Ranking The (Top 100) Boy Meets World Characters

Boy Meets World’s seven-season run from 1993-2000 earned a legacy unmatched by most of its sitcom contemporaries. While the series was not considered a mega-hit while airing, its popularity skyrocketed in syndication (on The Disney Channel) for decades after its final episode.

In 2024, Boy Meets World’s peak popularity has further ascended, thanks, in part, to a podcast featuring three of the show’s main cast (Rider Strong, Danielle Fishel, and Will Friedle) titled Pod Meets World.

The increased focus on the series, from everyone from Entertainment Weekly staff writers to anonymous Reddit users, has heightened debates and discussions on the show’s best (and worst) characters.

Ranking sitcom characters is inherently subjective. Even after gathering the sentiments of a broad spectrum of Boy Meets Worlds fans, little consensus was reached regarding the exact ranking of each character.

Below, Circa98 ranks the top 100 Boy Meets World characters of all time.

Table of Contents

1) Shawn Hunter

Shawn Hunter is widely regarded as the heart and soul of Boy Meets World. Consensus exists around the character’s popularity and influence, though contrarians are certainly vocal about Shawn’s shortcomings.

From the average viewer’s standpoint, Shawn introduced emotional depth to the coming-of-age sitcom.

He represented the emotional conflict between unbridled confidence and fear of inferiority as a troubled but caring youth. No other character matches the complexity presented by Shawn throughout the series’s run.

Lacking a prototypical upbringing, Shawn relies on the adult influences in his life (Mr. Feeny, Mr. Turner, and Alan Matthews) along with his best friend, Cory Matthews, to navigate an increasingly difficult world.

Eventually, Shawn meets his soulmate, Angela Moore, though their relationship ultimately fails. Both parties are afraid to be hurt, which is why the relationship emanates intensity and captures viewers’ attention.

2) George Feeny

Mr. Feeny represents the show’s moral and ethical ideals and imparts wisdom to the younger and more impressionable characters. In addition, the traditional educator sets an example for Cory, Shawn, Eric, and others.

Starting as Cory, Shawn, and Topanga’s 6th-grade teacher, Feeny’s career trajectory mirrors the maturation of his favorite students. As a result, George Feeny influences characters spanning all seven seasons.

Single for most of his tenure on Boy Meets World, Mr. Feeny marries Dean Bolander during Season 6, self-actualizing his repeated ideal of true love.

While his following of the main characters through their entire educational journey is highly unrealistic, the sheer gravity of Feeny’s presence suspends the viewers’ disbelief.

In the series’ final scene, Mr. Feeny dismisses his most loyal students one last time.

3) Cory Matthews

Cory Matthews is the show’s main character and, thus, the boy meeting the world. Boy Meets World revolves around Cory Matthews, a responsibility he seems equipped to handle for all seven seasons.

While other characters like Shawn, Topanga, and Mr. Feeny evoke more emotion from the series’ loyal viewers, none of them would exist without the presence of Cory. As a result, Cory serves as the show’s central hub.

Critics of the series argue that Cory Matthews is a bad person, especially in Seasons 2,3,5,6 and 7. They cite his chasing of Topanga to Disney World in Season 3 and cheating on Topanga in Season 5 as evidence.

Others grade Cory on a curve, understanding the era and his adolescence without harsh judgment.

Despite being known as Shawn’s friend, Topanga’s boyfriend, or his favorite: Hey Kid…Move, Cory achieves his long-term goal of marrying Topanga and remaining close to Shawn Hunter.

4) Topanga Lawrence

Topanga is responsible for the show’s ascendance in popularity and is one of the most integral characters.

As Cory’s primary love interest, Topanga serves as the center of his universe and, thus, the world in which the boy meets.

Despite her maturation into a teen icon, Topanga’s initial presentation was far different. During Season 1, Topanga is the social outcast who challenges Cory’s traditional viewpoints. 

Critics of the series lament the character’s lack of depth and on-screen appearances in Seasons 2 and 3, while others commend her contributions during those formative years.

As the show progresses, Topanga evolves first into the popular high school girl and later into the career-focused college student. The series could not have reached its cultural pinnacle without Topanga.

5) Eric Matthews

Eric is one of the most polarizing Boy Meets World characters. He is considered the most appealing character by a segment of the fanbase and one of the most frustrating by others.

Part of the dissonance stems from Eric’s evolution (or devolution) from Season 1 to Season 7.

Cory’s older brother evolves from a prototypical high school kid in the first season into a deranged but lovable lunatic by the final one.

Most agree that his peak occurs in Seasons 2-4 before quickly deteriorating in the later seasons.

Despite his typical upbringing, Eric suffers from chronic stupidity, highlighted in some very over-the-top incidents.

For example, Eric stalks Topanga throughout much of Season 6, though his intentions are unclear.

Despite several insane plot points, Eric’s relationship with his mentor, Mr. Feeny, remains one of the show’s most nostalgic staples.

Viewers can sense the genuine connection between the two characters for all seven seasons.

6) Alan Matthews

Alan serves as an ethical role model to his children and their friends, exemplified by his continued presence as a strong father and husband.

Despite his rough edges, Alan finds ways to communicate his love to Cory, Eric, and Morgan.

Of course, Alan’s toughness sometimes gets the better of him.

For example, he refuses to wish Eric a happy birthday after he decides to drop out of high school. Similarly, he unfairly berates Shawn for getting drunk with Cory.

The flip side of his behavior comes when he defends his children and friends from community parasites like Mr. Mack in the Season 4 episode Cult Fiction.

Alan threatens to kill Mr. Mack if he does not release Shawn from The Centre – a nearby cult for confused teenagers.

Critics of the series point to a primary incident that damaged Alan’s legacy during Season 4.

The father of three children quits his job as a grocery store manager without consulting his wife.

He later buys a camping store (Matthews Wilderness Outpost) at which he works full-time.

7) Angela Moore

After entering the series during Season 5, Angela makes a strong impression on the show’s most loyal viewers. As the first woman Shawn Hunter truly loves, the couple’s chemistry changes the series’ trajectory.

Aside from her intense relationship with Shawn, Angela also provides Topanga with an on-screen friend.

Before Angela’s arrival, Topanga seldom appeared on-screen with her girlfriends, aside from a few Season 3 episodes featuring Trini.

