Ranking The Top 98 Boy Meets World Characters (With Descriptions)

Many have opinions on the top Boy Meets World characters. Check out our list:

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1) Shawn Hunter

Shawn Hunter was the heart and soul of the series and easily the most popular and influential character. He was both troubled and caring which made him likable and interesting in the same breath. Having never had a comforting family life, he relies on Cory, The Matthews Family, and several teachers (Mr. Feeny, and Mr. Turner specifically) to keep him on the straight & narrow.

2) George Feeny

Mr. Feeny represented the show’s ideal of morality and work ethic and imparted his wisdom to touch each character he came across. He set the example for Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric, Angela, and others. Since he was Cory & Shawn’s teacher from grammar school through college, he was able to have an influence on new characters spanning through all 7 seasons.

3) Topanga Lawrence

Topanga changed more throughout the series than any other character. Starting as a meditative outcast she transitioned into a popular high school girl and later moved onto becoming a career-focused college woman who was also engaged to be married to Cory. The show would clearly not have become a cultural phenomenon without her presence.

4) Angela Moore

Angela became critical to the development of the show after Season 4 and served as Shawn Hunter’s primary love interest throughout the remainder of the series. Had she not arrived in until Season 5, she would be even higher on the list considering how influential she was in her own right, along with in the context of her connection with Shawn Hunter. She was also best friends with Topanga throughout college and lived with her at Pennbrook.

5) Cory Matthews

Cory Matthews, Cory Matthews, Cory Matthews. The main character of the show… the “boy” meeting the “world.” While the main character is probably intended to be the most influential as well, it doesn’t always work out that way. Despite this, Cory was the central hub that each character connected to, therefore being integral to the development of all the other characters.

6) Eric Matthews

Eric was a loveable but sometimes confusing character. His early years (Seasons 1-3) were relatively normal as he was considered a typical older brother and was also popular in school. Despite his typical upbringing, he became somewhat of a wildcard after Season 4 and eventually became a punching bag for the other characters. He started to be intentionally stupid as a way of getting the attention of his peers. His strongest relationship was with Mr. Feeny.

7) Jonathon Turner

Those with intimate connections to Shawn are important for the series and his character’s development. Mr. Turner was the first Non-Cory character to actually connect with Shawn on a mental and intuitive level. In the earlier seasons, Feeny could not get through to Shawn and the younger and more relatable teacher from John Adams High was the one who truly reached him.

8) Amy Matthews

Amy was a concerned mother to Cory, Eric, and Morgan and also took great care of Shawn and Topanga. She was an ideal mother because she wasn’t too strict but was present enough to support the trials and tribulations of her children and their friends. She mostly got along with her husband Alan, despite his decision not to wish Eric a happy birthday after he dropped out of school.

9) Alan Matthews

As Alan says to Eric in Stormy Weather (Season 3) “that gives me no right to turn my back on you.” I am saying the same thing back to Alan by ranking him #9 on the list even though he quit his job as a grocery manager to sell rock climbing gear in the mountains. He had some legendary moments too like when he tells a dying Chet Hunter he can’t replace him for Shawn.

10) Eli Williams

The most underrated, underappreciated character in the series. The problem is that he was only in it for one season (Season 3). During this season, Eli made his mark on the show by becoming Turner’s best friend, Cory’s best teacher, and Feeny’s best colleague. He also brought the experience of having been in broadcast journalism for the local Philly news station.

11) Rachel McGuire

Rachel was roommates with Eric and Jack after Shawn moved out in Season 6. Both men developed a crush on her but she ultimately chooses Jack, partly because of Eric’s childish behavior. After the two become a couple, Eric moves out of the apartment. Rachel is also notorious for serving the cake that sparked Chet Hunter’s heart attack and untimely death. 

12) Chet Hunter

As Shawn’s absentee father for most of the series, Chet provided a lightheartedness that made him likable in spite of his transgressions. There were times when he seemed to make an effort to provide Shawn with a better life, but continually failed to show up in the way that Shawn ultimately needed, which was to provide the emotional support and family connection that he was missing.

