Angela Moore’s Character Arc in Boy Meets World

After attending John Adams High School in Season 5 and enrolling in Pennbrook University in Season 6, Angela Moore traveled to Europe with her father, Sargent Moore, in Season 7, Episode 21: Angela’s Ashes.

Angela only planned to visit Europe “for a year” and then return. However, the series ends before we find out whether or not she comes back. As a result, Season 7, Episode 21, proves to be Angela’s final Boy Meets World episode.

Angela’s long-time boyfriend, Shawn Hunter, contemplates asking Angela to stay and marry him. However, Shawn decides to let her go and spend time with her father. Shawn then decides to move to New York with Cory in the next episode.

Angela’s Introduction to Boy Meets World

Angela first appears in Season 5, Episode 2: Boy Meets Real World when she comments on Cory’s student documentary (which follows roommates Shawn, Jack, and Eric) and seems to copy MTV’s The Real World. 

Although it was Angela’s first on-screen appearance, the other characters don’t refer to her as a new student, suggesting she’d previously been at John Adams High School.


Shawn Hunter

Angela is first seen dating Shawn in Season 5, Episode 7: I Love You Donna Karan, but they split after two weeks due to Shawn’s 2-week rule. They reconnect when Shawn develops intense feelings for Angela based on items found in a purse.

Initially, Shawn presumes the items belong to a different woman but later realizes that Angela borrowed the purse from a classmate named Beth. As a result, the intense feelings Shawn experiences stem from his connection with Angela.

The items include:

  • Kiwi Mango Lip Gloss
  • Book of Shakespeare Sonnets
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme Movie Ticket Stub
  • Guitar Pick
  • Greenpeace Sticker
  • Box of Sno-Caps Candy
  • Classical Music CD

Angela dates Shawn for most of Season 5, but the couple breaks up in Season 6, Episode 4: Friendly Persuasion, shortly after entering Pennbrook University. Shawn intends to meet new people in college and implores Angela to follow suit.

To Shawn’s dismay, Cory plots to reunite Angela and Shawn for most of Season 6, including reading Shawn’s poem aloud in the student union in Season 6, Episode 9: Poetic License: An Ode to Holden Caulfield.

The poem Cory reads was written about Shawn’s feelings for Angela.

The poem reads as follows:

Top Of The World

You don't know it
But sometimes I go to a hill
That overlooks the landscape's mask of city lights
For a sip of momentary grace
On this brink of everything, I know
I can gain an eye-full of the lost Atlantis and the human soul
And a breath that fills my lungs with the air between two stars
If you are now to capture the image of this elation 
In the framework of your mind
Or find transcendence through these words
Then at most, you would know nothing 
Of the beauty, your existence throws to me
For mine is a love no experience, no measure, no words
Could ever degrade into reality by virtue of degree

In response to hearing Shawn’s poem, Angela slaps Shawn in the face. Angela criticizes Shawn’s inability to express his feelings. Shawn lies about the origins of the poetry, claiming to have written it months earlier.

By the end of Season 6, Shawn realizes his mistake and pursues Angela once again. The former couple starts dating again for most of Season 7. In Season 7, Episode 21: Angela’s Ashes, Shawn asks her father for permission to propose.

Ultimately, Angela chooses to travel to Europe with her father rather than maintain her relationship with Shawn. In the subsequent episode, Shawn moves to New York with Cory and Topanga, officially ending his relationship with Angela.


Ted, or as his coaches call him, Scooter, is a star football player for John Adams High School. Angela dates him briefly during Season 5 before Shawn expresses his true feelings for her. 

The couple is seen eating at Chubbie’s during the episode Chasing Angela. Shawn even interrupts their date while Ted is eating fries. Soon, Ted decides to go home after the conversation gets too intense.


Ron shows up with Angela in Season 6, Episode 12: Cutting the Cord, when they enter the same restaurant where Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Kelly attend karaoke night.

Angela and Ron perform Betty Everett’s The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss) while Shawn looks on in anguish. Finally, Shawn attempts to match their performance with Kelly by singing Sonny & Cher’s I Got You, Babe.

Unfortunately for Shawn, he cannot finish the performance, as he remains despondent about his separation from Angela.

Best Friends

Topanga Lawrence

Angela refers to Topanga as her best friend multiple times throughout the series. The two characters often appear on-screen together both in high school and college. Angela rooms with Topanga during freshman year.

