What Happened to Angela Moore in Boy Meets World Season 5?

The 5th season of Boy Meets World represented a major shift for the series. The show was getting younger and focusing more on Cory and his friends rather than his adult influences. Exit Johnathon Turner, enter Angela Moore and Jack Hunter. Angela had an eventful season 5 of Boy Meets World. Let’s take a look at what happened to her during the season.

What Was Angela’s Debut Episode?

Angela first appeared in Season 5, Episode 2: Boy Meets Real World when she comments on Cory’s student documentary (following Shawn, Jack, and Eric), which seems to copy most concepts used on MTV’s The Real World. Although it was her first on-screen appearance, nobody treats her like she’s new to John Adams High. The characters act like she’s been there for a while. Angela becomes quickly becomes an essential character.

Here’s what she did during Season 5:

She Dates Shawn for His 2-Week Limit

Shawn Hunter has a 2-week maximum for dating. Because of his background (broken home, abandoned by mother, etc.), he is too afraid to get “close” in a relationship, and the 2-week maximum prevents that from ever happening. Angela also prefers to keep it casual, although both characters acknowledge they would probably stay together if it weren’t for his rule.

She Loses a Purse She Borrowed (and Shawn Finds it)

After the 2-week dating of Shawn, both she and Shawn start to move on. Shawn finds a purse with many interesting things inside, like a book of sonnets and a ticket stub from a John Claude Van Dam movie. Shawn falls in love with the idea of a girl who has these interests. He later finds out the purse items belong to Angela, who had borrowed the purse from a friend. He decides to pursue her seriously, despite his fears.

Shawn & Angela Try to Become Cory & Topanga (For a Brief Minute)

Cory pressures Shawn to pursue Angela and create a relationship like the one he has with Topanga. Shawn tries extremely hard to this, even though he’s going outside his element and comfort zone. Since she also has commitment issues stemming from childhood, Angela resists at first and later criticizes Shawn for trying too hard. Once Shawn decides to be himself instead of Cory’s imitation, Angela realizes that a serious relationship is worth pursuing.

She Becomes a Victim of Domestic Violence

After Topanga dumps Cory because of his date with Lauren, Cory decides to get plastered before attending a high school party. Both Angela and Shawn are attending the party and notice something different about Cory upon his arrival. Unbeknownst to them, Cory got wasted, and when Shawn finds out, he decides to get drunk as well. Shawn’s drinking continues past that night, which is exacerbated by the history of alcoholism in his family (Chet Hunter, of course.) He realizes (thanks to Jack) that Chet also has a history of violence against women, and Shawn ends up shoving Angela into a door at his apartment. Angela won’t see him again until he stops drinking. He decides to see a therapist and give up alcohol.

More About Angela Moore in Season 5 (1998)

Where Does Angela Moore Live in Season 5?

We never see Angela’s home during Season 5, and nobody ever mentions its precise location. With the benefit of hindsight, we can assume she lived with her father, Sargent Moore, a military man. That would also explain why she appeared suddenly at John Adams High during her senior year; since military families often move around the country regularly. Though it makes sense in retrospect, her father is never actually mentioned until the later seasons.

Who Does Angela Date in Season 5?

Angela Moore dates two people during season 5. One is Shawn Hunter, whose relationship with her is well-documented, to the point of earning its nickname: Shawngela. The second person she dates is a football player named Ted. Shawn interrupts Angela’s date with Ted to profess his strong feelings. Ted doesn’t care as much as you’d think, but he was not interested in the deep emotions that Shawn and Angela were discussing, so he leaves.

Does Angela Graduate in Season 5?

Angela Moore does graduate in Season 5, along with many other Boy Meets World characters, including Shawn Hunter, Cory Matthews, Topanga Lawrence, Frankie Stecchino, Joey Epstein, and Stuart Minkus, among others. Angela committed to Penbrook University at the time of her graduation. She plans to attend there for the upcoming semester, with Cory and Topanga, and possibly Shawn (who was on the waiting list).

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