13) Frankie Stecchino

Frankie Stecchino was a big bully at John Adams, but not because he wanted to be. His father was WWF wrestler Vader and therefore he was neglected as a youth. He and his brother Herman often stayed in the trailer park (where Shawn lived) without any parental supervision. On the inside, Frankie was a kindhearted poet who wanted nothing more than to be understood.

14) Harley Keiner

Harley was the leader of the gang that included Frankie Stecchino and Joey “The Rat” Epstein. He was the man everyone feared at John Adams High until of course he was expelled from the school. Despite Harley being a tough guy who caused trouble for lots of teachers and students, he also demonstrated another side that made him accessible and likable, even as a bad guy. 

15) Joey The Rat Epstein

Joey “The Rat” Epstein was a slick-talking troublemaker at John Adams. He was best friends with Frankie and also rose to prominence under the tutelage of Harley Kiner. These three “thugs” as they were called on the show, represented the toughness of JAHS. Joey did several memorable things like helping Janitor Bud rig his time card so that he could skip off to the horse track.

16) Stuart Minkus

Minkus is also a one-season character (not counting the cameo) which hurts his overall impact. Stuart Minkus represented the class “nerd” who took the brunt of Cory and Shawn’s adolescent heckling. He was a favorite of George Feeny because of his commitment to school work, kindness, and perseverance. Minkus was an example to Cory despite dealing with his mean-spirited jokes.

17) Morgan Matthews

The third Matthews child and sister of Cory and Eric came and went throughout the series. She disappeared for stretches only to come back to a more prominent role. We never saw Morgan’s life outside of its relationship to the Matthews household, aside from a few isolated incidents. She was the youngest Matthews child but her school life and interests were mostly a mystery.

18) Jack Hunter

Jack was Shawn’s half-brother but his most important connections on the show were to his roommates Eric and Rachel. Jack Hunter was best friends with Eric and had a romantic relationship with Rachel. He grew up rich and his stepfather continued to send him money throughout his college years. This dynamic bothered Shawn because Chet could not afford to do those things.

19) Lauren

Lauren never says her last name but doesn’t really have to. She may be one of the most memorable characters in the entire series for the simple fact that she represented Cory’s interest in a romantic partner other than Topanga whom he later marries. Lauren was a ski lodge attendant when JAHS went on a field trip in which Cory could not ski due to injury.

20) Virna Hunter

Virna was thought to be Shawn’s mother but revealed that she was not his biological mother in a letter she wrote to Shawn at Pennbrook. This revelation was confirmed by a DNA test. Chet spent most of Shawn’s formative years “chasing” Virna who abandoned the trailer during Season 2. She later returned to the trailer but did not stay long, and was never seen again.

21) Janitor Bud

Janitor Bud was a drunken, gambling janitor at JAHS who forged his timesheet to skip off to the horse track during work hours. He often humiliated students and argued with the principal George Feeny. Despite his rough patches, Janitor Bud was also beloved by many at John Adams High. When he thought Cory saved his life, he gifted him with an automatic locker genie.

22) Griff Hawkins

Griff showed up to John Adams High School after Harley was expelled and represented a new troublemaker for Joey and Frankie to follow. He feuded with Mr. Feeny, ran illegal after-hours events including a wrestling match between Vader and Eric Matthews with appearances by Yasmine Bleeth and Robert Goulet, and angered the jocks. He didn’t last too long at JAHS.

23) Kat Tompkins

This one will be controversial to many but they didn’t perceive the show on the level that some did. A Lot of BMW fans watched the reruns on Disney Channel. If you were watching live on TGIF you understood that Kat Tompkins changed how you viewed the show. A fellow teacher at John Adams High, she became Turner’s love interest in Season 2 but disappeared soon after.

24) Dana Pruitt

Dana Pruitt dated Shawn Hunter during Season 3 and was the only Non-Angela romantic partner that formed a deeper connection with Shawn. Despite this, Shawn was not able to commit to her because of issues within himself, stemming from childhood. Both her mother and aunt briefly dated Jonathon Turner, much to the disgust of her and her then-boyfriend Shawn.