Angela’s character progresses more each season as viewers learn more about her upbringing and her strong relationship with her father.

Ultimately, Angela decides to travel to Europe with her father, ending her relationship with Shawn.

8) Jonathon Turner

Despite only appearing in parts of three seasons, Mr. Turner remains one of the most popular Boy Meets World characters of all time.

Debuting in Season 2, Jonathon Turner makes a quick impression on Cory, Shawn, Topanga, and Mr. Feeny.

A contrast to George Feeny, Turner relates with his students on their level. His students are in awe of his presence upon learning that he drives a motorcycle, reads X-men, and dates the most attractive teachers.

As the series progresses, Mr. Turner develops a strong bond with Shawn Hunter and provides him with a loving home after Chet flees the trailer park.

Shawn lives with Turner for most of Season 3 but moves out when Chet returns toward the end of the season.

Despite his reverence, Mr. Turner exits the show after a motorcycle accident in Season 4.

Unfortunately, the series never resolves the plot, and the characters only mention him once more in the Season 5 Graduation episode.

His reference is intended as a joke about being on the other side of the school with Minkus (another character who disappeared without explanation).

9) Amy Matthews

As Cory and Eric’s mother, Amy plays a pivotal role in her children’s development. Amy injects the series with a sweet and motherly spirit with the love only a mother could give.

Amy’s relationship with her husband, Alan, adds more positives to the series as she often helps him come to his senses during tribulations.

In addition, their marriage serves as an example for Cory and Topanga as something to aspire to themselves.

Critics of the show chastise the character’s limitations, perhaps a symptom of the era that reduced women influencers to stereotypical housewives.

Most would argue, however, that Amy was atypical (in a good way) and one of the most nuanced sitcom mothers of the 90s.

Amy also provides tough love to her children. For example, when Cory and Topanga elope, Amy criticizes the decision, scolding the couple for getting married too young.

She later reveals her outburst stems from fear of losing Cory.

However, in retrospect, Amy is viewed as the primary voice of reason in an otherwise shortsighted decision.

10) Eli Williams

Eli Williams provides the series with fresh charisma during Season 3.

As the most underrated and underappreciated Boy Meets World character, Eli’s only flaw was his inability to remain in the series for a longer stretch.

Of course, the decision to move on from Eli was no fault of his own.

Critics of the series argue both that the character was underutilized and that he took away scenes from other characters (namely Topanga Lawerence and Alan Matthews).

However, Eli fans contend that all three characters could have co-existed with proper writing and blocking.

In addition, Mr. Williams’s presence created a more realistic high school environment where the students attended classes with multiple different teachers rather than having the same teacher for every class (Mr. Feeny), which would occur in later seasons.

As Mr. Turner’s best friend, Mr. Williams connects with the show’s cast in new and appealing ways.

For example, Eli inspires Cory’s interest in film, which would further develop later in the series, long after Williams’s exit.

Aside from his friendship with Jonathon Turner, Eli Williams adds a new dynamic to the John Adams High School faculty.

As the Media Arts teacher, Mr. Williams empowers students to develop their creative instincts.

11) Chet Hunter

Shawn’s absentee father provides a lightheartedness that makes him likable despite his transgressions. Chet lives in the trailer park with Shawn until he decides to chase his wife Virna across the country.

Before fleeing the city, Chet visits Shawn’s high school for career day. Chet tells the students many fabricated tales about how he invented CNN, which he called, at the time, Chet’s News Network.

There are times when Chet makes an effort to give Shawn a better life but continually fails to follow through on his promises. As a result, Chet is primarily to blame for Shawn’s emotional problems.

Unfortunately, Chet passes away during Season 6, leaving behind at least three sons, Shawn, Jack, and Eddie, and a daughter in Stacie.

12) Frankie Stecchino

First appearing in Season 2 as the enforcer of Harley Keiner’s gang at John Adams High School, Frankie Stecchino introduces more character nuance than any other guest star.

In short, Frankie brings levity to Boy Meets World as a misunderstood malcontent.

For example, his reputation as the school’s enforcer and threatening disposition intimidate everyone besides fellow gang members Harley and Joey.

Despite his persona, Frankie is a kindhearted poet who wants nothing more than to be understood. For example, when Harley and Joey face school expulsions, Frankie pursues Shawn and Cory as his new best friends.

As an added bonus, Frankie is the son of WWF wrestler Vader, who inexplicably lives in a trailer park (is Vance McMahon that cheap?) So Frankie looks after his younger brother Herman while Vader hits the wrestling tours.

13) Harley Keiner

Harley brings danger to Boy Meets World upon his Season 2 arrival. Known infamously as the school’s leading troublemaker, Harley makes a special effort to ruin Cory’s life, or as he refers to him, Johnny Baboon.

As John Adams High School’s most feared gang leader, Harley gives orders to Joey and Frankie whenever necessary. Both of his subordinates look at Harley as a God, as do many other students.

Despite his tough-guy persona and illegal activity, Harley also demonstrates another side that is accessible and likable. For example, he consults Amy Matthews when looking for ways to win back his girlfriend.

14) Joey The Rat Epstein

The slick-talking thug provides comedic relief to Boy Meets World in seasons 2 and 3. Perceived as the talker of his gang, students fear him less than Harley and Frankie but acknowledge his position in the chain of command.

Joey The Rat became integral to several major plot points during his series tenure. For instance, he assists Janitor Bud’s scheme to falsify his work hours by punching his time card in exchange for $20.

Eventually, Joey gets expelled from John Adams High School, leaving his best friend Frankie as the lone member of John Adams High School’s most feared gang. However, Joey does reappear for graduation.

15) Stuart Minkus

As an integral member of the show’s original cast, Stuart Minkus serves as the moral compass for the younger characters. Known as Mr. Feeny’s teacher’s pet, Minkus demonstrates a remarkable IQ for his age.

Because of his book smarts, Cory, Shawn, and others mercilessly tease their young classmate. Minkus even attempts to change his wardrobe to better fit in. But, ultimately, Mr. Feeny convinces him to be himself.

Stuart disappears from the series after Season 1 but returns for a cameo in the Season 5 Graduation episode. He references being on the other side of the school with Mr. Turner, a line meant as a self-deprecating joke and not a plot point.

