Revisiting Billy Campbell’s Melrose Place Journey

Billy Campbell appears in the first six seasons of Melrose Place before moving to Rome during Season 7. Perhaps no other Melrose Place character underwent a greater transformation over their tenure as Billy started as a wide-eyed screenwriter and ended up as a miserable advertising executive.

Billy’s Introduction to Melrose Place

Billy first appears in the pilot when he awkwardly approaches Alison on the street at night. He explains how he’s a friend of Natalie’s, and he heard about her apartment vacancy at the Melrose Place complex.

Billy is intrigued because he wants to move out of his parent’s home despite having limited funds to pay monthly rent.

Billy’s Work History on Melrose Place

Billy works as a cab driver while writing screenplays on the side. Although his father asks him to help run the family furniture store, Billy finds the idea of inheriting his father’s business uninspiring and refuses.

Take a look at the places Billy worked:

Dance Instructor

Alison catches Billy dancing with a broom in their apartment. Billy says he’s practicing for his dance instructor position, which he holds while attempting to become a screenwriter.

Cab Driver

Billy quits his dance instructor job to start driving cabs. His goal remains to become a screenwriter, but driving cabs is his new side gig.

Billy finds himself in several predicaments as a driver, including dating one of his passengers and getting his cab destroyed with baseball bats.

Escapade Magazine

Billy lies about graduating from Columbia to get a job with Escapade Magazine. However, after his supervisor does some digging, his lies are exposed. Still, his boss allows him to keep his editor’s position anyway.

Unfortunately, Billy gets fired from Escapade for disclosing financial info to D&D Advertising. Alison and Amanda’s agency tried to land Escapade as a client, and Billy went against his better judgment to disclose sensitive information.

D&D Advertising

Luckily, Bruce decides to hire Billy Campbell to D&D Advertising as a copywriter after Escapade fires him. Eventually, Billy works his way up to advertising executive and even wins an award for his cutthroat tactics.

Billy begins losing his charm and virtues despite a solid career trajectory. Finally, the advertising industry destroys Billy Campbell’s soul, leaving him as a shell of his former self.

Sky High Advertising

When Craig and Sydney start Sky High Advertising, many of the D&D staff jump ship, including Billy. However, Sky High proves incompetent following Sydney’s sudden death and Craig’s mental demise.

As a result, Billy stabs Craig in the back by leaking his problems to clients while helping Amanda start her own advertising agency. Billy’s conniving tactics contribute to Craig’s suicide, though Billy barely cares.

Amanda Woodward Advertising

Billy helps Peter fund Amanda’s new advertising agency, which he joins as an ad executive. Unfortunately, Billy essentially snakes his way out of Craig’s agency, which contributes to Craig’s suicide.

Despite Craig’s death, Billy starts working as one of Amanda’s top Ad executives for her new agency. The former screenwriter remains an employee until leaving for Rome in Season 7.

Billy’s Melrose Place Relationships

Billy dates many women throughout his five-plus seasons, though Alison was always his true love. Ultimately, however, Alison leaves him at the altar, prompting him to marry two other women and propose to a third.

You can see more specific details about his relationships below:

Marcy Garrett

Billy meets Marcy when she calls for his cab to bring her to the valley. After the pair hit it off through conversation, they jump into an unrealistically intense relationship bound for failure.

Ultimately, Billy tells Marcy that he’s not in love with her, and she is never seen again.

Dawn Bonds

Billy meets Dawn when her car breaks down in the middle of the road. Billy offers to drive her to a cab station with his taxi, and she agrees. However, Billy soon finds out she’s a comedian and a single mother.

He tries dating her, but things get messy when her son’s father confronts Billy.

Alison Parker

Billy dates his roommate Alison after charming her for much of the first two seasons. Alison finally relents and agrees to date Billy. The pair get engaged and plan a wedding ceremony at the Melrose Place complex.

However, Alison flees the ceremony after recalling her father’s abuse.

Amanda Woodward

Billy meets Amanda through Alison, who works with her at D&D Advertising. When the three go on a ski trip, Amanda sets her sights on Billy and recognizes his mutual interest.

Alison grows jealous of their relationship, but Billy continues to pursue her. Amanda gets pregnant with Billy’s child but suffers a miscarriage before term. 

Brooke Armstrong

Billy dates Brooke after she lands a job at D&D Advertising (thanks to Alison). However, Brooke proves to be manipulative and convinces her father to offer Alison a job in Hong Kong so that she can marry

Billy. Despite getting her wish, their marriage ends up a disaster filled with lies and deceit. Ultimately, Brooke drowns after falling into the pool.

Samantha Reilly

Billy meets Sam when she starts working at Jane’s Boutique. They hit it off and get married, but the honeymoon is short-lived. Sam ends up cheating on Billy with Minor League Baseball player Jeff Baylor.

The pair get divorced before exiting the series early in Season 7.

Jennifer Mancini

Billy starts an affair with Jennifer Mancini while his current wife, Sam, cheats on him with Jeff Baylor. However, Billy did not know the extent of his wife’s infidelity when he slept with Jennifer for the first time.

Ultimately, Billy divorces Sam and proposes to Jennifer, with whom he moves to Rome.

Who Billy Campbell Ends Up With

Billy ends up with Jennifer Mancini, with whom he starts an affair during his marriage to Sam. After asking Jennifer to marry him, she accompanies her fiance to Rome, Italy, for his new marketing job.

Why Billy Leaves Melrose Place

Billy leaves Melrose Place because he’s offered an in-house marketing job with one of Amanda Woodward’s agency clients in Rome, Italy. In addition, Billy wants to move away from the city where all of his previous relationships failed.

For example, Alison left him at the altar, Brooke suffered a fatal accident, and Sam cheated on him with a minor league baseball player.

Early Cast Change of Billy on Melrose Place

Reports suggest Stephen Fanning was initially cast as Billy Campbell but was replaced by Andrew Shue, who better fit the character’s desired physique. In a Good Morning America interview, Grant Show (Jake Hanson) alludes to Fanning’s dismissal.

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