25) Mr. Phillip Mack

Mr. Mack ran The Centre for young people who lacked a direction in life. George Feeny considered The Centre to be a “cult” but that did not stop Shawn Hunter from joining in and even choosing to live there. When Shawn got too attached, others like Jonathon Turner, Cory Matthews, and Alan Matthews tried to step in. Alan even threatened and physically assaulted Mack at a hospital where they were all waiting after Turner’s bike accident.

27) Lonnie Boden

Lonnie Boden is the niece of Eziekal Boden. She replaced him when he left his role as a store clerk at Alan’s store. Eric soon developed a crush on her because of her great looks but became intimated that she was an outdoorswoman who liked to hunt, fish, and box. He still tried to flirt with her throughout her tenure but was denied from ever being in a relationship with her.

28) Dr. Sorrell

Dr. Sorrell was the science teacher at JAHS. He was known to give star athletes a considerable break on classwork as long as they performed well in athletics. This luxury was briefly extended to Cory when he appeared to save the science classroom from an accidental fire. Unfortunately, Cory soon revealed that he also started that fire, and lost the respect of Sorrell.

29) Theresa Keiner

Known as T.K. Cory does not realize that she is actually Theresa Keiner, the sister of Harley. This becomes a problem when the two hit it off and plan a date, much to the dismay of Harley. He enlists Frankie and Joey to help ensure the date goes well for T.K. and that Cory treats her well. Harley acts as a father might in a similar setting since he is responsible for her well being.

30) Trini Martin

Trini was Topanga’s best friend at John Adams High School (during Season 3) but disappeared afterward. Despite her limited appearances, she had a role in several memorable incidents including Shawn pretending to go after Topanga as a way of getting Cory to reveal his true feelings. She was perceived as an outcast at JAHS which made her and Topanga relatable.

31) Pat Darby (WIXB Station Manager)

Pat Darby is the station manager at WIXB and hires Eric on the spot after meeting him. Eric initially mistook Pat for a custodian which enabled him to be his authentic self during the conversation, rather than attempt to be perfect like he tried to be with Shelia, the woman who was interviewing him. Pat and Eric form a strong bond and Eric becomes a fill-in weather guy.

32) Jason Marsden

Eric’s best friend in the first two seasons was Jason Marsden who played off Eric’s propensity for boneheaded ideas with dry humor, cynicism, and street smarts. He also enjoyed flirting with Amy Matthews in Season 1 and providing other best friend duties like making fun of Cory & Shawn. He came across as a bit of a prick which made sense given the context of his character.

33) Chubbie

The owner of his namesake’s restaurant was important for mostly off-screen purposes. Chubbie’s was the local hangout for Cory & Shawn as well as Turner & Eli. He liked orders to be specifically submitted as “Turkey Chubbie, with everything” regardless of which meal you actually wanted to eat. He also provided the room for Eric’s going away party in Season 3.

34) Dean Bolander

George Feeny is single throughout the majority of the series until he meets Dean Bolander at Pennbrook and later marries her in the Matthews living room. Although she only appeared in the final two seasons of the show, she became an integral part of Mr. Feeny’s character arch by providing him with a life partner to match Cory & Topanga’s impending matrimony.

35) Desiree Beaumont

Desiree moved from Texas to Philadelphia in high school and began a relationship with Eric. She was highly demanding of him and he was at her beck and call. This dynamic became toxic and Eric eventually had to break it off with her in order to regain some of his own dignity.

36) Reginald Fairfield

Reginald met Alan and Amy on their honeymoon trip to Europe. At the time (which was at least 20 years prior) the Matthews told him that if he was ever and town and needed a place to stay, he could contact them. To most people, this is a simple courtesy and is not meant to be taken literally but Fairfield took it quite literally by showing up decades later and bunking in their house.

37) Frankie “Leslie” Stecchino Sr (Vader)

Vader was a professional wrestler who was living in a trailer park with his sons Frankie and Herman, along with his wife. Perhaps Vince Mcmahon didn’t pay him well which some wrestlers in the ’90s would confirm, but the more likely reason is that he was saving money. He had several memorable moments including beating up Eric Matthews at an after-hours wrestling match set up by Griff Hawkins.