16) Griff Hawkins

Griff is one of the coolest Boy Meets World characters despite only appearing in a few episodes. Girls loved Griff, and guys hated him, making him the prototypical ladies’ man of John Adams High. Even older women, such as the school secretary, hit on Griff.

After Harley was expelled, Griff showed up at John Adams High School and represented a new troublemaker for Joey and Frankie to follow. As a result, Griff made a significant imprint on the series in only a short time.

For example, he feuded with Mr. Feeny, ran illegal after-hours events, including a wrestling match between Vader and Eric Matthews with appearances by Yasmine Bleeth and Robert Goulet, and angered the jocks.

17) Jack Hunter

The emergence of Jack’s character seemed far-fetched after Shawn’s other half-brother, Eddie, disappeared from the series without explanation after a single Season 3 episode.

Nevertheless, Boy Meets World’s writers went back to the well, attempting to manufacture conflict by introducing another of Chet’s seemingly infinite supply of children.

On the bright side, Shawn’s older half-brother, Jack, brings much-needed sanity to the cast in Season 5.

Jack’s contrasting personality helps keep Eric and Shawn in check, especially when they appear ready to spiral out of control. 

Jack Hunter typifies the rich boy with a together attitude. Of course, it helps that his stepfather funds his tuition and expenses. Still, Jack maintains a great sense of humor and genuine kindness toward others.

His romantic relationship with Rachel proves short-lived, but their mutual courtship provides viewers with great moments. Perhaps most importantly, Jack’s friendship with Eric emerges as a series staple.

18) Morgan Matthews

For seasons 1 and 2, Morgan provides hilarious comedic relief in the Matthews family settings. Then, in Season 3, she inexplicably reappears as a different actor.

The second actor adds her own value to the character, though she’s less comedic than the original. The Morgan Matthews character disappears for long stretches of episodes from Season 3 and onward.

We rarely witness Morgan’s life outside of its relationship with the Matthews household, aside from a few isolated incidents. She was the youngest Matthews child, but her school life and interests were mostly a mystery.

19) Lauren

As Cory’s only other love interest, Lauren is the foundation for the show’s most infamous plotline. Viewers know of her short-lived romance with Cory at the ski lodge, but her personality brings a lot to the series.

Lauren pursues Cory after their initial fling, and Cory decides to give her a chance. Although their second date makes Cory more convicted of his love for Topanga, the entire ordeal causes conflict between the couple.

Lauren represents the life Cory gives up by dedicating himself to Topanga. However, Lauren is a different type of person and someone who values romantic moments, such as watching the stars in the country.

20) Rachel McGuire

Rachel provided the series with new energy upon her Season 5 arrival as Jack and Eric’s new roommate. Both men developed a crush on her, but she ultimately chose Jack, partly because of Eric’s childish behavior.

After Rachel and Jack become a couple, Eric moves out of the apartment. Unfortunately, her new relationship is short-lived, though it spawns the origin of a significant plot point.

Rachel shares a scantily clad photo with her then-boyfriend Jack, which Shawn blows up and displays in the student union as a mean-spirited prank. Jack reveals that he innocently shared the photo with Shawn.

Rachel is also notorious for serving the cake that sparked Chet Hunter’s heart attack and untimely death. But, of course, Chet was an alcoholic who lived an unhealthy lifestyle, so blaming Rachel seems unfair.

21) Virna Hunter

Virna Hunter is a lovely person who treats Shawn and his friends with respect. But unfortunately, she abandons Shawn multiple times throughout the series. When she does return in Season 4, her stay is short-lived.

Chet spends much of Shawn’s formative years chasing Virna across the country. When she returns to town in Season 4, Cory convinces her to cross the highway from her motel and reunite with her family.

Later in the series, we learn that Virna is not Shawn’s biological mother, causing her presumed son to spiral out of control. Shawn searches for his real mother through Genealogy services but cannot locate her, to his dismay.

22) Janitor Bud

Janitor Bud added comedy to John Adams High School as a colorful high school custodian. The students knew him by name and often addressed him in the hallways. Bud was not the most friendly person, however.

For his part, Bud was a drunken, gambling janitor who forged his timesheet to skip off to the horse track during work hours. He often humiliated students and argued with the principal, George Feeny.

Despite his rough patches, Bud was also beloved by many at John Adams High. So when he thinks Cory saved his life, he gifts him with an automatic locker genie. He took it back when Cory got exposed.

23) Kat Tompkins

Kat Tompkins brought a feminine brightness to the cast that was previously absent. Considered one of the best Boy Meets World teachers, Ms. Tompkins starts a brief romantic relationship with Jon Turner.

Although we never witness Ms. Tompkins in a classroom setting, we see her in the John Adams High School hallways. So naturally, many of her students develop a crush on her and grow envious of Mr. Turner.

Ms. Tompkins only appears in Season 2 and leaves after Mr. Turner asks Shawn to move into his apartment. Kat desired a committed relationship, which Mr. Turner determined he was not ready for at the time.

24) Dana Pruitt

Dana is one of Shawn’s most memorable girlfriends and one of his few early love interests whose storyline expands beyond a single episode. She dated Shawn during Season 3 and returns for a cameo in Season 5.

Aside from Angela, Dana represented the sole romantic partner who formed a deeper connection with Shawn. As a result, her presence on the show gives viewers their first glimpse into Shawn’s relational issues.

Both her mother and aunt briefly dated Jonathon Turner, much to the disgust of her and her then-boyfriend Shawn. Still, her mother is an excellent match for Mr. Turner, but she decides not to continue dating him because of the awkwardness.

25) Mr. Philip Mack

Mr. Mack is an unintentionally hilarious cult leader who mimics modern self-help gurus. Mack has dozens of kids living at his community center, where he instills a bunch of new-age propaganda into their psyches.

His compound is known as The Centre — a place for young people who lack a direction in life. George Feeny considers The Centre a “cult,” but Shawn Hunter finds meaning in its teachings after Mr. Turner scolds him.

Shawn gets so attached that he moves into The Centre, much to the dismay of Mr. Feeny and Cory’s parents. Alan Matthews even threatens to kill Mr. Mack at the hospital where they wait after Turner’s bike accident.