Rachel McGuire

Angela meets Rachel at Pennbrook University and forms a close friendship. Rachel asks Angela to move into her apartment during Season 6 and again into her dorm room in Season 7.

Cory Matthews

Cory and Angela maintain a cordial relationship for most of the series, as each dates the other’s best friend. However, Angela offends Cory by proclaiming that they aren’t really friends. Cory works to establish a genuine friendship with her.


Beth is the name of the classmate whose purse Angela borrows. Although she only appears in one Boy Meets World episode, her plot point sparks Shawn and Angela’s relationship, later immortalized in pop culture as Shawngela.

Family Members

Sargent Moore

Angela’s father, Sargent Moore, visits Penbrook University for the ROTC program, where he recruits college students looking to join the military. Shawn completes the program as a way to impress him for Angela’s sake.

Sargent Moore returns again towards the end of Season 7 to ask his daughter to accompany him to Europe for an entire year. Shawn asks Sargent Moore to reconsider and contemplates proposing to Angela.

Although Sargent Moore gives Shawn his blessing to marry Angela, he still asks his daughter to accompany him to Europe. Angela ultimately decides to travel with her father, and Shawn chooses not to propose.

Angela’s Boy Meets World’s Highlights

1) Angela Loses Her Friend’s Purse

In Season 5, Episode 7: I Love You, Donna Karan, Angela loses Beth’s purse, which contains Angela’s personal items, such as a Van Dam movie stub and a book of sonnets. Shawn finds the purse and falls in love with its contents.

It takes a while for Shawn to realize that the purse items belong to Angela, but once he finds out, he feels deeply in love with her. Shawn knows for sure that Angela “is the one” after Cory tells him to look into her eyes for the first time.

2) Angela Convinces Shawn to Be Himself

Shawn starts acting differently in Season 5, Episode 8: Chasing Angela, when Cory sets up a romantic dinner at Barelli’s for him and Angela. Barelli’s is an upscale restaurant that does not fit Shawn’s natural persona. H

However, Cory insists on Shawn mirroring his relationship with Topanga. Angela notices Shawn’s discomfort and confronts him about trying to be someone else. Angela explains that she’s attracted to his authentic self, not a Cory imitation.

Shawn gets the message and sends their fancy food back in exchange for burgers and fries. The couple realizes that for the relationship to work, they both must be themselves.

3) Angela Confronts Cory About His Fake Friendship

In Season 6, Episode 4: Friendly Persuasion, Cory attempts to shield Angela from Shawn’s dating life. When Cory remarks that he’s trying to be a friend, Angela explains to him that they were never really friends, to begin with.

Cory grows obsessed with Angela’s perception of him as a non-friend and works to establish a genuine friendship. Later in the episode, Angela confides in Cory that Shawn initiated the breakup. Cory promises to keep it a secret between friends.

4) Angela Kisses Cory to Prove a Point

Shawn and Topanga kiss for a scripted Pennbrook University promotional video in Season 6, Episode 6: Hogs and Kisses. After studying the tape, Cory concludes that his best friend and fiance foster a deep-rooted attraction to one another.

Later, Angela convinces Cory otherwise by pushing him down and kissing him. She points out that innocent attraction can exist without the exchange meaning anything.

Afterward, Cory acknowledges that he may have exaggerated Shawn and Topanga’s mutual attraction. Angela’s contention is proven true when Topanga and Shawn walk in on her and Cory lying in the same bed. Neither suspects anything.

5) Angela Resolves Her Childhood Trauma

In Season 7, Episode 3: Angela’s Men, Sargent Moore visits Pennbrook University for the ROTC program. Angela’s father grows to respect Shawn’s genuine love for his daughter and forces Angela to resolve her feelings about her estranged mother.

Sargent Moore tells Shawn about Angela’s mother abandoning the family, which explains Angela’s fear of commitment. Later in the episode, Sargent Moore and Shawn confront Angela together, forcing her to confront her feelings.

Angela eventually realizes that she is not her mother and grows closer to Shawn because of their shared experience of childhood abandonment. The revelation leads to the renewal of Angela and Shawn’s relationship.

As one of the most famous Boy Meets World couples, Angela and Shawn would go on to date for most of Season 7 before Angela leaves for Europe with her father.

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