38) Sergeant Moore

Angela’s father was a military man who came to Pennbrook for an ROTC program. He was impressed by the conviction of Shawn Hunter to be Angela’s life partner, so much so that he actually encouraged Angela to date, Shawn. Despite this, he was also part of why Shawn and Angela did not end up together, as he invited Angela abroad with him at the series’ conclusion.

39) Claire Ferguson

Claire is a student at JAHS who becomes involved with Shawn Hunter. Cory mistakenly believes they have started a physical relationship and uses that information as motivation to move that way with Topanga. Later in the episode it is revealed that Claire is staying with Shawn because her father is an abusive alcoholic. They eventually report the abuse to authorities.

40) Herman Stecchino

Frankie’s brother Herman was poetic much like his older sibling. He too lived in the trailer park and philosophized on class differences and coming together during Thanksgiving. He asked Morgan Matthews on a date once. It wasn’t all good for Herman though, he was a known thief who stole shampoo from the Hunter trailer after staying with them as Frankie ran an errand.

41) Uncle Mike Hunter

After Shawn got sick of staying at the Matthews and Turner’s Place he briefly moved in with his Uncle Mike who lived in the same trailer park as Chet once did. Uncle Mike was believed to be mob affiliated and would only agree to be filmed on camera (for Cory’s class project) if his face was hidden and his voice was disguised. His income was not considered legal by the State.

42) Jedediah Lawerence

Jedediah Lawerence started out as a luthier and hippie selling guitars to people in the greater Philadelphia area. He also had musical talents himself that were revealed at Eric and Cory’s secret rave party that was dubbed for Alan and Amy’s anniversary party. He later became an older suburban guy who looked completely different and divorced his wife after having an affair.

43) Gordy (of The Tongues)

Gordy was a member of Alan’s High School band The Tongues and also a close friend. He revealed that he likes to “cheat on his wife” in Season 2, but not in the way some perceived it. He would rip the fat-free sticker off of grocery items and place them on the double chunky brownie balls of death in order to fool his wife into thinking he was eating healthy. 

44) Tommy

Tommy was a young boy who lived at an orphanage in the greater Philadelphia area. Eric became his “big brother” as part of a volunteering program but it soon became a much stronger bond. The two became inseparable to the point that Eric tried to adopt Tommy. When the orphanage explained to Eric that a more suitable family wanted him, he decided to relent.

45) Mr. Stimpleman

Meriam Stimpleman was a hall monitor at John Adams High School and caught Cory and Harley Kiner skipping class and causing trouble. At the time, Cory was calling himself “Johnny Baboon” as a way of initiating himself to Harley’s gang. Stimpleman was one of the primary causes of a scheduled fight between Cory and Harley after Harley blamed Cory for the two getting caught.

46) Ellis

Ellis is one of Cory & Shawn’s better friends during Season 1. He is best known for possessing the 3000x Hydro-Saturator water gun prior to it hitting the open market. He claimed he was able to get it because he knows a guy. Ellis often made fun of Minkus along with Cory and Shawn.

47) Brenda Marsh

Brenda Marsh was a 27-year-old businesswoman who worked in the same office as Amy Matthews. She briefly dated Eric Matthews after mistaking him for Jonathon Turner at a get-together at the Matthews home (Turner couldn’t make it). Despite an initial attraction to the high school-aged Eric, she decided she would not date someone who’d never traveled abroad.

48) Bernice Matthews

Cory’s paternal Grandmother was a storyteller and a bit of a con artist. She promised Cory that they would attend a Phillies game vs the Orioles and get his Cal Ripkin Jr card signed. Not only was the card never signed, but there was never a chance for it to be. Bernice skipped out of town on the day she was supposed to take Cory to the baseball game, making him very upset.

49) Harris

Harris is one of Cory & Shawn’s friends who refers to himself as Air Harris when they are playing for the school basketball team. He only appears in one episode during Season 1 and is never seen, heard from, or referenced again. Despite this, he created a good dynamic in which Cory & Shawn were not a duo and instead were part of a larger group of friends and classmates. 