26) Lonnie Boden

Lonnie is the beautiful cousin of Eziekal Boden and adds a lot to the show. Her most infamous plot point involves her stripping herself naked to save herself and Eric when they are stranded in a blizzard.

Having been raised with brothers and male cousins, Lonnie Boden is a stereotypical tomboy in that she enjoys hunting, fishing, mudding, and boxing. Eric finds himself drawn to Lonnie, although they have absolutely nothing in common.

Lonnie briefly works at Alan’s camping store after Eziekal steps down to tend to his ailing mother. Eric loves the arrangement as he gets to be around Lonnie all day.

27) Dr. Sorrell

Dr. Sorrell is a hilarious science teacher at John Adams High School and represents the ethical contrast to George Feeny. For example, Dr. Sorrell enjoys gifting grades to student-athletes and accepting bribes from others.

Sorrell’s most famous plot point occurs in Season 3’s Hometown Hero episode when Cory saves the school from a fire that he started. Since the fire began in the chemistry lab, Dr. Sorrell treats Cory like a star athlete.

Later in the season, Dr. Sorrell plans a field trip to Atlantic City to study probabilities. However, after Mr. Feeny overhears his plans to exploit students for gambling purposes, he threatens to fire him.

28) Theresa Keiner

Harley’s sister brings an old-school charm to Boy Meets World. Theresa, or T.K. as many call her, starts dating Cory Matthews. But, as the sister of Harley Kiner, Cory finds her interest horrifying despite having an attraction to her.

Harley enlists Frankie and Joey to help ensure the date goes well for T.K. and that Cory treats her well. Harley acts as a father in a similar setting since he is responsible for her well-being.

Ultimately, T.K. and Cory decide not to pursue a serious relationship together, which is better for everyone involved.

29) Trini Martin

Trini is one of the most underrated Boy Meets World characters and has a cult following among the show’s most sincere loyalists. As Topanga’s best friend during Season 3, Trini adds an awkward charm to the social group.

If you think about Topanga’s character during Season 1, it makes sense that Trini would be drawn to her. Of course, Topanga is far less atypical by Season 2, but she clearly respects Trini’s social awkwardness and contrast.

Trini disappears from the series after Season 3 but not before inserting herself into some of the most infamous plotlines, including the plot to make Cory jealous enough to finally pursue Topanga as his girlfriend.

30) Pat Darby

Pat instills a working-class charm into the Boy Meets World cast despite holding a high-level position at WIXB. It is at the news station where he runs into Eric, who just bombed in his interview for the station internship.

Mr. Darby strikes up a conversation with Eric, who at the time believes him to be a custodian. As his nerves dissipate, Eric passionately explains to Pat why he’d be great for the internship. Mr. Darby surprises Eric by identifying himself and then awarding him the job.

Pat and Eric form a strong bond, and Eric temporarily becomes a fill-in weather guy for the station. Unfortunately, Pat is forced to fire him when he learns that Eric dropped out of high school, making him ineligible for the internship.

31) Jason Marsden

In the first two seasons, Jason is Eric’s best friend and plays off Eric’s propensity for boneheaded ideas with dry humor, cynicism, and street smarts. He infamously convinces Eric to lie about his knowledge of ice skating to impress a girl.

Jason also enjoyed flirting with Amy Matthews in Season 1 and providing other best friend duties like making fun of Cory and Shawn. He came across as a bit of a prick, which made sense, given the context of his character.

32) Chubbie

The owner of his namesake’s restaurant was necessary for mostly off-screen purposes. Chubbie’s was the local hangout for Cory & Shawn, as well as Turner & Eli.

He liked orders to be submitted explicitly as “Turkey Chubbie, with everything,” regardless of which meal you actually wanted to eat. He also provided the private room for Eric’s going away party in Season 3.

33) Dean Bolander

Dean Bolander is Penbrook University’s Dean and George’s soon-to-be wife. George Feeny is single throughout the series until he meets Dean Bolander at Pennbrook and later marries her in The Matthews’s living room.

Although she only appeared in the show’s final two seasons, she became an integral part of Mr. Feeny’s character arc by providing him with a life partner that mirrored the show’s primary relationship (Cory and Topanga).

34) Robert Goulet

Robert Goulet appears as himself in Season 2’s The Thrilla’ in Phila.’ Goulet agrees to emcee the wrestling event between Cory Matthews and Joey the Rat at the request of his apparent friend, Griff Hawkins.

Later in the episode, Goulet performs a mini-concert at Griff’s detention session, which also features Cory, Joey, and Frankie.

Goulet’s appearance is meant as a light-hearted changeup during Season 2 and one that fans primarily remember with fondness.

However, criticism of the series distains the far-fetched storyline of Goulet’s friendship with Griff and his willingness to spend time at John Adams High School.

35) Reginald Fairfield

Reginald’s connection with the Matthews pre-dates the Boy Meets World series. Reginald met Alan and Amy on their honeymoon trip to Europe, decades before the show’s first season aired.

At the time, Alan told him that if he was ever and town and needed a place to stay, he could contact them.

Of course, this is a simple courtesy to most people and is not meant to be taken literally, but Fairfield took it quite literally by showing up decades later and bunking in their house.

36) Frankie Stecchino Sr (Vader)

Vader was a professional wrestler living in a trailer park with his sons Frankie and Herman, along with his wife. Perhaps Vince McMahon didn’t pay him well, which some wrestlers in the ’90s would confirm.

Frankie’s dad had several memorable moments throughout the series, including beating up Eric Matthews at an after-hours wrestling match set up by Griff Hawkins. He later invites Cory and Shawn to see him fight Jake The Snake.

37) Sergeant Moore

Angela’s father was a military man who visited Pennbrook for an ROTC program. He was impressed by Shawn’s conviction to become Angela’s life partner — so much so that he encouraged Angela to date Shawn. 

Despite this, he was also part of why Shawn and Angela did not end up together, as he invited Angela abroad with him at the series’ conclusion. He first gives Shawn his blessing to propose, but Shawn decides not to.

38) Claire Ferguson

Claire is a John Adams student who becomes involved with Shawn Hunter. Unfortunately, Cory mistakenly believes they are sleeping together when he sees Claire staying at Shawn’s trailer overnight.

Later in the episode, Claire reveals her father is an abusive alcoholic, which is why she’s hiding out at other classmates’ houses. Cory and Shawn eventually report the abuse to authorities against her wishes.

