Why Essence Atkins Left Saved By The Bell: The College Years

Essence Atkins Saved By The Bell (College Years)

Essence Atkins’s exit from Saved By The Bell: The College Years remains unclear. No public record exists of anyone involved with the series speaking on her removal. However, IMDB claims Essence Atkins was fired after Tiffani Thiessen, who did not appear in the pilot, decided to reprise her role as Kelly Kapowski for the remainder of the … Read more

Does Shawn Hunter Get Adopted in Boy Meets World?

Does Shawn Hunter Get Adopted (Blog Cover)

Shawn Hunter does not get adopted in Boy Meets World despite Alan and Amy Matthews’s invitation. Shawn rejects Alan’s offer after showing up to his birthday party intoxicated. After Alan’s formal proposal, Shawn leaves the Matthews’ home to visit his father Chet Hunter’s grave. Shawn’s volatile behavior stems from recently learning that Virna Hunter was not his biological mother. … Read more

What Happened to Kellita Smith in the 90s? (Updated for 2022)

Kellita Smith

Kellita Smith, known primarily as the most beautiful woman alive, appeared in several movies and television series throughout the 1990s. Though Smith’s most famous role came on The Bernie Mac Show (2001-2006), the actress’s career began long before she became known as Wanda McCullough. Kellita Smith 90’s Movies and TV Shows Kellita Smith first appeared … Read more

What Happened to Griff Hawkins in Boy Meets World?

Griff Hawkins Boy Meets World

Griffin “Griff” Hawkins appears on Boy Meets World during Season 2 when he transfers to John Adams High School from another school district. Principal George Feeny schedules an introductory meeting with Hawkins, whose reputation as a troublemaker proceeds him. Griff’s brashness quickly becomes evident in his initial meeting. For instance, he hires a stand-in to … Read more

What Happened to Morgan Matthews in Boy Meets World?

Morgan Matthews Boy Meets World

Morgan Matthews appears in all seven seasons of Boy Meets World, including 113 of the 158 total episodes. However, as Cory and Eric’s younger sister, Morgan’s role is minimal, especially after Season 1. The actress portraying Morgan changes after Season 2, and her character goes conspicuously absent several times throughout the series. What Happened to the Original … Read more

What Happened to The 2001 Cincinnati Reds? (w/Full Roster)

Cincinnati Reds 2001

Not much went right for the 2001 Cincinnati Reds, who finished fifth in the NL Central at 66-96. However, a roster that consisted of Ken Griffey Jr. and Deion Sanders is historically notable for sports fans. Baseball purists can also appreciate other roster members like Sean Casey, Pokey Reese, Barry Larkin, Aaron Boone, Alex Ochoa, and … Read more

What Happened to Dana Pruitt in Boy Meets World?

Dana Pruitt Boy Meets World

Dana Pruitt briefly dates Shawn Hunter in Season 3 of Boy Meets World. Besides Angela Moore, Dana is widely regarded as Shawn’s second-best relationship throughout the Boy Meets World series. Although Dana disappears from the series during Season 3, she returns for one episode, First Girlfriends Club, during Season 5. Who is Dana Pruitt? Dana is … Read more

What Happened to Colin Robbins in Beverly Hills 90210?

Collin Robbins (Beverly Hills 90210) (Blog Cover)

Colin Robbins endured a whirlwind of life-changing events during his Beverly Hills 90210 tenure, from moving to Los Angeles as an emerging artist to attempting to flee the country after his untimely arrest. While Colin’s snow-white habit ruined his relationship with Kelly and cost him his freedom, he felt it made him a better artist. … Read more