50) Brenda Hibbert

Brenda Hibbert was a lunch lady at John Adams High and went out of her way to prepare food for the students, just as they liked it. This was especially true of Cory who liked his mashed potatoes served a certain way… Unfortunately, many of the students took her for granted and she passed away suddenly without many reactions. Cory made sure to attend her funeral.

51) Cal Kilbride

Cal Kilbride was the meteorologist for local news station WIXB. Eric worked there as an intern and ran several errands for Cal, including getting his pants hemmed, as a way of showing his admiration. In fact, Eric later briefly became the fill-in weatherman for the station but was soon dismissed from the internship because of his decision to drop out of John Adams High School.

52) Leonard Spinelli

Spinelli was Alan’s co-worker from the grocery store and became more of an annoyance than a friend. He had a habit of introducing himself to people he had met several times before, including members of the Matthews family-like Amy, Cory, and Eric. He helped organize the grocery store softball game and provided groceries for BBQs at the Matthews residence.

53) Ezekiel Boden

Ezekiel lived in the mountains and worked briefly at Alan’s shop as a sales clerk. He was so good at his job, that he multiplied the shop’s typical sales revenue in just a couple of days. Unfortunately, his mother took sick and he had to resign from his position. He replaced himself with his niece Lonnie who was much younger but had a similar understanding of outdoor gear.

54) Veronica Watson

Veronica was one of the most popular girls at John Adams High. Shawn is thrilled when he gets a date with her and decides he’s going to invite her to Turner’s place since Mr. Turner had told Shawn he was going out of town and therefore that Shawn had to stay with the Matthews. What Shawn didn’t realize is that Turner lied to get him out of the house for his own romantic date.

55) Phil (Mailroom Guy)

Phil is an elderly man who works with Cory and Shawn at a nearby office mailroom as part of their work-study program. He gives pointers to both students but Shawn ends up making a name for himself in the more profitable areas of the business, especially the sales department. Cory becomes jealous of Shawn’s ascendance as he remains stuck with Phil in the mailroom. 

56) Ms. Kelly

Ms. Kelly substitutes for Cory & Shawn’s health class after Mr. Dubin is out sick. Shawn tries to impress her by suggesting he’s actually older than the rest of the class and stayed back “like 50 times.” He later tells her that he’s a 24-year-old cop but his advances are rejected with comedic glares. Ms. Kelly quizzes the class (Cory & Shawn specifically) on the reproductive system.

57) Corrina Collins (Shallow Boy)

Corrina Collins, an aspiring musician with a style that showcases her soft and flowery spirit, briefly dates Eric Matthews. When Eric dumps her because of her annoying songs, she accesses a much darker mindset. This shift helps her write better music and she becomes famous. She even writes a song about how horrible of a human being she thinks Eric is.

58) Devon Collins

JAHS’ new Guidance Counselor Ms. Devon Collins encourages Shawn to find himself which prompts him to buy a bus pass to Paris, TX — mistakenly believing he is “going to Paris.” Mr. Turner is livid with her for putting this idea in his head and is able to intercept him at the bus station.

59) Rebecca-Alexa (Model)

Eric scores a date with supermodel Rebecca-Alexa for New Year’s Eve but a series of mishaps leads her to end the date abruptly. Rebecca-Alexa represented the ideal date for Eric because she could provide status, smarts, and great looks. When Eric loses the date he becomes resentful towards Cory and decides to cause a scene on the train.

60) Eddie Hunter

Shawn’s half brother Eddie (no relation to Jack) is best known for his aggravated assault on Cory Matthews and the destruction of property (video camera) after Cory attempts to “get a story” for Eli Williams’ journalism contest. Cory acquired footage of Eddie and others stealing computers from JAHS. Shawn wants to protect his family at first, but later sides with his friend Cory.

61) Jake The Snake Roberts

Jake Roberts fights Vader at a Philadelphia house show in which Frankie, Cory & Shawn attend. Cory has to be in two places at once as it is also Topanga’s Sweet 16 birthday and her party is scheduled during the wrestling show. The three friends even get to wear Vader masks and help Frankie’s dad defeat Jake Roberts who notoriously brings out a snake to each and every match.