39) Herman Stecchino

Frankie’s brother Herman was a poetic intellectual, much like his older sibling. He, too, lived in the trailer park and philosophized on class differences and coming together during Thanksgiving.

Herman asks Morgan Matthews on a date once, and she agrees. Herman wasn’t without flaws, though, as he was a known thief who stole shampoo from the Hunter trailer while Frankie ran an errand.

40) Uncle Mike Hunter

Mike Hunter was a mob-affiliated career criminal who owned a bike shop and presumably sold drugs. As the brother of Chet and uncle of Shawn, Mike lived in the same trailer park.

Shawn briefly moved in with his Uncle Mike, who would only agree to be filmed on camera (for Cory’s video greeting) if his face was hidden and his voice was disguised. His income was not considered legal by the State.

41) Jedediah Lawerence

First appearing as a hippie luthier who sold guitars to the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Jedediah slowly transitioned into an overweight adulterer beholden to corporate America.

In the early Boy Meets World seasons, Jedidiah raises his daughter Topanga as a non-conformist vegan but later finds himself addicted to fast food and Alf — the TV show.

42) Gordy

As Alan’s high school buddy and former bandmate, Gordy remains close with his friends as they grow older. When Cory starts a band, Alan reunites his band, The Tounges, which features Gordy as the lead vocalist.

Gordy is known for cheating on his wife, but not in the traditional sense. Instead, he rips the fat-free sticker off of Entenmann’s angel food cake and sticks them on the double fudge, double butter, brownie balls of death. 

43) Tommy

Eric volunteers to serve as Tommy’s big brother after learning that he lives at an orphanage, but the two quickly form an even stronger bond.

Finally, it comes to the point that Eric files to adopt Tommy but later reconsiders at the request of the orphanage.

The adoption agency explains that a better-suited family has offered to adopt Tommy and enjoy life with a mother, father, sister, and dog.

However, despite Tommy’s insistence that he prefers Eric, his big brother decides to concede to the agency’s preference.

44) Mr. Stimpleman

Merian Stimpleman was a hall monitor at John Adams High School. He infamously catches Cory and Harley loitering in the hallways.

After Cory refers to himself as Johnny Baboon, Marian sends both students to the principal’s office.

Harley Keiner blames Cory for the incident and promises to pound the 7th-grader into the ground after school. Luckily, Jonathon Turner shows up and saves Cory from the beating of his life.

45) Ellis

Ellis is one of Cory and Shawn’s friends during Season 1. He is best known for possessing the 3000x Hydro-Saturator water gun before it hit the open market. Ellis claimed he only got the gun because he knew a guy.

Additionally, Ellis often participated in his friends’ ridiculing of Stuart Minkus. Finally, Ellis, Cory, and Shawn plan to form an alliance for the upcoming neighborhood water war.

46) Brenda Marsh

Brenda Marsh is a 27-year-old colleague of Amy Matthews. She briefly dates Eric after mistaking him for Jonathon Turner during an attempted setup. Amy called both parties to cancel, but only Jon got the message.

Erick quickly realizes he’s a bad fit because of his lack of life and travel experience. However, Eric finds Mr. Turner at Chubbie’s and introduces him to Brenda, and the previously planned blind date takes place.

47) Bernice Matthews

Cory’s paternal Grandmother is a storyteller and bonafide con artist. She promises Cory they will attend a Phillies-Orioles game and get his Cal Ripkin Jr. rookie card signed. 

Not only was the card never signed, but there was never a chance for it to be. Bernice skipped out of town when she was supposed to take Cory to the baseball game. Though Cory gets upset, Alan is not surprised at all.

48) Harris

Harris is Shawn and Cory’s friend during Season 1. The 6th grader refers to himself as Air Harris and plays for the school’s basketball team. Unfortunately, he only appears in one episode during the first season.

Like many other characters, Harris is never heard from or referenced again. Despite this, he created a good dynamic in which Cory and Shawn could play off of a third friend and classmate rather than only each other.

49) Brenda Hibbert

Brenda Hibbert was a beloved lunch lady at John Adams High School up until her sudden death. The cafeteria worker went out of her way to prepare food for the students, just as they liked it.

For example, Cory liked his mashed potatoes served a certain way, and Brenda obliged every time. But unfortunately, many of the students took her for granted, and she passed away suddenly without many reactions.

50) Cal Kilbride

Cal Kilbride is a meteorologist for the local news station WIXB. Eric works there as an intern and runs several errands for Cal, including hemming his pants. It’s no secret that Eric is a bit of a Stan when it comes to Cal.

Later on, Eric briefly fills in as a weatherman for the station. However, the intern is soon dismissed because he decides to drop out of high school. The internship is only available to active students, not dropouts like Eric.

51) Leonard Spinelli

Alan’s co-worker, Leonard Spinelli, turned out to be more of an annoyance than a friend. For example, Leonard introduced himself to Alan’s family each time he stopped by, even though they had met him several times before.

On a positive note, Leonard helps organize the grocery store softball game. Additionally, he provides groceries for the Matthews family BBQ after Eric and Cory feel bad about their lack of interest in the game.

52) Ezekiel Boden

Ezekiel lives in the mountains with his family, including his niece, Lonnie. The mountain man works briefly as a sales clerk at Alan’s camping store, where he is so effective that he multiplies the shop’s revenue in just days. 

Unfortunately, Ezekiel resigned after his mother took sick but offered to fill his position with Lonnie, his younger female niece. Like Zeke, Lonnie has an intimate understanding of outdoor equipment and camping life.

53) Veronica Watson

As an infamous popular girl at John Adams High School, Veronica Watson‘s name invokes a reaction from most male students. Shawn is fortunate enough to set up a date with Veronica during Season 3.

Though Shawn was staying with Mr. Turner at the time, Jonathon claimed he was going out of town. Shawn took it as an opportunity to bring Veronica to the empty apartment, only to find Jon there with his date.

54) Phil

Phil is an elderly man who works with Cory and Shawn at a nearby office mailroom as part of their work-study program. He gives pointers to both students, but Shawn ends up making a name for himself.

Shawn moves up in the more profitable areas of the business, especially the sales department. Meanwhile, Cory becomes jealous of Shawn’s ascendance as he remains stuck with Phil in the mailroom.

