Revisiting Bobby Bonilla’s Appearance in New York Undercover

Bobby Bonilla New York Undercover (Blog Cover)

Former Major League Baseball player Bobby Bonilla appeared in an episode of the television series New York Undercover on November 10th, 1994. While many athletes play themselves in TV appearances, Bonilla played a fictional character,¬†Ronnie Holland, who helps undercover cops bust a neighborhood drug dealer by wearing a wire. What Episode of New York Undercover … Read more

Theresa Keiner (TK): Harley’s Sister from Boy Meets World

Theresa Keiner (Boy Meets World) Blog Cover with Picture of Her and Title of Post

Theresa Keiner is a Boy Meets World character and the younger sister of¬†Harley Keiner. She appears in Season 2, Episode 10: Sister Theresa, where she dates the show’s principal character, Cory Matthews. Theresa, also known as “TK,” dates Cory Matthews during her lone appearance, indulging her newfound love interest with excessive gestures like sending flowers … Read more

Harley Keiner’s Surprise Replacement in Boy Meets World

Harley Keiner Boy Meets World (Blog Cover) Showing Post Title and Picture of Leather Jacket

Danny McNulty, the original Harley Keiner, was replaced by Kenny Johnston for a single episode after the actor suffered a mental health incident during the episode’s table read. McNulty hinted in 2015 that the incident stemmed from his bipolar condition. McNulty confirms this story in his Pod Meets World podcast appearance while providing more details … Read more