62) Sonja Cannon

Ms. Cannon interviewed Eric and his classmate Arthur for the WIXB internship. She was impressed by Arthur’s experience and grades and planned to give him the internship. In contrast, Eric’s resume was so bad that Sonja thought it was a joke when he sent in before the interview. Luckily for Eric, he ended up in a chance conversation with the station manager Pat Darby after he mistook him for a custodian.

63) Victor Lasalle

Victor is a local animal control worker who comes to confiscate Shawn’s pet pig after Topanga alerts them via telephone. Shawn is livid with Topanga for ratting him out to authorities behind his back. She later changes her mind and with the help of Mr. Turner, helps convince Victor that Turner is the pig’s rightful owner. Victor also offers Shawn a 20 foot boa constrictor which he declines.

64) Rhiannon Lawrence

Topanga’s mother was referenced (by a different name “Chloe”) but never seen until Season 6. We know that Jeddidah didn’t divorce and remarry because the length of their marriage is referenced throughout Season 6 and 7. However, the marriage does eventually end because of infidelity by Jeddidah, despite Cory & Shawn’s attempts to convince them to reunite.

65) Nancy Kerrigan

When Eric’s friend Jason convinces him to pretend to be an ice skater in order to go out with a girl who spends all her free time at the rink, he has a vivid dream involving Nancy Kerrigan. Although Kerrigan the character only exists in a dream state, it was still an enjoyable moment in the series and one that profoundly changed Eric’s life in several ways. 

66) Jim Abbott

Jim Abbott shows up at the Matthews home after receiving 63 telegrams from Alan, begging him to speak to his son Cory about not giving up on baseball. Abbott gives a motivational speech to Cory about how his high school teacher doubted he would ever make to the Major Leagues. He later signs baseballs to Cory and Eric, along with some of Cory’s friends who rushed to the house.

67) Mankind

After a dispute about the apartment living situation between Jack and Eric, and Rachel, Angela, and Topanga, they decide to settle the score with a fight. Jack initially objects, citing that there’s no referee available to determine a winner. Right after he says that, Mankind of WWE busts down the door and volunteers to be the ref. He awards the girls winners and beats up Eric.

68) Nebula Lawrence

Nebula is Topanga’s sister who appears on Season 1 but never again. Who knows what happened to her, or whether or not she was really Topanga’s sister. We know that Topanga was later referenced as an only-child, which significantly reduces Nebula’s ranking in the top 98. 

69) Kristen Hoffman

Kristen dated Cory during Season 3 after he and Topanga split. Cory had trouble getting over Topanga so his relationship with Kristen was never really practical. When she won a trip to Disney World, Cory decided he was going to use the opportunity to win Topanga back. However, it was quickly revealed that Topanga was the other winner of the same contest.

70) Monique Larson

Monique is a graduate research scientist conducting studies on dreams and the human mind at JAHS. When Eric volunteers to participate in the study (as a way of earning quick cash), Monique is shocked that he generates less brainwaves than the average mouse during sleep. She concludes that Eric has far less worries, hopes, dreams, and fears than a normal human being and even a field mouse.

71) Alvin

Alvin ran for class president against Cory Matthews in 7th grade (Shawn Hunter also entered his name in later). The political battle became so ruthless that it resembled a real presidential campaign. Despite being a slight favorite going into the election, Alvin was forced to drop out after accidentally revealing that his mother picks out his clothes. He was never seen again.

72) Jill Hollinger

Jill blows off Shawn for a date after being reminded that he lives in a trailer park. While she was initially attracted to him, her upper class friends and family urged her not to go out with him. Shawn decides to take this perception of him to the extreme by joining Harley Keiner’s gang. Mr. Turner and Cory eventually convince him not to go this route and he relents and falls back.

73) Gloria Heck

Gloria and her husband Arnie stay out Cory, Shawn, and Topanga’s makeshift bed and breakfast (which is really Feeny’s house). Gloria gives the group confidence when she seems impressed by the venue and service. Shawn takes this as an indicator that he can make some good money and that he will also get away with it. Cory, on the other hand, remains scared.