55) Ms. Kelly

Ms. Kelly substitutes for Mr. Dubin, who is Cory and Shawn’s regular health teacher. Shawn tries to impress her by suggesting he’s actually older than the rest of the class but stayed back like 50 times.

Shawn later tells Ms. Kelly that he’s a 24-year-old cop, but she laughs him off after failing to answer her human reproduction question.

Next, Ms. Kelly quizzes the class, and Cory specifically, on the reproductive system.

56) Corrina Collins

An aspiring musician who showcases a soft and flowery spirit, Corrina Collins briefly dates Eric Matthews. However, when Eric dumps her because of her annoying songs, she accesses much darker artistry.

This shift helps her write better music, and local radio stations start playing her hit song.

She even writes a song called Shallow Boy about how horrible of a human being she thinks Eric is. Morgan even recites the lyrics verbatim in Eric’s living room.

57) Devon Collins

John Adams High School’s new Guidance Counselor, Ms. Devon Collins, encourages Shawn to find himself, prompting the student to buy a bus pass to Paris, TX — mistakenly believing he is going to Paris.

Mr. Turner is livid with Devon for filling Shawn’s head with romanticized travel stories but is rebuked when Devon points out that he holds a greater influence over Shawn. Turner ends up intercepting Shawn at the bus station. 

58) Rebecca Alexa

Rebecca Alexa is a famous supermodel and Jason Marsen’s second cousin. As it turns out, Jason sets her up with Eric for a New Year’s Eve date, but a series of mishaps leads Rebecca to end the date abruptly.

Eric loved the idea of Rebecca because she could provide status, smarts, and great looks. However, when Eric loses the date, he becomes resentful towards Cory and decides to cause a scene on the train.

59) Eddie Hunter

Shawn’s half-brother Eddie is best known for his aggravated assault on Cory Matthews and the destruction of a John Adams High School camera after Cory attempts to get a story for Eli Williams’ journalism contest. 

Cory acquired footage of Eddie unloading stolen laptops into his trailer. Shawn wants to protect his family at first but later sides with his friend Cory, defending him from what could have been the beating of his life.

60) Jake The Snake Roberts

Jake Roberts fights Vader at a Philadelphia house show that Frankie, Cory, and Shawn attend. Unfortunately, Cory must be in two places at once as Topanga’s Sweet 16 birthday party is scheduled during the wrestling show.

Cory and Shawn wear Vader masks and stand ringside to help Frankie’s dad defeat Jake Roberts. For his part, Jake The Snake notoriously brings out a snake to each and every match, including this one.

61) Sonja Cannon

Ms. Cannon interviewed Eric and his classmate Arthur for the WIXB internship. She was impressed by Arthur’s experience and academic achievements and planned to give him the internship. 

In contrast, Eric’s resume was so bad that Sonja initially thought it was a joke. But luckily for Eric, he ended up in a chance conversation with the station manager Pat Darby after he mistook him for a custodian.

62) Victor Lasalle

Victor is a local animal control worker who plans to confiscate Shawn’s pet pig after Topanga alerts his agency. Shawn is livid with Topanga for ratting him out to authorities behind his back.

Topanga later changes her mind and helps convince Victor that Jonathon Turner is the pig’s rightful owner. After agreeing to let Shawn keep the pig, Victor offers him a 20-foot boa constrictor, which he declines.

63) Rhiannon Lawrence

Topanga’s mother was referenced (by a different name, Chloe) but never seen until Season 6. We know that Jedidiah didn’t remarry because the length of his marriage to Rhiannon is referenced throughout Seasons 6 and 7. 

However, her marriage to her husband eventually ends because of Jeddidah’s infidelity, despite Cory and Shawn’s attempts to reunite them. Later, Rhiannon convinces Topanga to go ahead with her marriage.

64) Nancy Kerrigan

After Jason convinces Eric to lie about his ice skating experience to impress Valerie Stevens, Eric tries to learn to skate in his sleep. Jason gives him a dubbed-over subliminal weight-loss tape his mother used.

While listening to the tape overnight, Eric has a vivid dream involving Nancy Kerrigan. Though Nancy’s character only exists in a dream state, she appears on-screen — a memorable moment for the series.

65) Jim Abbott

MLB pitcher Jim Abbott shows up at the Matthews home after receiving 63 telegrams from Alan, begging him to speak to Cory about not giving up on baseball. Cory is obviously thrilled to meet a big-league ballplayer.

Abbott gives a motivational speech to Cory about how his high school teacher doubted he would ever make it to the Major Leagues. He later signs baseballs for Cory and Eric, along with several of Cory’s friends.

66) Mankind

After an apartment dispute between Jack Eric and the three girls, they decide to settle the score with a fight. Jack initially objects, citing that there’s no referee available to determine a winner.

Suddenly, WWE superstar Makind busts down the door and volunteers to referee. He goes over the ground rules before ringing the bell. Ultimately, Mankind awards the girls winners of the apartment and beats up Eric.

67) Nebula Lawrence

Nebula is Topanga’s sister who appears in Season 1 but is never mentioned again. Who knows what happened to her or whether or not she was really Topanga’s sister, but she makes a good impression in her brief appearance.

We know that Topanga was later referenced as an only child, which speaks to the show’s massive continuity issues. The writers actively ignored their previous plot points, choosing to focus primarily on single episodes.

68) Kristen Hoffman

Kristen dated Cory during Season 3 after he and Topanga split. Unfortunately, Cory had trouble getting over Topanga, so his relationship with Kristen was never genuine.

When Kristen won a trip to Disney World, Cory decided he would use the opportunity to win Topanga back. However, it was quickly revealed that Topanga was the other winner of the same contest.

69) Bosco

Bosco plays the hair stylist in Season 4’s infamous Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow episode that features Topanga cutting her hair.

Because of the status of this particular episode within Boy Meets World folklore, Bosco will remain one of the most memorable characters of the series.

His character is portrayed as a Brooklyn native masquerading as a foreign hair stylist with some comedic charm.

70) Monique Larson

Monique is a graduate research scientist at John Adams High School conducting studies on dreams and the human mind. She posts a flier around the school promising cash in exchange for volunteers.

Eric volunteers to participate in the study (to earn quick cash), and Monique is shocked that he generates fewer brainwaves than the average mouse during sleep.

