because of his bad-boy reputation. However, Shawn works to showcase his sensitive side, thus hoping to win over Dana’s affection. Shawn even hosts a picnic in below-freezing weather to impress Dana. The gesture works to impress Dana.

9) Frankie and Gloria

Frankie’s secret, unrequited love for Harley’s girlfriend creates a tense situation for everyone, especially after he enlists Shawn and Cory to help him woo her. Unfortunately, Frankie’s enforcer’s reputation masks his poetic sensitivity and deep love for Gloria.

Although Harley’s reaction is expectedly contentious, Shawn and Cory succeed in aiding Frankie’s courtship of Gloria. After all, his close friend and confidant attempted to steal his girlfriend under his nose, a clear violation of the gentleman’s code.

10) George and Lila

After years of living alone next door to the Matthews’, Goerge Feeny finally finds love with Dean Bolander. The couple’s on-screen chemistry is apparent, especially considering the actors are married in real life.

Goerge weds Lila in The Matthews’ living room, a 90’s television staple for lazy and low-budget producers unwilling to spring for a church or cathedral set. Yet, despite the ridiculous nature of their ceremony, the couple itself provides a positive vibe for viewers.

Worst Boy Meets World Couples

Everyone loves the good Boy Meets World couples, but many also despise the bad ones. As a result, Circa 98 examines the worst Boy Meets World couples in no particular order.

Eric and Corinna

Though highly entertaining, this couple was a horrible match. The compassionate Corinna grows enraged when Eric rejects her, prompting her to explore a highly dark side of her artistry. The shift helps her music career as the single Shallow Boy becomes a massive hit.

Once Eric realizes that her dark artistry requires fuel, he stops providing it. Instead, Eric acts nice to her, which frustrates her as a singer looking for dark material. Ultimately, the couple is hilarious but also awful.

Chet and Virna

Chet and Virna are a horrible couple for various reasons. First, Virna drives away with her family’s trailer to flee her husband and son. Next, Chet abandons his son to chase Virna across the country. Finally, Virna returns but stays only for a few weeks before leaving her family again.

Later in the series, we learn that Virna is not Shawn’s birth mother, which she reveals in a written letter to Shawn after Chet’s death. Her further damage to Shawn’s mental health reminds us why she and Chet were a horrible couple.

Jedediah and Rhiannon

In Season 6, we learn that Topanga’s parents are getting divorced. The source of their irreconcilable differences becomes apparent in the following season when Jedediah accidentally reveals to Shawn and Cory that he cheated on his wife.

Aside from Jedediah’s extramarital affair, the couple was terrible for other reasons. Earlier in the series, Jedediah is portrayed by a different actor. When the couple visits the Matthews’ home in Season 6, they constantly bicker about trivial things as other actors. 

Shawn and Jennifer

After Jennifer dumps Shawn in Season 4, she agrees to reunite with him under one condition; he stops seeing Cory. But, of course, Shawn and Cory sneak around behind her back to continue seeing each other, and when she finds out, she dumps Shawn once again.

Aside from the Cory issue, Shawn and Jennifer were never a great fit. Jennifer did not possess qualities similar to Angela or Dana, which Shawn truly coveted. Likewise, Shawn would never provide what Jennifer needed.

Eric and Brenda

After Brenda Marsh mistakes Eric for Mr. Turner, whom Amy attempted to set up with the mature businesswoman, the pair decide to start dating one another. However, Eric learns that Brenda is out of his league intellectually.

For example, Eric takes Brenda to Chubbie’s, a high school hangout beneath someone as cultured as Brenda. When Brenda politely explains how it’s not working out, Eric introduces her to Mr. Turner.

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