74) Katherine Anderson

Katerine flirts with Goerge Feeny and asks him out on a date. Feeny fails to pick up on her signals until Eric reveals to him what she’s doing. Despite her clear interest, Feeny fails to play into her attraction and instead rips her poetry she’s been writing to shreds, choosing to be brutally honest rather than flirtatious. Later in the episode, the two end up dancing at the club.

75) Susan Maguire

Dana Pruitt’’s mother Susan is divorced from her father which is why her last name is not Pruitt, but instead; Maguire. When Mr. Turner learns she is divorced he becomes attracted to her and even flirts with her in front of Shawn and Dana. Shawn is disgusted by this display and when asked for her number tells Turner that it’s “1-800-Take-a-Cold-Shower” They end up dating anyway but only for one meeting because of the discomfort it is causing to Shawn and Dana.

76) Jennifer Bassett

Jennifer Bassett is infamous for trying to end Cory and Shawn’s friendship after Cory criticizes her. She had previously dated Shawn, but decided to again pursue him as a measure of revenge against Cory. Obviously her devious efforts failed when Shawn chose Cory over her.

77) Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina The Teenage Witch appeared at Pennbrook (during Season 5) for a single episode. She put a spell on Jack Hunter and the rest is history. Her character was already established on her own show so she came in with fanfare and credibility. Diversions from the series normal world were of interest to some, while other fans of the series prefered to stick to real life experiences.

78)  Rich Herrera

Rich Herrera is a local weatherman who is never seen on camera but becomes an idol for Eric Matthews. His first mention is in Season 3 when Cory scores a local news interview for appearing to have saved JAHS from a fire. Eric sees this as an opportunity to plug himself and replace Hererra as the station meteorologist. Shawn finds this absurd and lets it be known that “everybody loves Rich Herrera”

79) Mr. Fontaine

Mr. Fontaine is ½ of a duo of mafia men who use Sam’s Bar as a front to their illegal crime operation. When Cory gets a part-time job at Sam’s Bar he is delighted that the duo provides him with money for “favors.” Shawn points out that they are mob men and Cory decides to quit.

80) Mr. Martini

Mr. Martini is the other member of the mob duo from Sam’s Bar. He often laughs with his business and crime partner Mr. Fontaine about “Sam at the Bar” who really has no say in their business dealings. The pair eventually recruit Shawn to do drug runs down at the warehouse.

81) Arthur

Arthur competes with Eric for the WIXB internship. He appears to be the favorite after securing a letter of recommendation from billionaire TV mogul Ted Turner, and impressing Sonya Cannon in the interview. However, he ends up losing out to Eric when the station manager Pat learns of Eric’s sincere desire for the job.

82) Jennifer Love Fefferman

The “Scream” episode of Boy Meets World (Season 5 – Episode 4: And Then There Was Shawn) revealed Jennifer Love Fefferman who was a knockoff of Jennifer Love Hewitt. Since she appeared in horror films like I Know What You Did Last Summer, it made sense for her to be in this episode. Fefferman behaves similarly to how a lead actress would in a teen horror film. 

83) Doug

When Chet Hunter becomes a janitor at John Adams High, in an effort to show his wife Virna that he’s changed, Shawn is subjected to ridicule from his classmates, and one in particular; Doug. Unlike Shawn, Doug comes from a wealthy family and finds it amusing that Chet has to clean toilets at his son’s high school. Shawn ends up physically assaulting Doug after telling him “you can bleed.”

84) Denny Burgess

Denny is the leader of the pack that attacks Mr. Feeny’s house after he refuses to change the Finals schedule. A group of students led by Denny are frustrated with the exam schedule and feel that it is outrageous. Despite civil attempts to change the schedule by Cory, Mr. Turner, and others, the gang decides to take it into their own hands by vandalizing Feeny’s household.