She concludes that Eric has fewer worries and dreams than the average field mouse.

71) Alvin

Alvin ran for class president against Cory Matthews in 7th grade (Shawn Hunter also entered his name in later). The political battle became so ruthless that it resembled an actual presidential campaign.

Despite being a slight favorite going into the election, Alvin was forced to drop out after accidentally revealing that his mother picked out his clothes. After that, the 7th-grader only appears in one more episode.

72) Jill Hollinger

Jill is a snobby student who blows off Shawn for a date after being reminded that he lives in a trailer park. While she was initially attracted to him, her upper-class friends and family urged her not to go out with him. 

Shawn decides to take this perception of him to the extreme by joining Harley Keiner’s gang. However, Mr. Turner and Cory eventually convince him not to go the route of malcontents and gang members.

73) Gloria Heck

Gloria and her husband Arnie stay at Cory, Shawn, and Topanga’s makeshift bed and breakfast (which is really Feeny’s house). Gloria gives them confidence when she seems impressed by the venue and service.

Shawn takes her praise as an indicator that he can make some good money and that he will also get away with it. On the other hand, Cory remains fearful of Feeny’s arrival, which eventually comes to fruition.

74) Katherine Anderson

Katherine is known as somewhat of a neighborhood flirt and sets her eyes on George Feeny. Initially, Mr. Feeny fails to pick up on her clear signals, but Eric explains her motives so that his older teacher can understand.

Later, Katerine asks George to read some of her poetry, at which point George harshly criticizes her writing style. Clearly, George chose brutal honesty over reciprocating her flirtations.

While Katherine is initially offended, the pair end up dancing at a club later in the episode.

75) Susan Maguire

Dana Pruitt’s mother, Susan, is divorced from her father, so her last name is not Pruitt but instead Maguire. When Mr. Turner learns she is divorced, he flirts with her in front of Shawn and Dana. 

Shawn is disgusted by this display and, when asked for her number, tells Turner that it’s 1-800-Take-a-Cold-Shower.

Still, Susan dates Jon anyway, but only for one meeting because of the potential awkwardness for Shawn and Dana.

76) Jennifer Bassett

Jennifer Bassett is infamous for trying to end Cory and Shawn’s friendship during Season 4. After previously dating Shawn, Jennifer decides to again pursue him as a measure of revenge against Cory.

At first, Shawn tries to submit to Jennifer’s requests but finds himself going behind her back to talk with his oldest friend. Obviously, in the end, Jennifer’s devious efforts fail, and Shawn chooses Cory over her.

77) Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, appeared at Pennbrook (during Season 5) for a single episode. She puts a spell on Jack Hunter after another witch, Millie (played by Candace Cameron), attempts to sacrifice him.

Sabrina’s character was pre-established on her own separate sitcom, allowing her to enter the Boy Meets World universe with fanfare and credibility.

Fantasy-style diversions from the series’ plot intrigued some, while others preferred real-world storylines.

78)  Rich Herrera

Though never appearing on-screen, Rich Herrera becomes famous for his name alone. As the local weatherman, Eric idolizes Herrera initially but later schemes to take over his job by hijacking Cory’s local TV interview.

Eric sees his brother’s interview as an opportunity to plug himself and replace Hererra as the station’s meteorologist.

Shawn finds Eric’s plan absurd and subsequently proclaims that everybody loves Rich Herrera.

79) Mr. Fontaine

Mr. Fontaine is ½ of a mafia duo who uses Sam’s Bar as a front for their illegal crime operation. So when Cory gets a part-time job at Sam’s Bar, he is delighted that the duo rewards him with extra money for favors

Cory is unaware of his employers’ mob affiliation as the naive teenager that he is until Shawn points it out in plain terms. As soon as Cory realizes that he’s working for the mafia, he immediately quits the job.

80) Mr. Martini

Mr. Martini is the other member of the mob duo from Sam’s Bar. He often laughs with his business and crime partner, Mr. Fontaine, about Sam at the Bar — who we never actually see on-screen.

After Cory quits, the pair recruit Shawn to do small drug runs. Shawn makes excellent money for easy labor, but Cory grows weary when they ask him to deliver a package at the warehouse. Soon, Shawn quits, too.

81) Arthur

Arthur competes with Eric for the WIXB internship. After securing a letter of recommendation from billionaire TV mogul Ted Turner, Arthur appears to be the favorite and impresses the news director, Ms. Cannon, in his interview. 

However, Arthur loses out to Eric when the station manager, Pat, learns of Eric’s sincere desire for the job.

At first, Eric mistakes Pat Darby for a janitor when he sees him cleaning around the station. As a result, Eric can be himself with no pressure and talk about why he really wants the job.

82) Jennifer Love Fefferman

Jennifer Love Fefferman was a satiric knockoff of Jennifer Love Hewitt, played by none other than… Jenifer Love Hewett. She appears in the Season 5 Scream episode, And Then There Was Shawn, which mirrored horror films of the era.

Hewitt previously starred in horror films like I Know What You Did Last Summer, making her an obvious fit for this episode. During the show, Fefferman behaves similarly to how a lead actress would in a teen horror film. 

83) Doug

Doug is an obnoxious John Adams High School student who comes from a privileged background of wealthy parents. When Chet Hunter becomes the school’s janitor, Shawn is subjected to constant ridicule from Doug.

In one instance, Doug purposely pushes food off of his desk so that he can call on Shawn’s father to come to clean it up in front of the entire class. At this moment, Shawn physically assaults Doug after telling him you can bleed.

84) Denny Burgess

Denny is the instigator of the group of students that vandalize Mr. Feeny’s house after he refuses to change the finals schedule. Denny and others are frustrated with the seemingly strenuous exam schedule.

Despite Cory and Mr. Turner’s civil attempts to convince George to change the schedule, Denny’s group decides to take the matter into their own hands by vandalizing Feeny’s household.

85) Louanne

Louanne is an attractive older woman who meets Cory at a run-down truck stop where he searches for Shawn’s father, Chet Hunter. Louanne takes an immediate liking to Cory and even asks him to dance.

Topanga, who accompanies Cory to the truck stop, argues with Louanne about her behavior. The two girls briefly argue outside but end up becoming friends by the end of their spat. 

