Why Did Grant Show (aka Jake) Leave Melrose Place?

Grant Show Melrose Place (Blog Cover)

According to the actor’s own account, Grant Show left Melrose Place in an attempt to prolong his acting career. Show revealed in an interview with Studio 10 that he feared getting stuck on a show like Melrose Place would limit his future career opportunities. Show says the following during the interview: “The reason I left was, at … Read more

Why Did Brooke Langton Leave Melrose Place?

Brooke Langton Melrose Place (Blog Cover)

According to The Morning Call, Brooke Langton left Melrose Place because the show’s producers chose not to renew her contract for the 1998-1999 season. Brooke Langton’s Background on Melrose Place Brooke Langton portrayed Samantha Reiley on Melrose Place from 1996-1998, spanning parts of Seasons 4,5,6, and 7. Her character starts as an aspiring artist and an … Read more

9 Times Boy Meets World Surprised Us with Continuity

Boy Meets World Continuity (Blog Cover)

Boy Meets World surprised viewers with continuity several times throughout the series, challenging its reputation as a show laden with continuity errors. Boy Meets World Continuity Examples Despite its ongoing status as a timeless 90s sitcom, Boy Meets World is often criticized for continuity errors, such as replacing Topanga’s parents with new actors and retroactively embellishing Cory … Read more

Is NHL Rock The Rink for PS1 a Good Game?

NHL Rock the Rink (PS1)

Though NHL Rock the Rink for PlayStation is not exactly good, the game is quite entertaining in short spurts. As a long-time player of sports video games, Circa 98 contends that while Rock the Rink falls short in several areas, it’s a worthwhile addition to your collection of retro games. Why NHL Rock the Rink … Read more

What Happened to Terrence Long? (MLB Player)

Terrence Long (Blog Cover)

Terrence Long is a former MLB outfielder who played eight seasons in the MLB from 1999-2006. Long played for five MLB teams, most notably the Oakland Athletics. Aside from occasional DH or pinch-hitting appearances, Long was exclusively an outfielder throughout his MLB career, spending time at all three outfield positions. For his career, T-Long slashed … Read more

Why Did Alex Désert Leave Boy Meets World?

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Although nobody has officially confirmed why Alex Désert (aka Mr. Williams) left Boy Meets World, we can assume, based on related testimonies, the network’s decision to focus on the younger characters was the primary factor. Désert’s primary on-screen co-star, Anthony Tyler Quinn, described learning of his character’s write-off after Season 3. Unlike Désert, Quinn would remain … Read more

Ranking The 10 Best New York Undercover Characters

New York Undercover Characters (Blog Cover)

Ranking the best New York Undercover characters is not a simple exercise. New York Undercover was one of the most unique cop shows of the 90s in that it represented New York City’s urban culture from the perspective of undercover officers. Airing from 1994-1999, New York Undercover provided a non-white perspective historically ignored by primetime … Read more