85) Louanne

Louanne meets Cory at a run-down truck stop off the highway. Cory is there looking for Chet Hunter who fled Shawn’s trailer park in an effort to chase his estranged wife Virna. Louanne is an older woman who quickly develops a liking for Cory after arguing with her older boyfriend. She gets an a quick argument with Topanga but they soon become friends.

86) Stuart

Stuart was a young and engaging professor at Pennbrook. He taught Angela, Cory, Shawn, and Topanga in a writing class and was able to connect with them in ways that older professors like Goerge Feeny could not. Unfortunately, he was also guilty of sexual harassment towards Topanga after visiting her dorm room one evening. Cory assaulted him in the student union but the college board ruled to let that go and instead dismiss Stuart from the university.

87) Missy Robinson

Missy is one of the most popular girls at John Adams High School and flirts with Cory despite his relationship with Topanga. Missy uses a party invite as a ruse to get Cory to come over since he would not have agreed to see her privately. During this outing, Topanga is home sick and Cory ends up kissing Missy. He later apologizes to Topanga and promises to stop seeing her.

88) Gambling Dan

Gambling Dan is a hotshot poker player at Pennbrook. He develops a friendship with Shawn Hunter and even holds poker games in his dorm room. He makes fun of Cory for being married and “whipped” until he eventually convinces him to go to the bar Cleavage. Cory ends up taking his engagement ring off at the bar and leaves it behind. When Topanga finds out, she is livid.

89) Bridget Murphy

Bridget is the daughter of Pennbrook’s Chancellor and decides she’s going to manage the Student Union which Eric and Jack work as part of their work-study program. Because she is the Chancellor’s daughter she bosses around Eric and Jack and makes Eric her lackey.

90) Prudence Curtis

Prudence is Topanga’s aunt and the sister of her mother Rhiannon Lawrence. She agrees to let Topanga live with her as she finishes high school after her parents move to Pittsburgh. Despite her willingness to be Topanga’s guardian, she strongly disapproves of her relationship with Cory.

91) Shelia

Eric meets Shelia when he moves in with a student named Adam, who was looking for a roommate. Sheila is their neighbor and often visits Adam when she locks herself out of her room after showering. Eric thinks he hit the jackpot but is forced to move out when he learns Adam keeps dead bodies in his closet.

92) Kelly

Kelly is the single mother of a little boy named Ryan and ends up dating Eric in Season 4. The two hit off quickly and because of Eric’s personality, he develops a big brother bond with her son. However, the two are forced to break up when Kelly realizes that Eric cannot handle the responsibility of raising a young boy.

93) Ryan

Ryan is the son of Kelly, a single mother whom Eric briefly dates during Season 4. He and Eric hit it off and Ryan ends up wanting to spend more time with him. Eric enjoys babysitting until one day at Chubbie’s when he loses sight of Ryan and starts screaming at him for running off.

94) Sherri

Sherri is a member of Mr. Mack’s cult The Centre and a friend and classmate of Shawn Hunter. She is the person who initially tells Shawn about The Centre and invites him to come to hang out there. Because Shawn is searching for something within himself, he quickly becomes connected to the new environment.

95) Christy

Christy is one of the girls Eric dated at John Adams High. She is most notable for the time that Cory urged Eric to express his love to her, though Eric didn’t even know her last name. She also notoriously told Eric that she’s been to Pittsburgh when he asked her if she’d traveled to Europe.

96) Melanie Clifton

Melanie Clifton is the former girlfriend and highschool sweetheart of Jonathon Turner. The two seriously dated when they lived in Connecticut and were urged by their parents to marry one another. Turner, however, decided to ditch his wealthy lifestyle in CT and carve his own path.

97) Debbie

Debbie is an aerobics instructor who was set up with Shawn by Topanga. Despite Topanga’s belief the two would hit it off, Shawn found her not to be his type and was put off by her lack of interest in classical music and artistic expression. She contrasted Angela, who had more similar tastes to Shawn, and who Shawn would later fall for.

98) Dana Foster

Dana Foster was famous from Step by Step and made an appearance on Boy Meets World during Season 3. She is at Disney World when Cory travels there in an effort to impress Topanga. The two characters briefly speak with one another at the Living Seas Pavilion.

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