86) Stuart

Stuart is a young and engaging professor at Penbrook University. Shawn, Topanga, and others immediately like his teaching style, which involves treating his students more like friends

Unfortunately, Topanga learns that Stuart’s motives are nefarious after he hits on her in her dorm room, where he visited, in his words, to discuss her paper.

Cory ends up throwing him through a glass door but avoids a significant penalty. Stuart, meanwhile, never reappears in the series.

87) Desiree Beaumont

Desiree appears at John Adams High School, having recently moved from Texas. Eric takes early notice of her beauty and begins to flirt with her relentlessly. However, he soon finds that Desiree is highly demanding.

Eric was at her beck and call for their entire relationship. Jason strongly criticized Eric for giving in to her demands and allowing Desiree to disrespect him. Eric eventually breaks it off to regain some dignity.

88) Missy Robinson

Missy is a popular girl at John Adams High School and flirts with Cory while Topanga is home with the flu. Shawn explains that Cory has the scent now that girls know he’s in a committed relationship with Topanga.

Later, Missy tricks Cory into coming over to her house by claiming there was a party when actually it was just Missy and one friend. Cory ends up kissing Missy while Topanga is stuck at home with the flu.

89) Gambling Dan

Gambling Dan is a hotshot poker player at Pennbrook University. He develops a friendship with Shawn Hunter and even holds poker games in his dorm room. He also calls Cory the major — short for major wuss.

Dan regularly teases Cory for being engaged and whipped and eventually convinces the major to attend club Cleavage with Shawn, himself, and Louie.

Unfortunately, Cory ends up taking his engagement ring off at the bar and leaving it behind. When Topanga finds out, she is livid.

90) Bridget Murphy

Bridget is the daughter of Pennbrook’s Chancellor and decides she will manage the Student Union. As it happens, Eric and Jack work at the union as part of their work-study program, forcing them to inherit Bridget’s wrath.

Because she is the Chancellor’s daughter, she behaves like a tyrant without fear of penalty. She treats Jack and Eric like dirt, though perhaps unsurprisingly, Eric enjoys being disrespected.

91) Prudence Curtis

Prudence is Topanga’s aunt and Rhiannon Lawrence’s sister. She agrees to let Topanga live with her as she finishes high school in Philadelphia. Topanga’s parents recently moved to Pittsburgh.

Despite her willingness to be Topanga’s guardian, she strongly disapproves of her relationship with Cory. Prudence finds the whole arrangement disturbed and unrealistic for such a young couple.

92) Shelia

Sheila is Adam’s bubbly and attractive neighbor who often locks herself out of her room after showering. When Eric learns of Shelia’s habits, he can’t understand why Adam has trouble keeping a roommate.

Unfortunately for Eric, he later learns that Adam keeps dead bodies in his closet. He first senses something wrong when Adam brings out his dead bird.

However, things get downright disgusting when he realizes Adam keeps dead human bodies in his apartment.

93) Kelly

Kelly is a single mother who dates Eric during Season 4. Her son Ryan likes Eric, who seems excellent with kids because of his outgoing, comedic personality. However, Eric soon learns being a parent is hard.

Kelly breaks up with Eric after he harshly scolds Ryan for running off. Eric was playing a game of pool with his friends when Kelly’s young son decided to sneak outside.

When Eric finally finds Ryan, he yells at him (rather harshly), leading to the end of his relationship with Kelly.

94) Ryan

Ryan is Kelly’s young son, a single mother who dates Eric during Season 4. Ryan loves Eric at first but gets frustrated when Eric wants to hang out with his friends. Unfortunately, Eric does not yet realize that Ryan needs constant care.

While Eric plays pool with Cory, Topanga, and Shawn, Ryan asks him for some money to buy ice cream. To Eric’s horror, Ryan never returns, and Eric grows concerned.

He later finds him outside Chubbie’s and scolds him harshly, prompting Ryan’s mother to dump Eric.

95) Christy

Christy is a John Adams High School student who dates Eric Matthews on multiple occasions. Eric says I love you to Christy despite not knowing her last name.

As a result, she drags him to the Pottery Barn, where they buy a ceramic cat.

In the episode Life Lessons, Christy reappears when she tells Eric that while she’s never been to Europe, she plans to visit Pittsburgh.

Eric decides to date her again since he said the same thing to Brenda Marsh moments before.

96) Melanie Clifton

Melanie Clifton is the former girlfriend and high school sweetheart of Jonathon Turner. The two seriously dated when they lived in Connecticut and were urged by their parents to marry one another.

Turner, however, decided to ditch his wealthy lifestyle in CT and carve his own path. When Melanie reconnects with Jon, he is shocked to learn that she also forfeited her wealth to open up a small bookstore.

97) Dana Foster

Dana Foster was most famous for Step by Step but appeared once on Boy Meets World during Season 3. We see her at Disney World after Cory travels to Orlando in an attempt to win back Topanga.

Cory and Dana briefly speak with one another at the Living Seas Pavilion before Cory continues his journey to win back his one true love, Topanga Lawrence. At the end of the episode, Cory succeeds.

98) Louie

Louie is a friend of Gambling Dan’s who hangs around him like a pigeon. He serves as Dan’s hype-man and rides on his every word. Louie sometimes plays poker with Dan, Shawn, and others in the dorm.

Aside from his affiliation with Gambling Dan, Louie is best known for obsessing over Rachel, especially during Eric’s deranged and voyeuristic Truman Show experiment.

Eric broadcasts live footage of his female roommate in the student union, much to Louie’s delight.

99) Sherri

Sherri is a member of Mr. Mack’s cult, The Centre, and a friend and classmate of Shawn Hunter. She is the person who initially tells Shawn about The Centre and invites him to hang out there. 

Sherri convinces Shawn that Mr. Turner’s concerns for his well-being are actually judgments.

Because Shawn is searching for something within himself, he quickly becomes connected to The Centre‘s philosophies.

100) Debbie

Debbie is an aerobics instructor whom Topanga sets up with Shawn during Season 5. Shawn immediately dislikes her because she mocks the items found in the infamous purse, which turns out to belong to Angela Moore.

As it turned out, Debbie represented the polar opposite of Angela and disliked artistic expression, poetry, and unhealthy food. After they argue, Shawn warns Cory to never set him up on a date again.

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